Chapter VII – Wrath of the Marine

The recently revived Marine moved fast, his instincts were sending him some previously unknown signals and seemed to imply lots of trouble, but he couldn’t seem to slow himself down. Any doubt he had in his mind was silenced and new focus took hold. He knew some dark evil had invaded the base and that he had what it would take to strike it down. With complete confidence, he shoots out his arm and grabs a brown spiked demon by its throat. He had known it was approaching for some time and that more lay ahead. The Marine looks into its dimming angry eyes, his grip continuing to close, crushing it into crumbs. He then slams it nose-first into the closest wall. Further along the path, he sees a group of imps approaching. He raises his sidearm, with new-found focus he shoots them down with pinpoint accuracy. A single imp remained and closed in, smartly dodging the shots fired. The Marine closed his hand into a fist and socked the imp right in the face, it collapsed with a crater in its skull.

At that time, the Marine hears a notification about weapons fire occurring in the fusion power plant. Realizing the power plant was a short distance away, he decides to head there and help whatever survivors he can find to escape. He turns toward the direction of the plant, fighting demons as he went. Arriving at the entrance a gathering of possessed members of station security staggered before the large door, absently lugging their pistols and shotguns. They lock their dark eyes with the Marine’s and fired their weapons. The Marine returned fire and swiftly rolled to evade fire.

“Die” the former human moaned.

The Marine easily dodges more of their bullets and proceeds to quickly empty the magazine, the former humans caught the rounds and hit the floor. The Marine approaches the large door, the dead zombiemen laid before him, bleeding out. He reaches down and pulls a shotgun dripping in blood from a zombieman’s dying grip.

He pulls the manual door release and it slowly raises into the ceiling. He hears demonic grunting and assault rifle fire coming from within. He pumps the forend of his shotgun, a spent shell flies out and drops to the ground.

Inside the power plant, a group of engineers led by a space marine walked through the outer ring of the facility, they came upon yet another spent escape pod module.

“Damn” swears the Marine “This one’s gone, too. There must be some pods left around here, somewhere”

They run to the next pod module.

“What the fuck is this?” An Engineer says, surprised.

The escape pod had been destroyed, turned into a smouldering, spark-shooting crater.

“This looks like it was done with an energy weapon” another Engineer says clinically.

“Who the hell would do this?” The Marine asks.

“Help!” sounded a desperate cry from further along the circular ring, accompanied by the sound of fast foot falls.

A trio of engineers were running towards them. A blob of green energy approached them from behind and detonates on contact, graphically consuming the engineers, leaving only dust behind. The group of survivors was shocked.

“Holy shit!” One shouts.

The corrupted Chief Administrator steps from the shadows, grinning madly and gripping the BFG 9000. The survivors ran for their lives, the Marine fired his pistol in retreat. The former Administrator’s chuckle echoes through the rounded hall.

The Marine moved through the short hall, a security office was through a door on the left, large-jawed demons blocked the path into the plant. The Marine steps toward the nearest demon and shoots at the optimal distance, dropping it quickly and targets the next. He shoots shell after shell, tearing through the revolting hell-spawn one at a time with blooms of blood coating the rounded walls. The Marine clears his way to the Staging Bay. The titanic area was rimmed with seven levels of walkways connected by steel staircases, a pair of massive anti-gravity cranes were attached to the ceiling, different levels held crates, hover-lifts and tool cases, on the lowest level there were two large vats of bubbling toxic fluid. The massive arena was roaring with assault rifle and chaingun fire that sprayed wildly in all directions.

A determined force of marines and engineers were fighting for their lives. Imps and demons dominated the area, along with revolting demonic blobs that float through the air, and more demons were appearing from nowhere, teleporting from flaring green energy. The Marine leaps over the guard rail, drops from above and slams into a demon, shattering its bones in an instant. An angry mob of monsters had encircled him, staring with countless pairs of red eyes. The first demon stepped toward him and the carnage began. The Marine wound up his closed fist and punched the imp square in the chest, the force shooting it back and striking the demons behind it. He made a few more quick strikes in effective succession before the power of his blows began to spike. He finds the strength to begin ripping limbs from the demons in progressively more efficient and faster maneuvers, arms and heads were torn and discarded, the cries of tortured demons briefly filled the air. The survivor’s gunfire rained down on demons around the Marine from above. The Marine aims his shotgun at the nearest cacodemon and fired a few shells, sending it to the ground with a messy impact.

“Hey, you!” sounds a voice from above. “Catch!” A survivor drops an assault rifle to the Marine.
The standard issue of the marine corp, the SSAR-40 spun slightly through the air and glistens brightly against the artificial light. He smoothly catches the rifle and puts it to efficient use.

Chapter 5 – The Fall


Aboard the CSV Navigator, William Banks and Rupert Nexson were entering the spacious atrium, coming back from the Sub-Space Parlour. Several store fronts managed by holographic staff lined the curved walls, offering cuisine and entertainment. The centre of the area had a large, bustling seating area. Quiet, casual chatter accompanied by light violin music filled the air. The two men strode at a brisk pace.

“Those repulsive, treacherous cockroaches! Their insanity is going to get us all killed” Nexson growls, exclaiming his indignation.

“I’m sorry, Rupert. They have an airtight case” comments Banks with a sunken expression.

They enter the spacious seating area and join Kronos and Carmichael at a table hugged with booth seating.

“What’s happening? Did you reach them?” Carmichael asks as they sank into the chestnut coloured cushions.

“Yes, we are protected for now. However, the Paranormal Division has issued us an assignment” William Banks begins to explain with chords of renewed distress in his voice. “They want us to head to Phobos, back into the hornets nest, and secure specimens of the alien intruders for scientific study” he explains quietly.

“Is that even possible?” queries Carmichael.

“I’m sure that your estimation is as good as mine” Banks replies.

“It’s suicide” exclaims Kronos.

“If we refuse to cooperate, then our colleagues will throw us to the wolves. This is the only way for the Paranormal Division to save face with its private investors” explains Rupert.

Kronos runs his palm along his face.

“When do we leave?” asks Susan.

“Immediately” states Nexson. “We have been authorized to requisition a ship from the Navigator. We are to rendezvous with another vessel where we will get more information” he explains.

“Indeed. We have to get our affairs settled and leave at once” adds Banks.

Kronos and Carmichael shared the same look of concern.

“This is going to be extremely dangerous, as you’ve no doubt gathered, says Nexson, but we’re going to be far better equipped this time around”

“Emergency alert: reactor core failure” wailed the station’s public address system.

The marines were in the Computer Lab junction, getting close the Central Processing Facility.

“Well, that’s a bloody peach! What are we doing now?” asks a marine, as they stood in glow of the red emergency lights.

“Dammit! This mission is falling apart!” Martinez states, he removes his holo-disc and accesses the base’s reactor maintenance monitor. The disc obediently displayed the maintenance monitor for the MCR-700 reactor. The core was glowing red, notifications showed damage reports to critical hardware and core temperature warnings. He takes a moment to take in the exact extent of the damages.

“The reactor is finished. We have to complete what we can of this mission and abort, because the radiation will eventually leak” he explained. “We need to pick up the pace, let’s move”

They came to a sealed air-lock door, Martinez passes his armour’s embedded ID chip over the scanning plate.

“Authorization accepted. Welcome to the Central Processing Facility” the terminal chirps as the huge doors split and disappeared into the floor and ceiling.

The beams of their flashlights reveal a dark wide hallway with private offices along the walls. The offices had glass walls and doors, holding a couple chairs, a spotless desk and a cabinet, the office walls were creamy white. The hall had a long carpet with white trimmed edges and a blue pigment between. Continuing their way to the Data Storage Vault, they travelled the hall for some time when a shadowy form wearing a lab coat emerged from a office and quickly disappeared into a wide intersecting passage.

“Hey, you! Stop!” Martinez shouts into the distance, but a vacuum of silence was the only reply.

Martinez broke the eerie silence, “I’m not seeing things, am I?” he asks.

“Negative, sir. I saw it, too” replies a marine.

The marines pursue the figure and stop at the passage. Martinez grabs a electronic flare, switches it on and arcs it into the dark area before them. The brilliant illumination of the flare reveals several figures stalking the spacious area. The darkened figures slowly turn their heads toward the squad, revealing their pitch black eyes.

“What in tarnation?” Martinez exclaims with notes of disbelief in his voice.

A whizzing piece of metal flies past Martinez’s head. The former humans stepped towards the marines, they were wielding glistening surgical knives. Another thrown knife spins towards them and Martinez shoots it out of the air with a quick burst, which also strikes a former human. The other possessed scientists made no reaction to their colleague’s demise. The plasma burned through its skull and it collapsed to the ground.

“Sarge, they’re all fucked up” a marine exclaims in disbelief.

“Stop! Drop your weapons, now!” Martinez commands.

The former humans staggered closer.

“This is a rescue operation” Martinez shouts, alien groaning emerged from the group.

“Mortals” came a dry, tortured voice.

Alarm grips Martinez’s mind as a former humans full grotesque facade breaks the red coloured emergency lights. Its face was a warped menacing satire, madness was bursting from its eyes.

“Alright, forget this, these freaks are toast. Open fire” he says coldly.

