“We, Shellfire Gattung u. Behr GbR, have been working with Hutch Morzaria for over 2 ½ years. During this period, Hutch has written hundreds of articles for our blog. His superior writing skills have helped us capture over 1.3 million page impressions. Hutch’s writing often times ranks quickly among the top search results for an article’s respective keywords, thereby ensuring a constant flow of relevant traffic to our site. Hutch has been quick to react to our specific needs and was a constant factor in creating content for months on end without much communication. While we were busy with other projects, Hutch continued to deliver constantly and in high quality. If you’re looking for a freelancer to assist you with any kind of writing or content creation, I highly recommend you consider working with Hutch.”

Florian Gattung, CEO Shellfire Gattung u. Behr Gbr

Recent Customer Reviews

Hutch really excelled at understanding our business and creating unique quality content for our blogs. He was able to create articles on niche subject matter that very few writers could do. Additionally, he is an easy-going person to work with and professional. I would highly recommend Hutch’s writing services.

Christine Billinger

Design & Marketing Manager


We had a passion for customer service and customer experience and had coined the phrase “cx” before it became a buzzword. However, we didn’t know how to share our passion with the world, until Hutch showed us the way.

He created a high performing website that integrated all of the necessary SEO elements we were missing. With Hutch’s help, we’ve built cxmaster.biz into a site that receives thousands of pageviews.


“When we were up against the wall with our marketing campaign, the team at Content is King Online turned it around for us. Not only did they provide an exceptional copy to increase our brand awareness and sales, but they also recommended a number of different ways we could leverage our marketing dollars to get a better return on investment.”

Andrea at Business Insurance Associates

“Wow – just wow! I was expecting a decent copy that I’d have to rehash several times to get something useable, but this was verbal gold. As someone involved with technology and operations, Hutch has an excellent grasp of the fundamentals. You could see his experience shine in his ability to explain complex issues in clear language and tone.”

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