Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun or Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is about a human boy of the same name who gets transported to a world where demons and magic exist. He ends up meeting a rather peculiar girl who has difficulties making friends. This article will contain very mild spoilers.

New world, familiar environment

The most frightening part about the new school he’s enrolled in is that it’s an all-demon school, where their national anthem is a song about devouring humans. As horrible as that sounds, life in the demon world appears to be more or less the same in ours…  except for the monsters and whatnot.

Like in any school you would find today, there are cliques, clubs, stuck-up teachers and some form of a student council. Iruma was even fortunate enough to befriend a particular demon who surprisingly had no true friends to begin with. Clara Valac, a green frenzy of pure energy was, and still probably is, labeled the weird kid that no one wanted to go near, let alone talk to. The stigma was believed by so many demons that Iruma’s friend, Asmodeus, even warns him to stay away and that it’s better not to associate with Clara, or risk the chance of catching her stupidity.

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The most crushing turn of events, by far, was that the people who seemed like they were somewhat Clara’s colleagues were just a bunch of bullies deceiving her for personal greed. It is a shame that none of the other demons saw the colourful Clara through the same lens as Iruma. Within the first episode, it is evident that Clara is a ball of enjoyment that smiles even through the toughest of days. If the demons do have a glaring difference among humans, it’s that they cannot see the valuable characteristics in people.

With her bubbly personality, Clara would be able to make friends with any lifeform that contains even the smallest traces of intelligence. The demons are perhaps too invested in their historic ways of fear-mongering to appreciate the enthusiastic attitude Clara displays. But, we’re not here to ponder why Clara has had no friends since Iruma’s arrival, we are here to explain from a viewer’s perspective why Clara should have the most friends out of anyone in Babylus Demon School.

Maximum hype

To start off, Clara debuts with her patented rolling attack move where she…  rolls at a really fast speed. There is perhaps a no better way to indicate what type of person Clara is than by literally rolling onto a pile of boxes in front of her eventual friends. She showcases who exactly she is — a ball of pure energy! There is no passing minute that Clara is not seen with a face full of excitement. Clara has such an array of facial expressions that she is drawn in chibi style to better illustrate her intensity.        

She’s quick to introduce herself to Iruma and Asmodeus and insist that they play together. There is no ulterior motive behind Clara’s mindset, she truly wants nothing more than to play around with her friends. Whenever she’s on screen, Clara is either smiling, screaming, or simply enjoying herself. This infectious attitude of hers usually has a hit or miss effect on Iruma, but gets on the nerves of Asmodeus. Despite the two of them hanging out, seemingly, all the time because of their mutual friend, Iruma, Asmodeus is always angered by Clara’s rather ignorant and playful personality.

Clara does indeed burst out from time to time with random nonsense or sometimes jumbled words, but she has good intentions behind them and simply wants to be part of the discussion. Scatterbrain could be an adjective used to describe Clara, as she is always slow to pick up on things, if ever. Regardless, it is a part of her charming self and ever lovable personality. Clara always leaves us laughing in delight as she is an unexpected oddball that no one can predict.   

It doesn’t matter how long of a scene she gets for each episode, Clara always somehow manages to be the centre of attraction. Her lime green hair helps, for sure, but it’s mostly because she speaks on impulse and is very rarely ever reserved. She is more or less like an excited child but is more than aware of the relationship she shares with others. If there is a fast forward button in the game of life, then Clara has permanently cemented her foot on it.

Valac’s, the best family in the world

They say you can tell what kind of person someone is based on how they treat their family. Well, if that’s the case, then Clara is still her same self — lovely. Clara comes home to a rather large family, one tall mother, a distanced father who has yet to appear on screen, two trouble-making younger brothers and two baby sisters. They all share the same eye-catching lime green hair and two curled horns. It is evident that Clara loves her family members dearly and is extremely close with them.

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The family is so much in unison that they have their own songs that are short and sweet. Big families have a tendency to clash with one another just due to the sheer size of their members, but the Valac family appears to have no issues whatsoever. Clara is a sweetheart, and her giant of a mom is most likely to thank. 