His squad voiced no protest. Plasma illuminated the wide corridor, the flashes of light reveals blood splatter dripping from the walls and torn corpses bleeding out on the floor. They burned gaping smouldering wounds into the former scientists and they collapsed into smoking twisted heaps.

Martinez reaches for his ultra-frequency transmitter and finds the display black and unresponsive. He stared dumbstruck at the broken transmitter. This was never supposed to be a possibility, not with present-day military hardware. A marine screams and hits the floor, then is dragged into the darkness by an invisible force. Green energy erupts and a horde of tall, hulking aliens teleport around the marines. Time seemed to slow as Martinez took in the malevolent sight. Aliens surrounded them, and they were much larger than any they had encountered before.

“Fire” he commands loudly, more aliens were teleporting into the area before he could finish voicing the single-syllable command.

The marines devastated the first wave and blobs of acid were hurled by the next. Another wave of teleporting demons arrives, the rasping energetic sound was like that of a nail in their coffins, a sinister moaning voice is heard over the deadly exchange.

“Spread out” Martinez commands.

The marines spring to evade and quickly resume firing. A blob of searing acid smacks into a squad mate’s helmet and begins devouring the surface and burns straight through the marine’s skull. The screaming was horrific, but the rest of the marines would face the same fate if they dared yield from their combat. The station’s module sector began groaning from some force applying stress to the structure. The demons drew closer, a perimeter of smoking charred pieces and ash were all that separated them from the marines. Large jawed demons charged from the latest teleporting arrivals and demanded priority as their sharp fangs drew closer. They fired straight through the demons and burned through the Hell Knights behind them.

“Throw your grenades” Martinez commands.

Holding their triggers, they each threw a grenade into the air, followed by another volley. Loud blasts sends severed alien limbs sailing. The area was clearing, but more demons were charging. Behind them, a completely foreign abomination appeared from the green energy. Two tall skeletal demons with shoulder-mounted hardware spawned, they lock their eyes on the squad of marines and screech loudly. They fired a dual projectile from their shoulder-mounts, the last thing Martinez would remember is being caught in the explosion when the rockets struck their streams of plasma.

Chapter XI – The Ultimate Experiment

On the scorched Earth below, the marine makes his way through armies of aliens, slowly making his way to their stronghold. Along his way were mountains of stinking, maggot infested corpses of humans, aliens and animals. The closer he got, the more of the grotesque growths he encountered. He also came across many small green portals, humming and hovering above the ground, occasionally spitting out angry aliens. When his timing was right, he could throw them right back through with the force of the shotgun. His armour’s computer chirped, he received a message from Commander Thompson.
“Marine, this is Commander Thomson, when we were in orbit we discovered a UAC colony on the Earth’s moon. They discovered us and neutralized the Echelon. We are now being boarded by UAC personnel. Be advised, Thompson out.” The image melted away, the marine was rather surprised by this bit of news. So the UAC is still operating, how quaint, they’ve conveniently survived their own undoing, while exterminating ninety-nine percent of their own species. I really hope they’re finished with portal technology, who knows what another accident could do. He still had a long way to go and the area was badly infested. He cautiously continued along.

DooM 3

Dr. Kronos stepped through the doors to the lab.
“Greetings, Doctor. What is our current status?” he asks.
Campbell swirled his chair around to look toward Kronos. “Acidic levels are adequate, simulation is stable, and Dr. Mason is adjusting the containment field emitters, but all other hardware is functioning normally” Kronos walked over to his terminal and touched a symbol.
“Dr. Mason, return to the lab as soon as you are finished” holding the channel open, he turned to regard Campbell, “We are advancing to level six testing, understood?” Both Mason and Campbell acknowledged in unison. “Good.” He closed the channel and said to Campbell, “Monitor subject number Victor-India-fifty-three, we begin experimenting at 1900 hours”

Outside the lab, on the face of the moon, UAC marines stood in formation as the survivors from the Echelon were escorted at gunpoint from the Echelon into a large monorail car. The marines were gripping plasma rifles. Commander Thompson led a single-file line of the survivors.
“Keep moving Thompson, we don’t want any accidents” one of the marines taunted, others tracked her with stares of undisguised perversion. The Commander hardly needed to be reminded how hopeless the situation was, she kept her eyes ahead and marched along. From the windows of the colony HQ, Chief Administrator Nexson and Master Corporal Revok watched the long line of survivors move toward the monorail station.
“Well Corporal, it seems we have some new volunteers for the portal mission” said Nexson. The Corporal regarded the Administrator with a satisfied smile.

Moon base

Dr. Mason strode into the lab, “The field emitters should be three-point-two percent more efficient” he said.
“Commendable work, Doctor Mason. Both myself and the Administrator are deeply impressed with your work. Mason was surprised by the sudden compliment.
“High praise” commented Campbell.
“It certainly is” said Kronos, studying his terminal. “We are going to experiment on a subject that has been injected with the BSK genetic serum and is now being extracted from the simulation” he said. Kronos’ monitor glowed with images from within the simulation.
Campbell leaned close to Kronos and inquired quietly, “I didn’t realize we were still testing the BSK serum”
Kronos responded loudly “The serum may be in extremely short supply, but its shelf-life is not indefinite, it must be tested now if it is to be tested at all” Kronos continued to watch the feed from the simulation in eerie silence as Mason and Campbell exchanged concerned looks.

The marine in the simulation turned down a hallway and came to the door of the hangar-bay. He cleared the security check and the massive door raised upward. The capsule ascended from the test chamber’s floor and split apart, revealing the test marines’ white reflective armour. Cables attached to the armour retracted into the floor with the capsule, the opening in the floor quickly closed again. Campbell was monitoring the simulation and the marines’ vitals.
“Simulation will fade and terminate in twenty seconds” he said. Dr. Campbell frowned at the energy levels of his monitor, “Energy levels are fluctuating, this extraction may be rather… bumpy” he said with apprehension. Kornos watched him sharply for any sign of human error, Campbell was clearly handling the equipment properly.
“I’m sure he noticed that, but its hardly any reason to abort” Campbell commented. Kronos stood behind his terminal, the monitor’s light flooding the Doctors small glasses.
“Yes, I would agree” he said. Another moment passed silently, the test-marine stood motionless. Then Campbell said with relief “Simulation terminated” The marine left the simulation with a jolt and found himself disorientated. He shot his head around, scanning the replica. Kronos watched as the marine began to step through the experimentation chamber.

“This is likely to be an intense procedure, so stand-by on emergency counter-measure systems” Campbell and Mason acknowledged. Kronos stood above his terminal and said “I will handle the gateway sequences for this experiment” He ran a quick test and then commanded the system to open a level one gateway. The marine marched toward the security locker as demonic whispering echoed through the area. Portals were beginning to form. Somehow from the start of the extraction he had the impression of the test and its danger. In a flourish he opened the locker and grabbed the plasma rifle and magazines, quickly spun around and fired. Hissing, clawing Imps were burnt through. More monsters appeared from the green energy only to be burnt to ash on arrival. From the observation room, they watched the marine move through the area, aggressively attacking the aliens that appeared throughout the area.
“I am reducing the area and moving to level two in five seconds” comments Kronos. The other researchers were silently glued to their stations.

Doom 3, Imp

The marine was standing in the centre of the area when the large-jawed demons appeared, large sections of wall slammed to the floor, making the arena smaller. The marine fired from side to side, the demons were turned to smouldering chunks and ash. The marine swung around and kicked a demon in the side of its head, nanotechnology on the surface of the marines boot registered the lethal use of force and restructured its shape to apply greater damage to the blow. The demon’s head exploded, raining blood and brain. The marine was already focused on blasting another wave as the demon continued working its jaw, splashing blood from the remains of its head. Kronos silently moved to level three.

The marine dashed from each side of the replica, firing wildly. The portals appeared with greater frequency. Horned, red-skinned demons appeared, charging angrily. The area became noticeably smoky after the marine blasted them. Firing blindly into the smoke, he still managed to bag the monsters. When a Mancubus appeared, he tore its thermal cannon from the cybernetic fixture, the alien screamed as it splashed blood from its torn arm. He lifted the flamethrower and shot fire throughout the area. Fire burned on spots on the floor and the monsters that were hit were running wildly, providing adequate illumination. He dropped the thermal canon and continued firing plasma. The fighting intensified.

The plasma flew freely, the burnt chunks of alien crunched loudly under the marines’ boots. Revenant and hell barons appeared in place of the demons. The marine was sent diving out of the way of their attacks. He fired back a long stream of plasma, then fired the last of the energy cell in a burst in a cacodemon’s eye. He reloaded the plasma rifle as a hell baron stomped toward him, he fired another burst of plasma at its head, its face became a melted mess but the monster was barely slowed down. He rolled out of its reach and fired another long stream, several aliens cried out in demonic tongue as they fell to chunks. After killing a couple more Cacodemons, the area was swamped in smoke from burning aliens with plasma.

Dr. Kronos moved the experiment to level five and activated the infrared holography imaging mode to see through the smoke. The portals were opening in rapid-fire around the marine. The marines’ attacks, fueled by the BSK serum and the mega-armors nanotech surface made brutal work of the aliens. The marine kicked heads flying while firing plasma, his punches shattered the chests of his foes, all the while portals would continue opening. Blood from the fallen beasts streaked through the air and bounced back and forth against the portal energy. The marines’ attacks became even faster, he ditched the rifle and began dealing devastating blows to the aliens.

