This episode may be hard with those with small children (and a fear of lethal kitchen sinks) to watch. The scene opens up with a classic scenario many people may have faced in their childhood. A little girl in bed as her is downstairs unpacking boxes. It’s obvious they have just moved, and the mom possibly had her husband pass away quite recently. She looks up when her daughter approaches her saying something is in her closet.

Of course, mom goes upstairs to check. She puts on a show of going to look in the closet. It’s obvious the mom doesn’t believe her daughter that there’s a monster lurking in there. After checking, the mom tells her daughter she has nothing to fear. Closing the closet doors, and after her daughter’s instance moves a chair in front of the doors as well. The mother goes back downstairs, but hears a scratching sound. She goes to check in the basement for rats. Only to discover a small box filled with family pictures from the previous family who lived there. It’s pictures of Sam, Dean, John, and Mary when they Winchester family lived there before the fire happened.

As the mom is gazing over the photos a fiery apparition appears in the daughter’s closet. Her worst fears now confirmed as the figure walks out towards the little girl.

One interesting aspect of this episode is the foreshadowing that takes place in it. Dean starts to show signs of having telepathic powers of some sort. As Dean is talking to him about tackling a new case Sam is obsessively drawing the picture of a tree over and over. After gazing at the tree for a while Sam puts two and two together. In his father’s journal he and his brother discover the tree Sam had been drawing earlier. The tree is in front of their old family home from when Sam was a baby and Dean was just a kid. So the brothers travel all the way back home.

The brothers talk with the woman and catch scent something is not quite right with the house. They become suspicious when the daughter confirms there’s a person who’s on fire living in her closet. Sam and Dean have warning bells going off in their heads, and go off to do some investigating on their own father. It doesn’t take them long to find themselves being led a psychic named Missouri.

While this is going on the mother has a plumber come to her home, and explains how her sink is backed up. She thanks him for coming and quickly leaves to go into another room. The plumber is checking the sink, and as he does he thinks something may be clogging it. He sticks his hand into the garbage disposal and well…

Let’s just say the mother ended up being on the phone talking about not being able to afford a lawyer. The Winchester brothers learn an evil spirit lives in the house. While they’re talking to Missouri the psychic, the mother’s little boy (at least 3-4 years old) is let out of his playpen. The door to the refrigerator closes on the little boy when he crawls into the fridge. The mother comes back into the kitchen, but finds her son gone. She starts yelling his name as she searches for him. Having no idea that her son was locked in the fridge by the spirit, even going so far as to put to snap the child safety lock in place.

As the mother frantically searches she notices milk is spilling out of the fridge. As she goes up to the fridge to unlock it there’s a brief shot that’s taken from afar. If you focus on the part where the child safety lock is in this far shot when the mother is bending down near the fridge, you will notice the lock is in fact undone. The actress does lift the lock (you can see her doing in the episode) pretend to undo it, and take the little boy out of the fridge.

Missouri, Sam, and Dean arrive at the front door soon after the incident. Missouri confronts the mother and reassures her that she isn’t crazy. There is an evil spirit in the house. After fighting with the poltergeist they manage to purify the house. Sam states he doesn’t quite want to leave even after they save the mother and her children. He says he just has a bad feeling. Dean continues to complain up until the point where they both see the mother silently screaming and pounding on her window.

They fly out of the car and go in to save the family. Sam gets the children out okay while Sam gets the mother out. Sam gets yanked back and held against a wall. Dean manages to smash his way in, and is about to shoot the flaming spirit coming at them until Sam tells Dean not to. The fire dies down, and both boys realize they’re staring at their mother. After greeting her sons Mary drives away the Poltergeist that had been plaguing the house, and sacrifices herself to save their lives.

The ending scene shows Missouri talking about Sam’s new powers and commenting how powerful they are. When she turns to look at John she states she can’t understand how Sam couldn’t even sense his own father.

Have you ever wished to visit a haunted asylum? To linger in the very halls where so many of the insane suffered? Well, Sam and Dean take a trip into the dark depths of an abandoned asylum on this new hunt!

