Sigh, Much better!

Rai #10 which I recently had a chance to read and review for The Comic Book Community on Google+ is an a gorgeous, visual spectacle that is a joy to look at.  The drawings throughout the book are excellent with some of the panels being of such quality that I would gladly mount them on my wall & would in fact blow them up to poster size! I made a point of mentioning one panel specifically in my review & while I can’t show you the whole book here, you’ll probably see in the capture below some of what I mean? The color’s are vivid and beautiful and draw you in to the story in a way that X-O Manowar #40 (reviewed here) simply did not.  While X-O was in some ways more graphic and realistic, Rai by contrast is art & I think the difference in styles between these books does nothing more than further emphasize the difference between the East and the West.

Now while the art was superlative, the story … well that was a bit disjointed.  Not that it was bad … on the contrary, it was quite interesting, the problem was that it was not complete and seemed to jump from place to place without any real reason and justification.  Some of the best parts of the book were impacted by this pattern in fact with huge battle sequences starting on one panel and seemingly being completed elsewhere with no sight of the action which is what we all buy comics for!

I’m sure that you too are a comic book fan (otherwise you would not be reading this review) and overall I think Valiant has done an excellent job in the two books I’ve recently had an opportunity to look at.  Their characters are interesting and have a decent back story, but they each still have some bugs to work out.  While a story is absolutely the most important thing in a book, with comics, its probably the art – both the cover and the interior and in this case, that’s been the deciding factor in pushing Rai ahead of X-O.  If they could hit it out of the park on both fronts though, then I think they’d be in a much better place overall and could reasonably challenge some of the big boys on the block.

I’d love to see stories that match some of the classics from the 90s, ones that are like Days of Future Past or the Mutant Massacre from Uncanny X-Men.  These series not only had an amazing story, but they had the art to go with it and it matched what was in the story.  There were some amazing action sequences and set piece battles and Marvel Comics wasn’t afraid to share these stories with us.  If Valiant expects to get to the next level they are going to have to start writing AND drawing books that match.


I knew going into this movie that it had received a bad rap but I was definitely willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and tried to go in without any specific preconceived notions. I had heard that it wasn’t good but I didn’t know specifically what people were complaining about so to me it was very much a clean slate, perhaps even more so as some of the films that have been completely panned had some elements that I actually quite enjoyed – The Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds being a case in point.

That being said the ending of this film was simply atrocious and while I know I’m perhaps jumping the gun a little bit starting off with that versus covering all of the other elements I’m sure that other reviewers and viewers in general were just as frustrated with the ending as I was and it probably ended up coloring their view of the film too!  However in the interests of fairness, I’ll start from the beginning.

The first half of the film I thought was actually done quite well.  It was interesting, there was a bit of humor and the characters of both Reed and Ben were well introduced along with their longstanding friendship.  While Sue and Johnny were less memorable, their introduction and the whole controversy about the fact that Johnny Storm was black really had no relevance or weight and went fairly smoothly.  However, when Victor was introduced as a brooding twenty-something year-old, well that’s the part of the film that for me anyways, started to stink.

Annihilus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I realize that this movie isn’t based on the standard FF comics but is probably built around one of the Marvel Ultimate Universes or something like that … I’ll need to check and confirm and see if the storyline matches, but I’ll be honest at this time I’ve not bothered doing that … based on this viewing however … I’d have to say that it probably doesn’t as it’s quite atrocious and if it was based on a comic book, well that book shouldn’t have been published either as it just didn’t make any sense at all!

When they went through the portal to I assume the Negative Zone and were imbued with powers, the transfer of power to Sue was just stupid as it was simply a blowback from their return to normal space. However the greatest fault here is probably the transformation of Victor himself! His whole power and abilities upon his return being so magical in focus and scope simply due to his extended exposure to that location, with no bearing on his knowledge and love of science. Pathetic. In fact his whole reason and rationale for attacking made no sense at all … it’s not like Reed and the others forced him to travel through the portal … in some ways it was his idea and while they weren’t able to bring him back he really has no rational justification for attacking!

Doom’s primary strength and usefulness as a villain is that he’s an amalgamation of not just magic but also science. In fact this amalgamation is so strong that in some circles he is at a level similar to some of the gods of the Marvel Universe and in fact has in some books defeated these same gods! In this film however not only didn’t he utilize science at all upon his return, his whole reason for destroying the earth just didn’t make any sense. Logically speaking he would have preferred to be home and perhaps tried to take over the Earth versus canabilizing it to transform the Negative Zone.

The special effects considering the budget spent on this film are a joke. Doom’s look and overall appearance was sadly the worst but unfortunately it wasn’t the only bad thing. In all honesty aside from Mr. Fantastic and his stretching ability in one fight sequence, there wasn’t really anything else likeable. The Thing was OK, but Sue Storm was pretty pathetic … her primary abilities that were shown were the ability to create forcefields and almost no attention was paid to the fact that she can turn invisible. Johnny … well it was just CGI really wasn’t it? It’s been done better than this for a lot less money. All of that being said, though we really need to return to Doom though … my god what were they thinking!!