Doom 3 corridor

Kronos moved from level five to the maximum, level seven. “Final sequence”, he said. The marine caused a Hell Knight’s head to explode with three punches, demons were sent flying above the heads of its brethren before slamming into them. The marines’ attacks became faster and more efficient before the unending army of defiant aliens. From the control room the marine’s movements were too fast to be studied, the researchers had to rely on playing back video of the experiment on slower playing speeds. The marine’s eyes were suddenly a shade of burning white. He thrust his hands out and an energy shockwave shot out, flooring several Hell Knight. The marines mind was exploding with adrenaline as he ripped apart the aliens and hurled their remains at the others. A veil was lifted from before the marine’s eyes and a thought of great intensity touched his mind. Energy shot through him. The aliens were thrown to the walls and into each other, against a burst of energy that moved through the marine, accompanied by a mysterious humming sound.

“Scanners are running fine, sir” Mason called to Kronos, who was at the window openly fixated on the awesome sight. Throbbing energy was surging away from the marine in greater and greater force until a blanket of energy appeared behind the marine, it looked like a disembodied mouth filled with stars, it stretched and enveloped the marine. The dazzling portal then swirled out of existence and vanished in a loud thunderous tone. The tone died down and the demons began to surge through the area again. Kronos turned away from the window, he was clearly shaken up from what he saw, an extremely rare occurrence.
“Mason?” he asked.
“All sensor logs are intact, sir” he replied softly.
“Good, lets get this mess cleaned up” he said. Using his terminal to label the report as urgent, Kronos sent all the data to Central. The team of researchers went to work on what would be an extremely long incident report.

Chapter X – Lunar Monolith

The Moon colony sat in a large crater below a black starry sky, sunlight beamed against a large black monolith. UAC headquarters. The large, black building had long, wide slits in its surface that served as windows, the UAC logo was lightly etched against the surface of the building. Dr. Kronos rode the monorail, it was surrounded in a tunnel of metal supporting frames that housed shielding emitters, used to give the monorail its own breathable atmosphere. A set of doors opened as the car approached the building, he got out at a small platform and walked through a featureless door that was as black as the walls that housed it. The car continued along to a circuit station. Kronos took the elevator to the 22nd floor, it took him directly to the conference room. The other members of the meeting had also just arrived, they each stepped in from the corners of the room and simultaneously walked toward the brightly lit doughnut shaped table, situated in the center of the room.

Location of the UAC colony
Location of the UAC colony

The central chair swirled around, revealing Chief Administrator Dr Rupert Nexson, who stood and regarded his colleagues. They silently took their seats. The meeting was attended by Dr. Kronos, UAC’s highest authority on the portal phenomenon; Dr. Barrows, the head geologist; Dr. Clyde, highest authority on xenobiology (aliens); and Master Corporal Revok, head of strategic planning.
Nexson regarded Kronos, “What is your report?” he demanded.
“Success, containment field shows great promise. I endorse the advancement to level six testing” was Kronos’ prompt reply.
“Hmmmm, this may be the last experiment using the BSK serum that we can attempt for some time, make sure your people stay sharp. If you botch this experiment, I will personally shoot you into the heart of space without a thruster module.” said Nexson. “The experiment will be executed with the greatest precision, sir”
“See to it”.

Iron Sky
Iron Sky

Nexson continued, “Well, I’m sure your all interested in what happened to research lab Delta. Dr. White somehow managed a portal accident during a routine transfer of test subjects, and it looks very much like it will have to be destroyed. Kronos, you will be assuming Dr White’s duties, medium-priority” Kronos silently accepted the assignment. “Barrows, I understand you have something you want to report.”
“Yes, sir. I think we may have found another source of influence for the aliens” he says. The doctor tapped his data-sheet and a holographic image of the scorched Earth appeared in the centre of the conference table. A portion of the Earth glowed in red, illustrating a particularly badly infected area. “This area began showing some very strange bio readings, so I conducted another analysis and found this mysterious structure”, the image zoomed in closer and focused on a red bulge that seemed to breath up and down. “I think this structure should be considered a primary military target… although I have to admit that I have only a limited understanding of what it is, I gave these findings to Dr. Clyde for a review. Do you have anything to add, doctor?” said Barrows. Clyde had a short beard and was smoking a pipe.
“Yes I do.”, Dr. Clyde replied, “After a thorough scan of the anomaly, I believe were looking at a unique life form, its unknown where its organs or its higher intelligence centres are located. It is theorized that this growth is the result of psychic meditations of an extremely advanced being, likely located in an adjacent dimension. If you intend to destroy it… most conventional means will likely suffice” he said, thoughtfully gesturing his pipe.

Corporal Revok cleared his throat, “I seriously doubt that nuking that blob will make any difference, the resources it would take to strike that target would likely be put to more efficient purposes should the situation become more volatile” he said.
“What is the situation with the xeno-missions?” asked Nexson, regarding Revok.
The Corporal shot up in his seat, “The situation is the same, I can’t communicate with those who have passed through the portals and the hardware from your precious Alpha labs have never survived any longer than four minutes during field tests. Deaf and blind, thats our situation” A silent moment passed as the Corporal and the Administrator exchanged loaded glares. The Corporal stabbed at his data-sheet, an unfinished map appeared in the centre of the table. “This is all the scouting we’ve been able to do of this damned dimension, we still have entire continents to be explored before we can find the remaining spider-minds. I can’t endorse another deployment under these circumstances, were running out of men and you know very well that soon enough, we will be deploying our own families through those portals”

Iron Sky
Iron Sky

Behind Nexson, in the window, research lab delta exploded, sending debris mushrooming into space. Nexson looked irritated by the sudden loss, then composed himself to respond to Revok.
“I’m aware of this, Corporal. The deployments will continue, we can’t afford to lose the only foothold we have in the alien world”
The Corporal’s eyes burned with rage, as brightly as those of a Hell Knight.
“Alpha labs had better deliver and fast…or we will all pay the consequences” said Revok.
“Do you have any idea how much-” a tone sounded, cutting off their heated discussion. Nexson slapped a button and a dull hologram appeared, its light buzzing quietly. “What?” snapped Nexson. “Sorry for the interruption, sir. I think you would want to be informed that a corporate vessel has just come on sensors” Nexson suddenly looked very pleased.
“Really? What sensor unit are you monitoring it on?” he asked.
“A-42” the hologram responded. He rang up a visual of the vessel on his terminal, the image appeared in the centre of the table.
“Now where did this beauty come from?”

Commander Thompson was jogging to the bridge of the Echelon, the pilot had something for her to see. She stepped onto the bridge and asked what was going on.
“Take a look at this” he says, gestured toward the scanning-terminal, the Earth’s moon slowly turned in the holographic light. It didn’t take long for her to see that there was some some sleek looking buildings on the surface.
“It caught my attention when something on the surface exploded, look at the etchings on the largest building.” said the pilot. The Commander gripped the tuning knobs and focused on the big black building, the syllables fell from her lips.
“UAC” she said, stunned. “This must have been some emergency plan of theirs, I certainly never knew this was here” she said.

A green light began blinking on a console to the right.
“We’re being hailed” the pilot said. “It looks like they see us, too” She hoped for a friendly response and opened the channel.
“Attention, pirates,” came an emotionless voice from the speakers, “you are in unlawful possession of UAC property. Surrender the Echelon peacefully and immediately.”
Thompson slapped the communications panel. “This is Commander Thompson, we are not pirates, we had no idea you were operating out here, or at all for that matter”
“Irrelevant” came the cold reply.
“In case you didn’t notice, we just came out of a hellish war zone, we have a lot of wounded on board that are being accommodated by the medical bay.” pleaded the commander.
“Stand-by” came the response.
“Typical UAC”, The Commander fumed “They think they own the whole galaxy”


On the holo-monitor six small ships leaped from the moon and charged toward the Echelon. “Oh, hell!” cried Thompson, she quickly slipped into a command station and brought the weapons system online. The plasma turret warmed up and the missiles were loaded under automation. “I have a lock”, said the pilot. “Missiles away.” The missiles flew from the rear and turned toward the incoming ships. The fighters shot two of the missiles, the third struck and destroyed a fighter, shrapnel from its hull impacted the shields of the Echelon and bounced away. “Engage attack speed and pull hard to port” called the Commander, the ship pivoted toward one of the fighters. She wrapped her hands around the turret controls and fired blobs of plasma, the small, fast ships easily steer around her shots. The Echelons shields were put to the test, the fighters swooped in and fired. The Echelon limped away, the fighters were too fast for the huge vessel. “Missiles away.” Thompson shouted, the missile’s lock chased a fighter, Thompson fired plasma turrets from the other direction. Plasma erupted the hull and the missiles caused the small ship to explode.

Damn, that felt good, Thompson thought to herself. Four fighters left. The ship continued spraying plasma, the fighters dove and swooped around it. Two of the attacking ships came around and attacked the Echelons plasma turret. The shield sputtered and the following volley caused the weapon to rupture brilliantly, the debris floated away from the ship. They fired another group of missiles, the remaining fighters destroyed them with a flourish. Other fighters positioned themselves along each side of the Echelon.
“Attention pirates, we have identified your command centre, surrender or be destroyed” came a firm voice from the ships speakers. Thompson slapped the control for the ship-wide intercom. “Attention, all hands. We are about to be boarded by UAC personnel, do not resist.” Thompson tweaked the comm channel to close and opened the one to the UAC. “Echelon to UAC, we surrender. State your terms” she said.
“Put all weapon systems offline and open all space dock doors.”