This episode of Supernatural is well thought out. It starts out pretty normal. A pair of adventurous teenagers decides to break into an asylum. They use bolt cutters to get through a pair of double doors where a riot had taken place in the past. As a police cruiser pulls up both police officers comment about how they have to check the asylum again. Obviously, it’s a common occurrence as the officers casually walk through the asylum searching for the wayward teens.

The teens are eventually found and told to leave the premises. As the officers are coming back, the younger of the two is acting strangely. Once the younger officer is back in the car a small line of blood trickles down from his nose. After he returns home, the officer is still acting very strangely. He doesn’t respond when his wife starts teasing him and telling him she’s sorry for their argument earlier. A few seconds later the officer kills his wife and then himself.

What makes this episode so interesting is the serious nature it carries. In past episodes of the first season, there is an easy humor, Sam, and Dean go out to kill the monsters, and they move on to the next case. In this episode, the villain is not so clear cut. At first the viewer is led to believe that it’s the deceased inmates who are the bad guys. Sam even goes so far as to register for a therapy session to talk to the son of the doctor who used to run the local asylum. It’s implied Sam stays for the entire therapy session talking about his problems with Dean and their unplanned “road-trip” they’ve been having. When Sam walks out, he appears visibly stressed and tells Dean about the riot that took place at the asylum.

The inmates had risen and taken over the asylum. Ironically, some bodies were never found after the riot took place. One of those bodies happened to be that of the infamous doctor who used to run the asylum. Sam and Dean go to investigate, and in the process run into a teenage couple who had been in the asylum as well. The boy accidentally mistook a ghost as his girlfriend and had kissed her. Only to hear his girlfriend calling for him down the hall. When he looked at the ghost, she backed away revealing a scarred face. The boy screams, and makes a mad dash for it.

As Sam and Dean continue to search through the asylum, Sam notices something odd. He points out to Dean the ghosts do not seem to want to harm them. Dean is skeptical but agrees to split up to look for clues. This is where the twist comes into play. Dean finds a journal with details about the illegal experiments the infamous doctor was doing to his inmates. He also finds out the doctor has a hidden room in the asylum where he performed his experiments.

Sam gets a call on his cellphone, and Dean’s scratchy voice answers he’s in the basement. Concerned, Sam goes down to the basement only to be attacked by a ghost. Dean appears a few minutes later looking for his brother. He talks to the teens, but after finding out his brother was called quickly hurries down to the basement himself.

Dean finds Sam standing alone in the basement. Dean immediately knows something is off. He goes in search of the secret room but is attacked by Sam. Crazy with rage over what the doctor has done to him Sam starts bringing out all the skeletons in his closet. Mocking Dean for always following their father, and how Dean doesn’t have a mind of his own but Sam does. Sam even goes so far to shoot Dean with a gun filled with rock salt. The blast sends Dean through a wall and makes him fall flat on his back.

After mocking Dean for a few minutes, Dean offers Sam a loaded gun. Stating real bullets will kill him a lot better than rock salt. Sam hesitates for a few precious second but pulls the trigger. Only to hear the hammer fall back with a loud click since the gun was unloaded all along. Dean uses Sam’s surprise to knock him out before continuing his investigation. He ends up finding the doctor’s remains shoved into a filing cabinet.

Just as Dean is getting ready to torch the doctor’s corpse, the ghost ambushes him. Applying electroshock to Dean’s face as the ghost mutters about making Dean all better. Sam ends up being the one who comes to the rescue. Torching the infamous doctor’s corpse and saving the day. As the brothers are leaving Sam tells Dean he didn’t mean anything that was said while they were in the asylum. Dean doesn’t respond, and when asked if he wants to talk about it declines.

The episode ends with Sam answering his cell phone. He sits up and realizes it’s his father before the episode ends.

This Supernatural episode contains a good moral lesson to it. In fact, you get two gems for the price of one! Dean mentions to the teenage girl that she should pay attention the next time she watches a horror movie. That if someone mentions if a building is haunted, and not to go inside it.

Another excellent lesson to take from this episode is that the monsters may not always look scary. In this case, the doctor was the bad guy. Practicing illegal procedures on helpless patients entrusted to his care. If nothing else, this is certainly a very thought-provoking episode.