The sad fact is they actually didn’t really need to use Doom at all in this failure of a film. If they’d wanted to create a new universe to compete against the MCU they could have kept him on in a recurring role and let him gradually grow into the Doom that we really all do know and love while utilizing another villian from the Negative Zone. Initially in fact I thought this was the plan when they shipped the monkey over as he (it?) would have made an excellent Annihilus I thought! I have to be honest when this didn’t happen I was a little bit disappointed – even more so of course when I saw what actually did happen!

It’s quite sad but I unfortunately have to echo the rating of rotten tomato and the score that they’ve given this film which is a real petty as it could’ve been something decent and challenged some of the other films in the MCU bet that’s absolutely not going to be the case now.

Lone Gunman –

Continuing on from my previous posts on Arrow (sorry for the delay on these by the way … I assure you that I will catch up quickly!) we meet a villain that I actually remember from my DC reading days!  Deadshot has arrived and he’s a welcome addition to the pantheon of baddies that Arrow will be rolling out over the weeks and months ahead.

In Lone Gunman, Oliver tracks down another millionaire from “the list” but before he can make his regular threat, this man is killed.  Initially the police suspect “The Hood” of the killing but they (Detective Lance) quickly realize that the evidence goes against this theory and there must be someone else involved.

Oliver continues to setup his base of operations for his vigilante activities and decides to build a dance club above his hideout as a cover for his disappearances.  By conducting some good old fashioned detective work, Oliver is able to determine who the mystery assassin is and contacts Detective Lance to help him protect some of the other targets on his list.  Oliver is able to fight off the assassin by shooting an arrow through his aiming receptacle apparently killing him (don’t worry he’ll be back!), but in the process Diggle is wounded by Deadshot and Oliver has to reveal his secret identity to help save him.

In the flashback sequence we learn that while Oliver was on the island, the archer who initially attacked Oliver was actually trying to help him.

An Innocent Man

OK quite a bit happens in this episode.  As mentioned in the previous episode Oliver had to reveal his secret identity to Diggle in order to save his life.  Oliver realizes that Diggle had actually served with distinction in the military and while he’s a glorified nanny now, his previous experience would be invaluable to him.  Diggle however turns him down calling him a murderer and while he agrees not to turn him in, he refuses to help him also.

As the Hood, Oliver enlists the help of Laurel to help prove the innocence of a death row inmate – Declan – wrongly convicted of killing his wife.  When he realizes that there is a connection between Declan and Jason Brodeur – another member of the list – he knows that something fishy is going on.  Laurel seems infatuated with the Hood and seems happy to help him.  However before they can overturn the conviction, Brodeur has his bodyguard initiate a prison break while Laurel is visiting Declan so that he can have the pair killed.  Oliver infiltrates the prison dressed as one of the guards with his head covered in a ski mask.  When he meets up with Brodeur’s bodyguard who is threatening Laurel a vicious fight ensues in which he almost kills the man with his bare hands.  Laurel looks on with horror as she realizes that this man might not be the Robin Hood she visualized in her head.

Diggle eventually returns and agrees to help Oliver – not only as the vigilante but also to help him ensure that he doesn’t lose his humanity in his fight for vengeance.  However this isn’t where the episode ends … there are rather two very large twists awaiting us next!

  • Detective Lance has gone through the security tape of the attack by Deadshot and he is able to find a frame of Oliver retrieving his disguise from a bag.  He quickly arrives at the house and arrests Oliver on suspicion of him being the vigilante.
  • Walter has continued his own investigation and has discovered the salvaged and sabotaged family yacht hidden in a warehouse!

Damaged –

One thing you can say about Arrow is that they don’t really drag stories out. I mean we found out quite early why he’s conducting his secret vendetta and while we’re still learning where he received all the skills his secret is already known to others and Oliver is now in police custody as the vigilante.  This could be a very quick show and we could be done here, but surprise, surprise … this is all part of the plan!

Oliver realized even before he started his actions as the Hood that return of the millionaire playboy and a corresponding arrival of a masked vigilante at the same time are a coincidence too large to ignore.  When he arranges to have a lie detector test to prove his innocence, he is able to arrange house arrest for himself.  In typical playboy fashion he throws a prison themed party while wearing a bracelet that will alert anyone to his departure from the grounds.  Simultaneously he has Diggle dress in his Hood persona and break up a arms deal forcing the police to the conclusion that he couldn’t be in two places at the same time. The plan works and the charges are all dropped.

Meanwhile Moira meets with a secret associate who realizes that the Hood’s targets match the list that they have … the same list in fact that Oliver received from his father.