Chapter IX – Untested Hardware

The gravity weapon rolled to a stop twenty-five yards from the Cyber-demons. The weapon sprouted two metal arms and plunged them into the dried soil, anchoring itself; it then spun open, revealing thin metallic prongs surrounding knotted tubes of red liquid. The prongs began spinning around the liquid as they flexed at varying degrees, radiating energy was emitted from the prongs, used to cushion the molecular effects of the red liquid. An electronic hum was rising in intensity from the weapon. The Cyber-demons continued approaching, unaware of the trap set in their path.

The Commander lifted the Echelon into the air, targeted multiple enemies and fired the plasma cannons. The marine continued fighting the hordes of monsters, their numbers were beginning to shrink, he hacked and slashed in smooth, graceful movements. It was a savage dance of death, blood spilling freely around him. The gravity weapon spun faster and faster as the build-up of energy continued. The gravity vortex shot out from the machine in two giant ribbons of fluttering energy. The waves of energy fluctuated, the machine worked to stabilize the energy beams. The Cyber-demons were in the thick of it when the ribbons of energy became perfectly flat and reached high into the sky, it became four columns of spinning energy. Small and large objects were swept away by the vortex and instantly burst into pieces; cars, trees, boulders and small structures were sucked into the vortex and torn to shreds on impact.

Doom 64
Doom 64

Viewing the vortex from the Echelon’s bridge was stunning, strobing light flooded the compartment, small monsters were sucked from the ground and thrown helplessly into the vortex. The five Cyber-demons found themselves being drawn into the columns of energy, they fired their rockets into it, exploding harmlessly against the surface. They split into two paths and attempted to move around the vortex. They stomped around the column but their powerful hooves began slipping under their weight as the gravity vortex pulled them closer.

The marine was still in the midst of his epic combat, corpses in many piles and blood flooding the ground. The intensity of the battle had lowered, in the distance he saw the Cyber-demons aiming their cannons, fused to their arms, at the vortex and fired wildly. Their furious roars of frustration could be heard over the deafening strobing sound of the vortex. He activated the auto-pilot program and ejected himself from the battle-mech. The mech blew out an upper hatch and the entire control seat, terminal, controls and all flew out at an upward angle, streams of jet propelled him away from the aliens remaining on the battlefield; he gripped the control sticks and steered himself towards the Echelon. The battle-mech’s programming was already running, it had dropped its weapons and began running toward the vortex.


The Cyber-demons fought against the force of the weapon, their cybernetic components were torn from their flesh, they smashed against the surface of energy and fell into thousands of tiny pieces. The monsters desperately gripped the earth, trying to back away but they continued to slide closer as metallic cybernetic parts were pulled out and streamed into the vortex. Their arm-cannons were soon stripped bare, the bolts fitted into their metal hooves began to fly out. The metal leg twisted under the giant demons weight. The survivors on board the Echelon watched as the Cyber-demons had their metal hooves stripped away. Their furious roars grew in intensity, one fell clumsily against the column and bloomed into a bloody mist.
“Where did they get those cybernetic parts?”A soldier asked the commander.
“The best theory I’ve heard is that those parts are what became of much of the UAC property that went missing during the events of the teleporter accident” replied the stoic Commander. Soon the remaining former Cyberdemons fell and were consumed by the spinning columns of energy. They were thrown into a putrid cloud of bloody particles, a defiant roar was cut short by sudden demolecularization. A large cloud of red demonic molecules surged above as small objects continued to fly into the vortex. Aboard the Echelon’s bridge, the survivors cheered when they saw the messy demise of the once feared giants. Commander Thompson reached into her pocket and flipped her holo-disc into the air and let it land into her palm. It turned on and she selected the gravity-vortex program.
“Here goes nothing” she said and initiated the program’s emergency shut down command.
The weapon made a high-pitched sound as the machinery tried to stop the energy beams from firing. The weapons hardware made a terrible screeching sound, exhaust pipes shot out and pumped plumes of smoke, the smoke came a little at first but was soon exploding with coloured gases. The beams of energy began fluttering wildly in all directions. A loud pop radiated from the weapon, the beams straightened and continued spinning.

“Damn it”! Shouted Thompson. “Error. Weapon malfunction has resulted in an incomplete shut-down. Please exercise emergency procedure golf-victor-one”. A schematic of the weapon was displayed on the Commander’s holo-disc, a component was flashing in red colour. The emergency energy conduit melted in the open position. The marine had ditched the ejected command module and was running toward the Echelon as the battle-mech ran toward the gravity-vortex. The Echelon used it’s zero-gee thrusters to make a fast spiraling descent toward the marine; without the mega-armor weighing him down, he ran toward her at a good pace, passing many angry aliens along the way. He leaped through the air and caught the steel stair-case of the ship’s access hatch, the aliens were close behind him. He swiftly climbed up and grabbed his only grenade, he popped the cap and twisted the top. The grenade glowed green, he threw it down the access hatch. He watched the aliens amassed below the ship, the grenade sailed toward them. The ship drifted away, the aliens’ attacks deflected off the ships shields. He remotely detonated the grenade when the ship was a safe distance away. A rippling burst of plasma tore through the horde as the battle-mech continued moving toward the vortex.


The marine exited the airlock and accessed a universal command console and input coordinates to the navigation system. Fire and plasma balls sizzled against the Echelon’s shields as the zero-gee thrusters pivoted the mammoth ship, the ship hovered motionless for a moment and then fired its main engines, its sound from outside was apocalyptic; the Echelon sailed away from the malfunctioning gravity vortex device. The doors to the bridge split open and the marine strolled inside, wearing his mega-armour and holding his helmet at his side. His smiling face was coated in sweat. He hadn’t had any social interaction since before the Phobos incident and his close encounters with the omni-dimensional aliens stained a twisted expression on his face. Commander Thompson was inwardly taken aback by the marine’s intense composure. Thompson saluted the marine.
“Christ, that was some crazy fighting, never thought I’d see anything like it”
The marine snickered loudly, “That war machine made things easier, it just happened to be in the ships armoury” he replied.The Commander turned to the scanning terminal and adjusted the knobs, the holo-terminal focused on the image of the malfunctioning vortex.
“Unfortunately, we failed to shut-down the gravity-vortex device”. The marine stepped toward the terminal and compared its data with the data on his armour’s holo-computer. “The mech is set to self-destruct, the reserve of BFG ammo should give us enough punch to take it down” said the marine. On the monitor, the battle-mech came running into the scope of the scanners, moving toward the weapon. The advanced structure of the mech withstood the extreme forces of the vortex. The marine remotely detonated the mech just before it would have impacted the energy column. The explosion filled the view of the scanning terminal and briefly jammed the sensors with its bright illumination. When the static cleared, it was revealed that the vortex was gone.

The crew put it upon themselves to rescue three other groups of survivors. The marine used the ships advanced scanners to determine where the centre of demonic activity was occurring. Strangely, the most activity was coming from an area that the marine had frequented regularly before being transferred to the Phobos base. Further scans revealed a very large portal operating in the area. Because of the heavy infestation in the area the crew had to drop the marine several miles from the location. The Echelon’s crew made some more rescues, they then took the ship high into the sky, beyond the atmosphere and set her into orbit.

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Chapter VIII – War Machine

A quiet hum was all that could be heard of the engine from within the bridge of the Echelon. She was cruising at a Mach-five, the ship’s computer estimated the time to arrival was twelve minutes. The marine was using a tiny energy emitter to give himself a badly needed shave, he swung his chair toward an adjacent terminal and studies the inventory of the ship’s armory. There were pistols, machine guns, chainguns, two BFG 9000s, and an experimental battle-mech; “Wow”, the marine said to himself. He had only ever seen the blueprints for these war machines, he never saw one for himself. He couldn’t wait to test it out. It was eleven feet tall, heavily armored with shoulder mounted chaingun and grenade launcher, it had sharp looking wings used for flight, which also can be changed into a sword for a specialized fighting mode. It was shining metal with clawed digits on the hands and feet that retracted when not needed. The marine put the Echelon on auto-pilot and abandoned the bridge for the armoury. He had to get the battle-mech ready for combat. He abandons his mega armour to operate the mech.

Space Ship

Miles ahead, the soldiers he was assigned to rescue were under constant attack from an endless demonic battalion. Streams of plasma would fly one way, while fire, electricity and rockets flew back. The survivors had been fighting the hordes back for days and kept having to retreat because the mountains of corpses they made was constantly threatening to trap them. The surrounding landscape had deteriorated rapidly. The sky was red, trees were burnt, the dried earth had deep cracks in the ground. Suddenly the Echelon appeared in the sky, accompanied by a loud bang. The survivors, undaunted, continued fighting. The ship maneuvered to a lower vantage. The marine, suited in the battle mech, was riding a cargo elevator to the top of the ship. Controlling the ship from the mech’s computer, he moved the Echelon towards the fighting, its defence systems were set to commence firing automatically.