The demons at Babylus could make fun of Clara’s eccentric personality, sure, but her inherited power is something that absolutely no one could mock. Clara has the ability to draw out any item she has ever seen from her pockets. It sounds bizarre but it’s true. Regardless of the size or weight, if Clara has seen it at least once before, she can summon a replica of it from her left and right pockets. Not much more information is known of Clara’s power, at least in the anime anyway. Nevertheless, Clara’s power also summarizes exactly who she is — extraordinary.

Another peculiar feature Clara has that is quite astonishing are her two sandals she wears, Connor and Murf. If you thought Clara was weird enough already, guess again. The two lizard-looking sandals are not just inanimate objects, but are moving creatures as well. It is unknown whether they are actual living beings, but they’ve shown to be aware of their surroundings. They are an odd choice of footwear for anybody not named Clara. Hopefully, they have more of a crucial role in the next season of the anime.          

Genuinely loves her friends

Although Clara is not necessarily known for her aptitude, she always offers her support when Iruma needs it. She may not know exactly what’s going on, or what the plan is, but she is there nonetheless, helping in ways that only she can. Whereas Asmodeus befriends Iruma because he acknowledges his capabilities and combat skill, Clara befriends both of them spontaneously out of pure coincidence.

There was no picking and choosing who she would become friends with, Clara simply jumped the gun and as a result, is now friends with a top-ranking demon and a human whose potential seems endless. One of her tendencies is to add nicknames to people, even those who aren’t especially close to her yet. She has coined the catchy nicknames Iruma-chi for Iruma and Azz-Azz for Asmodeus. They are cute names, to say the least, and serves as a sentimental attachment for those she likes. Clara is as innocent as they come, and her relationship with her friends are genuine connections that she made, despite the nasty reputation she was given.  

It’s a shame that Clara was subject to bullying and was disregarded by the entire demon school. However, had she not been a victim, her interaction and subsequent friendship with Iruma and Asmodeus may have never happened. Nevertheless, it is reassuring to know that Clara is among friends now. Even within the misfit class, Clara seems to fit in with the others just fine. She is an energetic ball of joy and now everyone else can appreciate her presence as well. Welcome to Demon School! is expected to have a second season but the timeframe for its release has yet to be announced.    

Let’s set the stage for this one. Imagine waking up in a cage. Inch thick bars all around you, everything, is creaking. You see a dark figure enter through a creaking barn door to your cage. The bars slide open, but only to give you food and water. The dark figure leaves, and you’re left with your thoughts. Scared yet?

In this episode, we take a look at the darker side of human nature with the Winchester brothers. Episode 15 starts off with a bang, and of course as always Sam and Dean are on the case.

The episode kicks off when a young boy sees his neighbor disappear. He hears a whining growl, and the next day the Winchester brothers check in to see what’s going on. At first neither of the brothers can say for sure what’s been going on. They speculate on what kind of beast it may as they go out to the bar to do more brainstorming. Dean is playing darts, and Sam states he needs to go out to the car.

As Sam is walking out he hears something strange. He kneels down to look under a car and gets scared by an orange tabby cat. The cat hisses at him before Sam smiles to himself. Standing up thinking he just heard things. A split second later the screen goes black. Dean becomes concerned when Sam doesn’t come back inside and goes out in search of him. He even asks a few people if they’ve seen Sam, but nothing comes of it.

Dean reports to the police station the next day. He gives the policewoman a false name and a stolen police badge. Stating he’s looking for Sam and that he’s family. As the policewoman brings up the information, she notices the description for a deceased “Dean Winchester” matches the description of the supposed “police officer named George” sitting in front of her desk. She tells Dean he will need to fill out a missing person’s report, but Dean convinces her to take him along to go see the traffic camera where Sam went missing.

Sam, on the other hand, finds the man who he and Dean had been looking for to begin with. Sam quickly learns that people have kidnaped him. He does see a dark figure enter in to give the other man food and water. The man states he gets fed once a day, and scoffs at Sam when he says Dean will come looking for them. A while later the cage door for the other man opens up, and he gets out. Promising Sam he’ll send help. He leaves but is quickly hunted down and killed. Sam hears the man’s screaming but is unable to do anything.