Dead in the Water is just one depressing episode.

This author could just leave the review at that. However, to understand why this episode is so depressing we’re going to have to go into some detail.

The premise of the episode starts out with a string of disappearances. People have begun drowning in the lake of a small town. Sam and Dean start doing research and interviews to figure out what is going on in this small town. While asking around Dean meets a kid named Lucas who seems to know something about what is going on about the disappearances. However, whatever Lucas has seen has traumatized to the point where all he does is play with plastic army men and draw with his crayons.

As the episode progresses Dean begins to notice the drawings Lucas gives him have a connection to the disappearances. As the pieces fall into place a man who lives near the lake loses first his daughter, and then his son. Once the father is the last one alive he to dies in the lake. He is not able to live with the guilt he has hidden for over three decades, and gives himself up without a fight.

As Dean and Sam starts to close in on the answer of what is going on the pieces fall into place. They come to find out 35 years ago a little boy drowned and died in the lake. Lucas somehow has a connection to this little boy, and not until the last minute the brothers find out why. The little boy who had died so long ago had not drowned so much as he was accidentally drowned by three other boys. Those same boys who drowned him grew up to be men, have families of their own, and for a time live their own lives.

Towards the end of the episode the last man to be alive, the sheriff of the small town, ends up sacrificing himself to the spirit. He does this in order to save his daughter and grandson since the spirit has attempted to murder them before. This is the first case where Sam and Dean do not truly “solve” anything, but more along the lines of preventing a few people from dying. Mainly Lucas and his mother are the only ones who survive the entire ordeal.

One of the main aspects of this episode that makes it depressing is how true it is in a sense. Imagine, a group of four boys going out onto a lake. They want to play a joke on the fourth boy in their group by holding his head underwater. They end up holding the fourth boy’s head underwater for to long and drown him. Instead of pulling the body out to try and help him, or even seek the help of an adult, they just let the body sink. Bury the red bike of the boy they drowned, and return home hoping to forget about the incident.

The incident could quite literally happen to anyone in real life. This is what makes the episode of an eerie feeling to it as everything plays out. If a group of boys had just told the truth or sought out help, their families would not have to suffer for a mistake they made. In the end the spirit was only calmed once it had gained revenge for its untimely death.


Two teens decided to take a late night drive. They’re sitting in the car, things are getting heated. They hear a thump outside of the car. The soon-to-be-lucky boyfriend decides to be the man and check it out. He gets out looking for the cause of the noise. A few moments go by so the girl gets out to see what’s going on. Only to find the guy she was about to kiss is now dead on the car.

Welcome to Episode 7 of Supernatural, Hook Man.

This episode of Supernatural carries a bit of hilarity in it. Sam and Dean find themselves with a case where people are being murdered by a hook. Dean ends up having to pretend he and Sam are there to join college. There is even one scene where Dean finds himself having to paint a man’s back with some blue paint. As he does Sam asks questions to try and find out what has been going on in the town.

A while later Sam and Dean attend a church viewing for the young man that died. Dean takes notice of the pastor’s daughter, Lori, and is quickly smitten with her. After a prayer is said for the young man Dean makes a beeline for her. Sam tries to dissuade him, but Dean is not having any of it. Later the two brothers go back to their hotel room and find out the urban legend. They try to figure out how to deal with the Hook Man, and eventually end up finding a grave that contains the body.

They burn the body, and both brothers of course assume that’s the end of it. Sam goes out to meet Lori at her house to talk to her. It turns out Lori has a thing for Sam and not Dean. They talk for a while, and Lori leans in to kiss him. Sam refuses and talks to Lori about his past girlfriend. Lori then openly admits her father had been sleeping with a married woman. Within minutes the hook man appears and attacks the pastor, Lori’s father. Sam is able to save the pastor but he has to be taken to the hospital.

Later, Sam and Dean end up at the church with Lori. They start bringing everything that is made out of silver. It turns out the hook from the hook man was given to the church. The hook was melted down and made into something else. As the brothers rush around finding everything they can Lori is panicking because the hook man is coming for her. Only later do Sam and Dean realize the necklace Lori is wearing used to be the hook. Her father had given it to her when he became pastor. They rip it off and throw it into the fire. The hook man burns away and all is well.