The marine found himself looking down at the ground, vertigo was apparent in his mind. He studied the mechs targeting data, selected the largest group of aliens, then warmed up the chamber of a BFG he attached to the fixture of the discarded mini-gun. The chamber reached its maximum force potential and he let the energy bolt fly. He extended the wings of the battle mech, jumping from the surface of the Echelon, he glided toward the carnage. At that moment, the BFG bolt reached the ground and detonated, sending body parts shooting from the center of the explosion. The marine was gliding toward the ground, the commander of the survivors on the ground signalled the battle-mechs radio unit. “Sweet Jesus, its fine to see you. I don’t know where you got that battle-mech but I’m just glad your here”, said the commander. “All in a days work, do you have critical targets?” “My technician is sending targeting data to your ship’s tactical systems”.

Fracture concept art, Lucasarts

The marine studies the targets. The BFG took out a large number of the monsters but more were approaching, in greater numbers from outside the blast radius. The marine fed commands to the Echelon to target weapons on the largest group of demons. The big, beautiful ship used the zero-gee thrusters to perform a cartwheeling maneuver that swung the ship towards the demons with its plasma cannons facing out. The ships plasma cannons charged, making a loud high-pitched whine that could be heard for miles. Then, large blobs of plasma impacted against the first in a battalion of Hell Barons. They didn’t know what hit them, the plasma instantly melted the Barons to soup. The ship began circling the charred blast radius of the BFG bolt, melting hundreds of monsters each moment. The battle-mech dove through the air, towards a garrison of Pain elementals and Mancubus monsters. He flew above them and pulled up, while squeezing the grenade launchers trigger. Bombs of exploding napalm scattered across the field of demons.

The Mancubus exploded into burnt, stinking flabby chunks and cybernetic parts. Pain elementals melted grotesquely as the burning napalm seared their flesh. From above, the Echelon maneuvered at unthinkable angles, while blasting streams of plasma that was charged to tens of thousands of volts. Entire sections were scorched from the battlefield, while enemy fireballs and rockets deflected against the ship’s shields. The battle-mech would swoop in every so often with another bombing run, while the survivors on the ground continued firing with chainguns, plasma rifles and railguns. No one had noticed it yet, but several Cyberdemons were slowly approaching the loud battle. A few streams of plasma came too close for comfort to the survivors, their commander signalled the marine for an ordinance strike on a group of Arachnotron that broke ranks to flank the survivors. The marine handled the mech’s thrusters while he charged the BFG. A moment before it would have exploded, he released the mammoth blob of energy at the offending robotic spiders.

As the blob of energy sailed along, the mech’s targeting computer alerted the marine to five approaching targets of considerable mass. As the marine scrutinized the data, trying to identify the threat, the BFG bolt detonated, bathing the atmosphere in a green glow. The commander came over the mech’s radio, “Thats a fine piece of work, soldier. If we’re going to evacuate, I suggest we do it now”
“Stand-by, commander”, the marine replied.
Squinting at the targets on his computer, he identified the approaching Cyber-demons. “Negative, Commander. My computer reports several immense aliens approaching. I’m sending you my targeting data”
“Roger that, marine, standing by”.

Doom 3

Among the deafening sounds of flying plasma and explosions, Commander Thompson studied the hovering image in the light projecting from a holographic data-disc. A group of giant Cyber-demons were marching toward them. She barely noticed the words “Oh s***”, leave her lips. She and her men had seen the insides of many demons, but never the legendary Cyber-demon with her own eyes, only in intelligence reports from her scouts. The Echelon could only deal with Cyber-demons one at a time, it wouldn’t take much for the other four to permanently put her out of commission, and without her, they were doomed. The Commander had a weapon that could save them, but it had never been tested. It was the Commanders last resort, the gravity vortex device. The weapon was a metallic coloured rectangle on track wheels, used for remotely moving the device into position. Once initiated, specialized liquid molecules would simulate the crushing effect of a planets gravity upon a specific location. In theory, it could reduce a skyscraper to scattered piles of its most basic molecules. It’s designed to tear a target to chunks, then into bits, then tear the bits to molecules; then hopefully they’ll be able to shut it down before it starts tearing apart the scorched face of the Earth.

Arachnotron and Revenant quickly emerged from piles of steaming corpses. The Commander responded over the radio, “Marine, we have a contingency plan ready for this scenario. We are deploying a dangerous untested weapon. You are advised to command the Echelon to the coordinates provided for imminent rescue procedure. Time to weapon activation is eight minutes, starting… now.” The marine had been busy charging the BFG chamber when he got the rapidly spoken message. Quivering bio-energy hurled toward a frantic mob of many different aliens.

From their great distance, the Cyber-demons fired their rockets toward the Echelon. The marine was already in the remote piloting program for the ship. He fired the starboard thrusters and the ship hovered to the side as three rockets sailed past it. Using the zero-gee thrusters, the ship swung in another impossible cartwheel maneuver, the ship came to a hovering stop and the plasma cannons fired. The plasma impacted a few rockets that were targeting the survivors. He then input the rescue coordinates to the auto-pilot program. He disengaged the mech’s hovering thrusters and slowly, he began to fall. He swung his guns towards the the raging mob of snarling monsters and squeezed the triggers, spending as much of his reserve ammo as he could before jettisoning the weapons from their fixtures.

He was falling faster, he activated the specialized fighting mode from the mech’s computer. The wings on the back of the battle mech made mechanical whining sounds and folded in on itself, it then made a wrenching sound as it twisted and made a triple bladed sword. The mech automatically grabbed the sword and a pistol from a hidden holster. The targeting controls turned around, revealing another console behind it. The monitor turned from the dull green targeting data to a wide screen of vivid colour. Just before touching down, the mech automatically burst the thrusters, hovered above the ground for a half a second before completing his descent. Gripping the control sticks, he swings the sword around, decapitating several Mancubus, he then began making wide vertical slices through Revanent and Vagery. Vagery were all around him, they gestured their hands to invoke a telepathic attack against the battle-mech. The marine could feel the strength of the psychic attack pulling against his war-machine. With their telekinetic ability, they were trying to pull vital components, but the structure was too strong. The marine proceeded to slice them to pieces. He ambushed groups of aliens at a time, slicing upward with divine composure; arms, blood and organs spilled through the air and coated the mech. He dashed toward another mob of monsters, firing the giant mech-pistol. The huge pistol round bored out huge cavities from the aliens, often killing two in one shot, their corpses flew backward. He tucked the sword close and charged into a group of snarling, large-jawed demons and swung the sword violently. Their demonic body parts flew through the air followed by ribbons of blood.

A green blob of plasma hit the mech in its side, he didn’t notice, but the attack registered on the mechs sensors. He leaped the mech into the air, then fired the hovering thrusters and pivoted toward the attack, more green plasma was sailing toward him; a battalion of Hell Barons was marching closer. He aimed the pistol for the Barons’ heads and fired slowly. The heads erupted into a blossom of gore. On the other side of the battlefield, the survivors fought their way to the Echelon. The gravity vortex had five minutes to activation. Within the cozy battle-mech, progress of the weapons deployment was shown on the monitors.

He activated combat-auto-pilot and began entering a series of commands to the mechs computer, then resumed manual fighting. A warning alarm came through the computer, “Thank you for activating the self-destruct mechanism. it is recommended for your safety, that you abandon this battle-mech in six minutes”. The marine continued hacking and slashing his way through the hordes of monsters as the survivors rushed to the ship for rescue. The Echelon’s artificial intelligence detected the survivors and accommodated them by maneuvering toward them, lowering the access ramp and opening a patch from it’s shields to admit them entry. The relieved survivors quickly ran through the gap in the energy shields and easily boarded the ship. Commander Thompson dashed straight for the bridge. Outside, the demons died in great piles, the Cyber-demons were almost in range, the secret weapon rolling toward them. From within the bridge, the Commander consulted her holo-disc as soldiers manned the vacant stations, only twenty seconds until the weapons activation and that crazy marine was still out there, she thought to herself.

A large scanning terminal dominated the center of the bridge, it was a flat grid on a table that emitted the holographic scope of the scanners on the ship. Large knobs were set in the terminals control panel, used for tuning and focusing the scanners imagery. She approached the terminal and switched to the aft view and used the knobs to focus on the marine, he was slashing the sword savagely against groups of aliens that fell in fives and tens at a time. Whatever that kid is on, I want some, Thompson thought to herself. The marine’s destruction was a display of unbelievable intensity. One of her soldiers regarding the terminal, asked “Where on Earth did he learn to fight like that!?”
“I have no idea…” the commander replied.


Chapter VII – Echelon

Spirals of portal energy suddenly appeared. The marine’s trained eyes knew the best moment to fire, plasma impacted the Imps as soon as they appeared, several were laid to waste in the first moments. More portals opened around him, his sight was blinded by more flashing green energy. Hissing demons threw fireballs and slashed with their claws. He flooded the corridor with plasma, dodging projectiles. Another wave appeared and closed in on the marine, he burned them to a crisp, one by one, the Imps fell to blackened pieces. The pentagrams faded and silence fell over the area, save for the sound of sizzling, burned meat.