The policewoman runs the badge number Dean gave her. When it comes back, she realizes her instincts were correct the first time. She shows Dean the picture of the police officer who owns the badge, and even points out that the report mentions the badge was stolen. Once again, Dean finds himself almost caught but convinces the police woman to help him find Sam. She agrees, and they continue their search. It’s not long before they find a back road where Sam maybe have been taken. She handcuffs Dean to the handle of her car and leaves him to go search out the area. The policewoman meets a young girl, and starts talking to her. Only to be knocked out a minute later, and locked in a cage as well. Sam can do nothing but watch from his cage, but he has been working on a way to break out.

Dean escapes his bonds and goes up the road the policewoman had taken. He breaks into what appears to be an abandoned, run-down house. Inside he hears music playing. As Dean makes his way through the house, he notices many disturbing things. For one, there are human bones everywhere. Dean even comes across a mason jar filled with human teeth. He runs into the same little girl the policewoman did and is knocked out from behind with a pan. He’s tied down to a chair and interrogated. Once Dean is forced to reveal why he’s there, the father of the two sons and the daughter gives him a choice.

Dean gets to choose who gets hunted that night. Dean attempts to refuse but is forced into choosing a person by having a hot poker pressed into his shoulder. Dean chooses the policewoman, and at first that seems like it would be enough. Instead, the father gives the order shoot the policewoman and Sam while they’re still in their cages. Stating they need to clean up this new mess.

Thankfully, Sam figures out a way to break out of his cage. He slips out and hides after the power goes out. He jumps the men allowing for the policewoman to escape as well. Together they take out the men as Dean comes in to help them finish the job. The policewoman shoots the father after demanding to know why the man killed her brother. When the father laughs at her, she decides to end his life and lies that the man was attempting to escape.

As Dean is talking to the policewoman, she agrees to let them go. Unfortunately for the brothers they have to walk the entire way. Dean warns Sam the next time he goes missing; he’s not going to go look for him. Sam just grins and lets Dean have his way as they walk down the road.

“The Benders” is certainly an interesting episode. It goes off the beaten path of the Supernatural episodes we’ve seen before, and with a bit of a twist. One thing Dean states in the episode is that demons he understands, but not people. It’s certainly sad to see that the people who kidnaped Sam had done it before. The father even saying he and his sons kidnap two people a year. They give the people a chance to escape while going to hunt them down. It’s disgusting they treat people like animals and sad that the others were not saved beforehand.

This episode as Supernatural can be seen as a lesson. Demons, werewolves, vampire, and other supernatural beasts aren’t the only monsters the brothers have to worry about.

Fun Fact: Dean and Sam’s last name “Winchester” is the same as the “Winchester Rifle”.

Fact: There was a family called the “Bloody Benders” who were a family of serial killers. They owned a general store and an inn in Southeastern Kansas in Labette County in 1871 to 1873. The family is rumored to have killed at least a dozen different travelers.

When the crimes of the family were discovered, they fled before they could be punished. Their fate is unknown to this day. For more information about the Bloody Benders here are some sources:





Strap in for another episode review of Supernatural! In this episode, things get a little more interesting. We also get to see the first signs of demonic possession. So, fun, right?

This episode starts out with Sam and Dean on yet another case. We learn Sam has been having trouble sleeping due to the death of his late girlfriend. He talks about it briefly with Dean before they get a call. It turns out to be a contact of their father’s requesting help. A plane has crashed under mysterious circumstances, so the brothers go to check it out.Upon arrival we finally get a glimpse of some of Sam and Dean’s detective skills. This is also the first episode where viewers learn the signs of a demon. Sulfur is found in the wreckage of the plane. This indicated demonic possession. One person they interview states the man he was looking at had black eyes, yet another sign a demon is in the area. Dean even cracks out a homemade EMF (Electromagnetic Field) in order to detect if anything is amiss. Later in the episode the device plays a big role in finding the demon on the plane they ride.