This episode really helps to set the bar about how more of the future episodes will be like. At this point in time Sam and Dean are much more comfortable with each other. There’s a good scene where Sam has the shot gun filled with salt. He and Dean go out into the woods to hunt for the ghost of the hook man only to be caught by a police officer. Dean does some quick lying to get them out of trouble.

Viewers will also get a glimpse in this episode of the differences in belief between Sam and Dean. For example, in the church scene Sam bows his head in prayer. Dean on the other hand doesn’t. Instead he keeps his head up and looks around the church. He seems to be a bit uncomfortable up until they leave. This comes to play in future episodes and scenes with Sam.

A great plus about this episode is the innovation of yet another Urban Legend. The Hook Man comes from a common urban legend about teenagers who go out to Lover’s Lane. Of course, on Lover’s Lane teenagers start to get a little feisty. They hear noises outside the car, and later two dead bodies will usually be found.

In this version Lori’s necklace was acting as a bit of a gateway for the Hook Man. The Hook Man would “punish” anyone Lori considered to be bad. Hence why the Hook Man attacked the boy she was with, and then next her father. Lori blamed herself for her father being attacked and this was the reason the Hook Man started to come after her next. It’s just another little update to an urban legend that is classic, but fits in well.

When episode 1 of Supernatural first launched no one could ever predict this first episode would grow into the franchise it is today. The series has continued to grow to this day, and this author at Zone 6 has decided to take a look at each and every episode “sense” then!

This pilot episode does a good job of intriguing the viewer right from the start. A man and his wife, living the American dream in a beautiful home. He hears something weird and goes to check on his wife. Only to find her stuck to the ceiling right before she bursts into flames.

Now you cut to the scene where Sam, a smart and upcoming young man, is at a Halloween Party. Not to soon after his brother, Dean, breaks into his house once Sam leaves the party. This is the first look anyone gets of the Winchester brothers. Dean hints at their father went on a “hunt” and has not called back home yet. Despite not seeing each other for years, Dean asks for Sam’s help.

The woman in white on the bridge in this episode is both classic and cliché. While the woman’s story is sad, it’s easy to see the writers needed a fast away to introduce the brothers into the job they do. One of the best parts of this episode was actually seeing the interaction between Dean and Sam. The brothers are awkward around each other, but that’s to be expected for guys who have not seen each other for years. Sam teasing Dean for his choice in music, and Dean arguing since it was his car only classic rock is on the menu for the radio.

Dean gets arrested after he and Sam investigate the bridge. The local police suspect Dean is responsible for the kidnappings. When the police leave Dean grabs his Dad’s journal and breaks out of the police station. He has nothing more than his father’s journal to guide him as he goes to find Sam.

Towards the end of the episode Sam and Dean end up solving their case less than gratefully. Sam crashes the car into the home of the white woman who drowned her children. Thus forcing her to accept her loss and pass on as a spirit. This is where you also get to learn about Dean’s love for his Impala. Once Sam returns home what happened to his mother has happened to his girlfriend as well. She is on the ceiling, blood dripping down onto Sam, and she bursts into flames only a few seconds later.

Episode 1 does a good job of getting the viewer to wonder what happens next. It gets its message across that Sam and Dean are “Hunters.” Hunters are people who have been exposed to the supernatural, and solve cases. However, the first episode of the series can quickly become boring for anyone not interested in ghosts, demons, and other things that go bump in the night. Sam and Dean’s constant bickering is tiresome and stiff. In all fairness, the actors were young back then and just starting out. They are not as close then as they are today and have grown into their roles quite well.

In the author’s opinion, while this first episode is interesting the first time, when watching it a second time it’s easy to forget. The story starts out with a bit of a cliché start and some classic bad boy tropes going on when it comes to Dean. However, for an episode that has been able to catch thousands of fans it has of the series it does win itself a little justice. It’s interesting if you’ve never seen it before, but after re-watching it the first episode can usually be skipped to watch the more interesting episodes.