Cautiously, he continued down the passage, he quickened his pace when the security door to the hangar bay became visible, approaching the doors controls. He scanned his confiscated security badge and accessed the manual door release. The doors clanked and then slowly lifted upward. The broken PA system buzzed awkwardly about some protocol or something. The beam of his flashlight stretched deeply into the hangar bay, revealing silent darkness.

The marine steps inside. “Hey you ugly freaks, come and get it” the marine shouts, his voice reverberated throughout the hangar. Silence returned his call. Since his flashlight barely lit the whole area, he lit flares and tossed them about as he walked. The hangar was soon bathed in a red glow that revealed the huge ships. The hangar was about the size of a retro sports stadium of the late twentieth and twenty-first century. It was a large dome that retracted apart, down the middle. It was currently closed, no doubt a futile defense against the aliens. There was the exit behind him and two others on the other sides of the hangar and a control tower coiled by a grated staircase it in the central area. Two rows of computer terminals flanked the sides of the tower, the terminals glowed with the words “System Failure”.

As he began searching the docked ships, he heard a familiar hissing sound. He turned to the sound and beheld the sight of several Cacodemons descending from the shadowy ceiling. He gripped his plasma rifle and shoots a long burst into the air, the energy burned their flesh. More Cacodemons appeared from behind larger ships. In a mechanical fashion, the marine bursts his shots at the bloated aliens and carefully dodges their wads of hazardous electricity.
‘Clumsy freaks’ inflected the marine, he’d chewed through hundreds of these aliens in the past week and figured out their typical attack patterns. One by one they fell into a smoking pile of charred remains. Another attacked and got a massive hole burned straight through it. It splattered to the floor, spewing its organs. He burnt through two more, reloaded and fired another set of long bursts. Their numbers were thinning when suddenly, whispering could be heard and ribbons of green glowing light appeared throughout the area. More monsters are about to appear!

He continued firing, his shots impacted the bodies of the aliens as they exited the portals, more burnt heaps fell to the ground. He spun around and saw that monsters were behind him, and there were a lot. Large-jawed demons were charging toward him. The last time he saw this many demons in the same place was in the badly infected halls of the cybernetics lab on Phobos, or at least he thought it was the cybernetics lab. The lab had been partially transported into the hellish dimension and meshed with the demonic growth that resides there. He levelled his plasma rifle and fired on the rapidly approaching horde. The demons soon turned to burnt chunks and ash. He spun around, another horde was coming at him. He squeezed the trigger and sprayed the hot plasma in a wide sweep, more demons went down in smouldering chunks. Turning again, he didn’t even wait to see what was there before firing. Smoke rose up from the charred demon corpses. He dashed behind the block of terminals and reloaded. He peeked up from his cover and took a few pot shots at the Cacodemons. Balls of flying fire and power slammed against the terminal.

He grips his shotgun and fired both shells at a time at the aliens. He leaped over the terminal and grabbed a demon and tore it’s limbs, he then kicked another into the wall of the tower, winded, it fell to the floor. More portals opened. He fired again and then tore the flesh from another, the floor was red and slick with blood. He ran to the other side of the area and fired again, he heard the sound of a demon’s death cry. He dodged behind another terminal and reloaded, he fired a few times on a horde of aliens. They died out before they hit the ground. More portals opened, he was suddenly surrounded. He was moments from becoming demon lunch, he dropped the shotgun and reached for the chainsaw. It was a small package that unfolds with the flick of a wrist, it roars to life with the same action.


The hungry sounds of snarling demons came from all sides, he swung the chainsaw. The demons charged in, a large pair of jaws bit down on the moving blade. The saw split the demon’s jaws, he flicked the saw out and the demon died with blood fountaining from its head. He swung the blade around and sliced through two more, strange organs fell to the floor and blood splattered against his visor. A horde charged from the right, He kicked a fallen barrel and it rolled toward them, he drew his pistol and fired on the barrel, bloody body parts flew through the air. He holstered his pistol with a professionals flourish and heaved the blade toward more growling sounds.

He stopped and looked around, a horde of at least four dozen demons suddenly spilled around the corner of the tower. He turned the corner while gripping an HE grenade, popped the cap, tossed it around the corner, then ran up the flight of stairs. A loud boom sent blood and parts flying past the base corner. The center of the explosion was a mess with pools of blood, organs and severed members. He reached the first landing and a Cacodemon hung in the air, along the guard-rails, hardly a meter away. The marine marched toward the alien and thrust the chainsaw through its single eye and pushed upward, sending up a shower of blue coloured brain and blood. He folded up the chainsaw and the purring engine putted into silence. The area was almost cleared, some demons and Caco’s remained. The marine set the sight of the plasma rifle onto one of the bloated freaks when he heard the grinding sound of the large Northern door opening.

Doom - Arch-vile

Bright white light flooded through the door, two tall bodies emerged and made a horrible sound as they threw up their arms in an intense gesture, fire glowed in the space between their hands. It threw its hands forward and huge tongues of fire sailed toward the marine. The fire shot toward him and he dove out of its path, the space he was standing in was engulfed. The creatures were Arch-vile, a humanoid demon of great strength and pyrokinetic psychic attacks. They growled frighteningly as they quickly stalked the area, behind them, a swarm of Lost Souls bustled into the room. The Arch-vile moved into a position in front of the control tower and threw another wall of flames hurling at the marine, a screaming swarm of Lost Souls followed. He jumped to the flight of stairs below him, narrowly missing the burning attack.. The marine hit the landing hard and had to drag himself to his feet, then blasting the Lost Souls.

Glancing down at the aliens, he saw that the Arch-vile were performing strange gestures above the remains of a large-jawed demon and Caco, what followed was an unthinkable sight, the alien rose its arms to the air and a bright light appeared between its hands, revealing its pale, powdery skin. The remains began to glow, blood swirled around and pooled toward it as the flesh grotesquely stitched itself together. It levitated between the Arch-vile’s clawed hands for a moment, the resurrected aliens opened their eyes and began charging. The whole process had a sickening soundtrack, the marines stomach turned as he watched the gruesome resurrection.

He shook off the nauseating sensation.
‘I am not having this’ he thought to himself as he reached for his shotgun and leaped from the stairs to the floor. He landed with both feet and levelled the shotgun. The aliens were closing in quickly, the marine he blasted the first demon. Blood, brain and bone briefly blossomed in the air, then another. A demon approached from the right, the marine turned toward it and shoved the twin barrels down its throat and squeezed the trigger, beautiful, flowering gore filled the space between its ears. The marine stepped closer, reloading smoothly, dodging the occasional stream of fire. The Arch-vile continued to resurrect, but their numbers were dwindling faster than they could work. The Marine continued to fire, reloading the super shotgun with slick efficiency. Boom! Click-clock-click Boom! Click-clock-click Boom!

He pointed the shotgun at an Arch-viles throat and fired both barrels, the neck was almost completely blown through, the broken, bloody flesh crawled with morbid activity as it regenerated itself. The marine reached for the chainsaw and gave it a flick, it roared to life and he finished off the arch-vile. The rest of its neck came off easily, the severed head thudded to the flood. The other Arch-vile was about seven meters away, the marine stepped toward it, chainsaw purring. A Lost Soul screeched toward the marine, he grabbed it from the air and threw it into the Arch-viles face, it momentarily lost its focus. He unloaded the shotgun one barrel at a time, the alien staggered and held its arms out to attack again. The marine gripped his chainsaw and pressed it against the Arch-viles neck.

As the blade passed through its flesh, the saw becomes briefly jammed by the monsters rapidly regenerating flesh. With the saw spinning in its throat, it held out its arms and spiraling tongues for flame materialized between its pale hands. It was preparing for a point blank fire attack. The marine looked into the bulging eyes of the alien, it was grinning devilishly. The marine twisted the chainsaw and forced it up, through its skull. Its head split, bone and brain flew through the air and blood soaked his armor. The Arch-vile’s death cry resounded through the hangar as its body fell to the ground in a messy heap.
*Hawwwk, Patoo* The marine spits into the Arch-vile’s remains. “This is my world”, he shouts.

Alien corpses were splattered along the North side of the tower, blood dripped into the many puddles on the ground from the tower and the ships. He went back to evaluating the ships nearby, demonic chunks squished under his feet. He soon found the biggest ship in the place, it stood on huge docking moors. It had front and rear scanning hardware, heat & motion seeking missiles launchers and a heavy forward plasma turret.

He aimed the flashlight at the side of the ship, the spot of light streaks across the name ‘Echelon’. “Beautiful” he says. He activated his armours computer and transmits his command codes to the ship. The airlock door opened and a shining staircase descends. He climbed into the ship and the depressurization procedure began. He exited the airlock and jogged through the shining chrome corridors to the command center. His clearance opened the secure doors, he walked onto the bridge and dropped into the pilots chair.

Scene from Prometheus

“Good afternoon, Captain.” said the ship’s computer. “Welcome to the Corporate Space Vessel Echelon, a ship-wide diagnostic is in progress. Reactor systems online, defense systems online, command systems online. Diagnostic has deemed that ship is fit for deployment”, it said proudly. He chose the primary power setting and fired up the reactor. “Computer, activate the hangar doors”, he said. “Error. Station reports a massive power outage”, it replied. The marine actually forgot that the spaceport was running on rapidly evaporating emergency power. He sunk into his seat and contemplated his problem for a moment. “Huh, well I didn’t want to go that way anyhow”. He activated the defence systems. The shield emitters fired and the plasma coils warmed up. He targeted the centre of the domed ceiling and fired. The ship’s weapons erupted in a flurry of plasma blobs that slammed against the ceiling.