The episode itself is okay, though obviously not one of the best in the series. There are a few odd moments where the poor work of CGI shows through. It’s so horrible that it’s almost hilarious. There are a few scenes where a black matter or “mist” is seen going into people. This is to show people becoming possessed by the demon in order to crash the plane they’re on. A few instances where the horrible CGI shows through are usually shots of the plane. It almost looks like a plastic toy flying in the air rather than an actual plane.

There are actually a couple of hilarious moments in this episode. We learn that Dean is actually scared of flying. He reveals it’s the number one reason he drives everywhere in his Impala. In one scene when he and Sam are trying to exorcise a demon, the plane starts to go down. Dean is stuck in a corner screaming his head off like an idiot as the lights flash. We get two shots of this, and it’s actually pretty funny to watch.

Towards the end of the episode, only one major thing is revealed. John (the father of the brothers) had actually prepared ahead of time for his own disappearance. On his voicemail to his old cell number, he gives out Dean’s number instead for any of his old contacts who may need help. Dean calls to confirm this for himself, and the boys listen in silence to the message. There’s also a little bonus towards the end of the episode.

In one of the final scenes for a few seconds the camera is focused on the sky. A plane flies by before panning down to focus on Dean and Sam standing by the Impala. If you pause on the scene where the plane is flying by, you’ll notice a Canadian flag symbol on the tail of the pain. Since the show Supernatural is shot in Canada and not in the United States. Some of the scenes shot in this episode were shot directly in the Brittania airport.

When episode 1 of Supernatural first launched no one could ever predict this first episode would grow into the franchise it is today. The series has continued to grow to this day, and this author at Zone 6 has decided to take a look at each and every episode “sense” then!

This pilot episode does a good job of intriguing the viewer right from the start. A man and his wife, living the American dream in a beautiful home. He hears something weird and goes to check on his wife. Only to find her stuck to the ceiling right before she bursts into flames.

Now you cut to the scene where Sam, a smart and upcoming young man, is at a Halloween Party. Not to soon after his brother, Dean, breaks into his house once Sam leaves the party. This is the first look anyone gets of the Winchester brothers. Dean hints at their father went on a “hunt” and has not called back home yet. Despite not seeing each other for years, Dean asks for Sam’s help.

The woman in white on the bridge in this episode is both classic and cliché. While the woman’s story is sad, it’s easy to see the writers needed a fast away to introduce the brothers into the job they do. One of the best parts of this episode was actually seeing the interaction between Dean and Sam. The brothers are awkward around each other, but that’s to be expected for guys who have not seen each other for years. Sam teasing Dean for his choice in music, and Dean arguing since it was his car only classic rock is on the menu for the radio.

Dean gets arrested after he and Sam investigate the bridge. The local police suspect Dean is responsible for the kidnappings. When the police leave Dean grabs his Dad’s journal and breaks out of the police station. He has nothing more than his father’s journal to guide him as he goes to find Sam.

Towards the end of the episode Sam and Dean end up solving their case less than gratefully. Sam crashes the car into the home of the white woman who drowned her children. Thus forcing her to accept her loss and pass on as a spirit. This is where you also get to learn about Dean’s love for his Impala. Once Sam returns home what happened to his mother has happened to his girlfriend as well. She is on the ceiling, blood dripping down onto Sam, and she bursts into flames only a few seconds later.

Episode 1 does a good job of getting the viewer to wonder what happens next. It gets its message across that Sam and Dean are “Hunters.” Hunters are people who have been exposed to the supernatural, and solve cases. However, the first episode of the series can quickly become boring for anyone not interested in ghosts, demons, and other things that go bump in the night. Sam and Dean’s constant bickering is tiresome and stiff. In all fairness, the actors were young back then and just starting out. They are not as close then as they are today and have grown into their roles quite well.

In the author’s opinion, while this first episode is interesting the first time, when watching it a second time it’s easy to forget. The story starts out with a bit of a cliché start and some classic bad boy tropes going on when it comes to Dean. However, for an episode that has been able to catch thousands of fans it has of the series it does win itself a little justice. It’s interesting if you’ve never seen it before, but after re-watching it the first episode can usually be skipped to watch the more interesting episodes.