The patch of ceiling soon became red-hot under the barrage of plasma. The Echelon’s impressive weaponry made the patch of ceiling red hot and molten material began raining down, bouncing against the ship’s shields. The plasma began punching holes into the patch, the marine fired the rear missile launcher. Three missiles jumped from the rear of the ship up to the weakened ceiling and exploded on impact, debris flew out in all directions. The marine smoothly piloted the ship through the opening in the ceiling and made his exit with the powerful space vessel. In the distance, the Echelon rises to the air, the engines fire and the ship tears across the sky.

Chapter VI – Darkened Halls

On the surface of Earth the marine approaches the spaceport. Commander Thompson kept frequent tabs on the marines progress. The building was very large, about the size of its predecessor, the airport. The marine could make out Cacodemons and hell knights around the perimeter. He was hoping the aliens would ignore this building, he wondered if they were somehow aware of his plan. ‘Well, this is hardly the first installation I’ve had to clear out’ he thought to himself. He parked the truck a safe distance from the spaceport and proceeds on foot. The monsters soon notice the approaching marine and fill the air with roars of fury. Soon, more monsters answered the call of the roaring Hell Knights. Cacodemons and Lost Souls came from the huge holes blasted into the face of the building. The front doors then flew apart, demons and former humans began charging toward him. He considered his options for a moment and then gripped his BFG 9000 and charged the chamber. He released the trigger at the last moment, sending the blob of bio-force energy sailing through the air. It traveled past the hell knight and Cacodemon and detonated against the demons not far behind them. The explosion engulfed the central position of the attacking aliens, most of the monsters were wiped out. Residue from the exploding energy hung in the air, the marine loved the smell of death from bio-force energy. He approached the doors to the spaceport, gripping his plasma rifle, he entered the building. Looking all around, it was mostly empty save for a few Imps hiding about. They were soon cooked with burning plasma. The place was very dark, a damaged light fixture flickered quickly. Revolting, growths of flesh snaked around the area. Slowly he walked toward the front desk to examine the computer, a corpse was lying face down behind the desk. It twitched and moved its arms to get up, making an unworldly growl. The marine stopped it with a single shot from his pistol. He looked up at the many terminals on the counter, they all blinked the same message “Network Down” it looked like he would have to find out the condition of the space craft by examining them himself. Looking around he found a darkened map against a column, the hangar for the spaceport was two buildings away. The installation’s security room was along the way, he would have to stop in, his supply of energy cells were getting light. He traveled a path to his right, it led to a long square hallway, bathed in darkness. Angry growls could be heard in the corridors beyond. The marine reached for his shotgun and flicked the switch of the flashlight he had strapped to the barrel. Light stretched far into the hallway, different passages and emergency lockers lined the passage. Sparks would suddenly fall from the ceiling, accompanied by the sound of popping electricity. Slowly, he stepped into the darkness towards the distant growls.

The breathing got louder the further he traveled. As he turned a corner his flashlight fell upon the twisted features of a former human, its eyes were lit like a set of car headlights.
“Mortal”, it shrieked.
Boom, the marine fired both barrels into the its face. Its exploding skull splattered against the walls, the former human stood on shaking legs for a moment, raining blood from its neck before falling over. He soon heard the sound of footfalls approaching, more former humans were closing in. Two former members of Spaceport Security with burning red eyes came dashing from around the corner, aiming their pistols.
“You will not escape” one shouts.
He fired both barrels at the former security personnel, they were sent flying backwards as their chests threw blood and bone into the air. The marine confiscated their ID-badges, typically, any armoury would be locked.

The marine continued along the passage, further ahead was the security office. It consisted of a door set in the wall and a wide window directly to its right. Peering through the darkened window revealed very little, chairs and tables blocked up the view. The doors were powered down, just like everything else on the installation. He broke a glass panel and pulled a short lever for the manual door release and immediately regretted it.

When the door slid open, a roaring Hell Knight stood before him. He staggered back in shock of having the alien appear right before him. He unloaded another twin barrelled attack, the beast staggered briefly. The marine moves and dodges the clawed attack of the newly liberated alien, it stomped from the room and tossed a ball of plasma. The marine jumped out of its way, the plasma burned through a posted safety notice fixed to the wall. He reloaded and fired both barrels again as the Hell Knight stomped out of the room. Blood sprayed from it’s chest, unwavered, it continued its advance. It slashed at the marine with its clawed hands, he jumped back, narrowly dodging the attack. He quickly reloaded and fired again into its massive horned head; he struck his target, some of the bullets tore flesh, some was deflected off its chiseled face. The marine paced back a couple meters, dodging another plasma ball, then another. He fired again, the double shot took off one of its devilish horns

It was consumed in anger, throwing more blobs of energy. The marine stepped around a blob, fired again then quickly stepped around another. The left-hemisphere of the alien’s skull fragmented, pieces of bone and brain were blown off. The monster groaned and fell loudly to the floor. The marine stood over the corpse, it lay dead, twitching. He steps around the steaming carcass and walks into the security office. It seemed that the Hell Knight was trying to break out, the terminals were smashed, the work table was warped but the weapons locker was still intact. Using one of the ID badges, he opened the locker and restocked his energy cells, he stashed his shotgun in favour of burning plasma. ‘Whoever the hell invented plasma technology was a saint’ he thought to himself, ‘…the only thing the UAC ever did right’ He checked a partially smashed map of the spaceport then continued to his objective.

Silence. His footsteps echoed off the walls of the corridor. Approaching a turn in the hall ahead, he heard the sound of munching and growling. He walked toward the sound and the blinding flood of the flashlight revealed a small group of demons feasting on human remains, his plasma rifle turned them to smouldering piles of charred meat. Just further ahead was the passage that leads to the hangar, some sort of movement could be heard in the dark path ahead. He stepped into the hallway and walked a few meters, his nerves were peaked. The sound of unintelligible whispering crawled through his mind, his eyes went wide as green energy swirled before them. Demonic energy glowed within the symbols of intricate pentagrams, then the green flash flooded the area. Portals were ripping open.

Chapter V – Transmission Received

The marine was fighting his way across a city block, Imps and Hell Knights attacked from the centre of a three-way intersection, Cacodemons floated above. He confidently marched towards them, neatly dodging their projectile attacks. Ka-Boom. The Imp’s spiked arm was blown off at the elbow, after dodging a blob of plasma he fired his twin barrelled shotgun into the face of one of the Hell Knights, it went down with a thud. The Lost Souls screeched toward him and the cacodemons descended, he ducked as they swooped in and he shattered several with a single shot from the shotgun. The marine turned and kicked another Imp in the chest, sending it crashing into rubble. The furious Hell Knights roared and stomped toward him, he continued firing, the bloated Cacodemons were sent reeling under the force of the marines attack. He popped the cap on an HE grenade and ran to the other side of the block. He tossed the grenade in a wide arc toward the remaining Hell Knights. They roared and tried to swat the bomb away but was instantly consumed in a large implosion of unstable plasma. He had made his way to safety when a call came over his radio unit. The frantic call came from an Army Commander, Naomi Thompson, she was leading a group of survivors. They found an ultra frequency transmitter in an abandoned military vehicle from which they managed the call. They were in need of evacuation, the marine explained that he was close by a spaceport terminal. Thompson asked him to take her high security command codes and use them to access the largest ship he could find there. He agreed to make the rescue.

The marine made his way to a service station where he found an unlocked mack-truck with the keys on the seat, a couple of the power chargers were still working. He charged the plasma cells. A couple of former humans stumbled out of the station’s store and staggered weakly toward the marine. He casually shot one and ignored the other, he hung up the nozzle and walked over to the cabin of the truck. The former human, following behind, it slammed into the trucks door just as the marine pulled it shut, fell over as the truck rolled away. It tried to get up but was struck by the trucks tire, its head was crushed under the wheel. He sped off in the truck toward the spaceport, crushing demons as he went.

Kronos was in his office reading the report from the recent accident. Despite his eccentricities, he respected Dr. White and hoped the situation would resolve itself. The test chamber was still being sterilized from the last experiment. He continued to read the stream of reports from across the colony, the usual stuff like advancements to the plasma cells, bio-force energy units and the slow accumulation of information about the aliens and the ancient Mars Civilization. He was reading an article about a recently discovered artifact, though not as impressive as the relics that have already been found, it was still endlessly fascinating. The computer voice interrupted.
“Test chamber alpha is ready to resume testing, doctor” it said.
He touched the holographic symbol for program Charlie and fed new orders into the chain of command within the simulation. The test subject was lounging in the stations cafeteria, enjoying a simulated soda. The stations P.A. System issued the orders for the marine to report to the hangar bay. He tossed out the soda can and made his way to the monorail. The Doctor watched as he boarded the train and then left the office. He traveled the spotless hallway and stepped into the room.
“Status?” Kronos asked.
“Simulation will terminate in approximately one hundred and seventy-six seconds, subject’s condition is well within testing parameters” Dr Campbell said.

Dr. Mason was busy monitoring the containment field generators for the tiniest chink in it’s armour. Despite recent accidents, Kronos trusted Mason. The floor panels parted and another capsule ascended, it opened revealing another space marine in the same white reflective armour. The hardware detached from the test subject and slipped under the floor.
“Thirty seconds, sir” Campbell says.
The lead researcher watched Dr. Campbell’s terminal from behind.
“Fifteen… ten seconds… three, two, one”
The marine promptly came to life and began casually walking through the replica.
“Another excellent transfer, Doctor” said Kronos dryly.
Campbell, smiling, nodded his thanks. Kronos stood with a straight posture as he stared down at the test subject.
“Mason, localize level two portal traffic” Kronos says casually. Mason turned and smiled devilishly as he acknowledged, punching in the sequence without looking at his terminal. The test subject was much like the one previously experimented on, just a bit more experienced in combat.

The teleport energy danced through the air, the symbols drew themselves on the floor and whispering was heard before several Imps teleported into the room. Swiftly, the marine drew his pistol and began firing into their skulls. He stepped to the right dropping one demon at a time with precise aim. The marine inched toward the security locker, demons continued to appear from thin air. He roundhouse kicked a large-jawed demon and it collapsed to the floor. Still firing, he passed his suits ID chip over the lockers scanning pad; The locker recognized his ID and swiftly opened with a quiet whoosh.

The smoking pistol fell to the ground, he grabbed the plasma rifle. He spun and shot a diagonal line of plasma into the bodies of close-by Imps, he fired again and then rolled for cover, more monsters appeared from the green portals. He held the trigger and let a flood of plasma burn them to a crisp. Smoke was building within the replica. A Hell Knight appeared and roared fiercely, the marine shot its big head to ashes. More Imps appeared, tossing fireballs. Another Hell Knight appeared and got caught in the cross-fire of Imp fireballs. The enraged Hell Knight threw green energy at the Imps, one of them caught the green energy in the chest, it grotesquely melted on impact. The marine was blasting monsters from the rapidly opening portals, the Hell Knight grabbed a large-jawed demon and tore it’s head off and hurled toward the marine, he shot it out of the air.

“Decrease rate of fire by twenty-five percent” said Kronos. The marine was behind a column of cables, reloading the rifle. He popped out to make a quick attack, the rifle sputtered slower fire. “What the…?” The marine cried. He continued burning Imps and Demons but they drew closer with the slight advantage. The marine delivered another kick to an Imp, it fell to the ground as he continued firing plasma in wide arcs. Smoke fogged up the hangar from the demons plasma-burnt flesh.
“Decrease space by thirty percent” ordered Kronos. Mason nodded and entered the command into his terminal. Within the replica hangar, steel sheets slammed into the floor from the ceiling, blocking off portions of the area.
“Holy Jesus” the marine cried.
“Level four” commanded Kronos. The portals began opening with more frequency, Cacodemons suddenly appeared, spitting balls of lightning. As the marine jumped out of the way, the aliens inched closer. He emptied the rest of the rifles magazine, burning the Cacodemon to smoking chunks, then spun wildly and punched an Imp and round housed a demon. He went to change his magazine, but a demon sank it’s teeth into the marine’s upper left arm and tore it off.

The demon gnawed the detached member savagely. The marine screamed, the shock forced him to squeeze the trigger, sending streams of plasma harmlessly into the walls. His wound sprayed blood, painting the hangar in red. A fireball hit him in the visor. A Cacodemon hovered silently from behind and bit off the marine’s head. His neck splashed blood as he sank to his knees and collapsed, a big red puddle of blood spilled onto the floor. The aliens feasted on his disgraced remains. The gruesome noises echoed through the replica.

Chapter IV – Former Humans

Dr. White and a colleague walked down a corridor, the sound of their footfalls echoed off the walls.
“Skip simulations when you recalibrate the plasma stream, theres a 3.1 variance in T-wave frequency and when you get back to your lab make sure you review the new drivers for the containment field generators” the senior level researcher explains.
“I understand” said White knowingly as he stared down at his data sheet.
“I know that the proton-flux array has been functioning exceptionally but theres a few more parameters you need to familiarize yourself with. I’ll be waiting for your report” said White’s superior as he turned a corner and walked away.

White continued along to a set of doors with an input panel in the wall, he looked into a slot and his retina was scanned for authorization, the doors then slid open. The lab was a large room dominated by a huge arrangement of black metal plating. After he consulted his terminal for a while he activated a command that made the metal plating move apart, revealing an intricate array of sensors with an artifact in the centre, the soul-sphere. The scanning equipment came to life and radiated a dull purple energy and made a pulsating, humming sound. The sphere was blue with swirling white energy that streaked across its surface, occasionally a ghostly face would emerge from the churning orb. It’s something thought to have been left over from the lost civilization on Mars, found in the lower chambers of a stone temple on the surface of the red planet. The awesome power of the scanning array had yet to reveal its ancient purpose, but progress was being made. The scanning radiation shut down and the terminal displayed the results of the scan.

Dr. White sighed as he looked at the perplexing data, he still had no idea how the artifact was made or why and the data he received seemed more convoluted each time he tried a different scanning technique. He had been brought in on the project after several other researchers had the same issues. He uploaded the data to the projects computer files and then wrote and sent his report to Central. They wont be impressed with it but it was thorough enough to save him from any serious hot water. He placed the soul sphere back in its shielded containment and headed back to his lab.

He ran into his colleague once again along his way.
“Any luck with the artifact?” he was asked.
“I don’t think so, I’m going to send a specialist to realign the array again” said White.
“Don’t worry, we’ll crack this one soon enough”
“I haven’t run out of ideas yet, sir” said White.
“Good man, I’ll talk to you again after the next cycle”
They parted ways and White returned to his lab. His lab was quiet, he walked over to the containment cell. He touched a panel and examined a readout of the cells energy field emitters, he made a minute adjustment to the emitters and then opened another program. The former humans shook their heads wildly as they fought against their bonds.
“Mortal”! They cried at him, despite the nature of one-way mirrored glass. White did his best to ignore their taunts.
“I smell fear…” they said in a hollow tone, their pupils were pure red and as large as could be.

The doctor guided a mechanical arm that was fitted with several sterilized syringes. He extracted blood samples from each of the subjects, their constant thrashing always made the process more messy than necessary. He carefully guided the syringes into their arms and extracted the sample.

“You die” they said, thrashing in increasing intensity, fiercely they tore at the straitjackets, the metal arms holding them in place rocked harmlessly. Dr. White enjoyed a quiet laugh at their expense.

The Doctor activated a taser in the metal arms holding the former humans, he tried to get them under control but only served to further agitate them. The straitjackets tore loose one at a time in great rips, they then grabbed the mechanical arms attached to collars around their necks. “Die!” it roared, as it tore the mechanical arm from its fixture.
The enraged former humans were soon both free and beating on the window with their fists, screaming and drooling. They balled their fists, lifted their heads and roared defiantly. Dr. White was still chuckling at them while he regarded a data sheet, he stopped laughing when he saw the green dancing energy inside the cell. He hit a near-by emergency button.
“Emergency, containment field failure” said the station computer as a green flash shot out, blinding the researcher.

He stumbled backward, shielding his eyes with his arm as large-jawed demons appeared inside the cell. They paced the cell briefly, then more monsters teleported into the cramped room. The force of rapidly opening portals tore the demons to dripping, bloody pieces, splattering the walls and briefly sloshed against the hydrophobic glass. Chaos soon ensued within the cell, new portals opening each second and spewed blood and limbs soup. The chaos grew and the structure began to fail. The glow of rapidly appearing portals and blood surged in rising intensity, the structure began to resemble an inflating balloon. Just before it reached its breaking point, a Hell Baron appeared inside and caused the failing structure to burst violently. Dr. White was shielded inside a reinforced capsule when the cell exploded sending metal and body parts flying into the lab.The portals continued to open sporadically as the baron and imps attacked the capsule.

In the hallway beyond, a team of space-marines were running to the laboratory. They stopped at the secured doors and the squad leader tapped a near-by security panel, he punched in a couple quick commands to begin sterilization procedures.
“Procedure initiated… Conditional alarm, sterilization reservoir is currently twenty five percent below required level for full cycle” came the voice of the station computer. A holo-terminal displayed the interior of the lab, the aliens roared frantically as they sank into the acid that was being flooded into the room. More portals continued to open, while many Cacodemons and lost souls floated in the air safe from the pools of acid. The squad leader activated a pair of turrets in the lab, they sprang to life and began firing at the airborne monsters. He waited until the turrets began taking damage and ordered his men to take aim at the laboratory’s doors. He opened the doors.

“Fire!” he cried and the marines sprayed the doorway with glowing plasma, the Cacodemons were focused on the turrets and were taken by surprise and fell to the ground with half of its bloated body burned off, others had holes burned right through them. The Lost Souls and Cacodemon began amassing in front of the small doorway. The squad leader’s BFG 9000 was already charging when he ordered the team to hold fire, half a second after they stopped the BFG round traveled straight through the door and exploded against the mob of demons.
“Roll!” he ordered, and barrels of explosive chemicals were rolled down the hall, the leader held the doors open as they rolled through. “Flood team! Go!” he called. A group of workers in environment suits stormed into the lab and began flooding the area with DESO-radiation.