Well the long awaited day has almost arrived … AOS is coming back tomorrow!  While Agent Carter definitely helped to tide us over with some excellent episodes over the past 7 weeks, I’m sure that you were as eager for the return of Coulson and the Agents of Shield as I was.  So where were we when the show went into hiatus?

In “What They Become,” we got to see Skye & Raina transform after being exposed to what we presume was the Terrigen Mists. Unfortunately this transformation was not completely painless as the change also impacted Tripp somewhat adversely and while Skye seems to be physically unmarred, the transformation to Raina – well that seems to be a bit more drastic to say the least. Common consensus is that Skye is actually Daisy Johnson – the inhuman known as Quake, but speculation is rife as to who or what Raina is and there is even a question about Tripp also as while it seemed he died (pretty convincingly) there are questions about whether or not this is a fake out entirely, so lets look at what we know and go from there.


In What They Become, we only got to see a glimpse of Raina’s eye & the assumption is that this lady, always so prim and proper, with a level of confidence only rarely impacted, is going to be physically and drastically changed.  Raina has wanted this change more than anything else and has been chasing it from the start, but I think we’re going to see that the price she’s had to pay is more than she initially expected or quite possibly wanted!

“We’re going to see how this process affects both girls differently,” added Whedon.

We expect part of that difference will be in the physicality of it. Some Inhumans, like Crystal, can pass as human without problem. Others, like Triton, are unmistakably something else…

At the end of the second mid-season finale, Raina undergoes the process of Terrigenesis, revealing her to be an Inhuman also, but unlike Skye (Daisy Johnson/Quake), Raina undergoes a physical transformation causing a change in eye color, black, spiky protrusions on her skin and blackened fingertips. Whether she has actual powers is yet to be revealed. Questions abound about who or what Raina could be – there are some references to Tigra based purely I’m sure on the physical characteristics shown and while this is a distinct possibility another that’s been circulating is that while Marvel is restricted from using mutants (due to their deal with respect to the XMen) there is no restriction on their creating NEW characters that are unique to the MCU.  This is probably a stretch also as there is so much history within the Marvel Universe it would be somewhat silly to start a new character from scratch here (not mentioning the uproar in the Interweb when all the fan theories fall to dust), however just because it doesn’t make sense to you or I doesn’t mean they won’t do it!  So long answer short?  No clue … I know that her transformation into some sort of creature while leaving Skye physically unmarred is going to have a significant impact on her psyche, but I guess I’m more old fashioned and really want to see what her powers are!

Tripp – is he alive?

Now the main thing fueling speculation here that he might be alive is a supposed tweet from the actress Ming Na Wen who plays Agent May on the show.  I’ll be honest, I’ve tried to find it and I couldn’t so there might be truth to the rumors, but his death looked fairly conclusive to me.  In fact the way he went out – a true hero who literally saved the Earth from the Diviner and its destructive “choosing”/weaning of humanity … well that’s what you want in your hero’s … someone that’s selfless and thinks of others first.  It’s a real pity as he’s a background character true, but he’s one that could have been developed into someone quite interesting and useful instead of a glorified red shirt.

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. has improved dramatically since last season and if the final run of episodes this year can rival the same time season, we are in for quite a treat. AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. returns on March 3rd.

You certainly can’t say there aren’t enough superheroes on TV these days. With the success of shows like The Flash, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. it seems that the powers that be of the TV world have decided to keep pumping out shows based on comics or comic characters. There are currently six comics related shows on network TV with the likes of Supergirl & Netflix’s version of Daredevil on the way. Brian Michael Bendis’s Powers just debuted on the PlayStation network as well.

I remember a time when you would be hard pressed to find any superhero/ comic shows on TV. I still have a particular fondness to the 70’s version of The Incredible Hulk. As cheesy as it could be it still had a ton of heart and it was pretty much the first show to treat the material seriously.

Even with the plethora of material already on TV here is my wish list of 5 comics/ characters that would make for awesome TV.

5. Conan: The Barbarian ( Dark Horse Comics)

We all remember the entertaining and sometimes cringe worthy Arnold Schwarzenegger movies from the 80’s and I’m sure we’d like to forget the remake from 2011. The ongoing success of shows like Game Of Thrones and Vikings shows that if you put out quality people will flock to it. There was a time where no TV executive would touch a show like this with a ten foot blade of Cimmerian steel. The time is ripe for a chance to bring back one of the true legends of the Sword & Sorcery genre. The key here is not to dilute the material. It could work on network TV but I feel it would fall nicely somewhere on cable TV.

4. The Spectre ( DC Comics)

This DC comics character is little known outside the world of avid comic readers but thankfully TV’s Constantine seems to be putting his name out there a little more. I’ve always had an affinity towards this character. He is a spirit of vengeance carrying out his from of justice from within a human host. Essentially DC’s version of Ghost Rider. Seeing as Ghost Rider has had two movies based on him already, I figured it was time to give the original Spirit Of Vengeance his due. When I read John Ostrander’s run on The Spectre from the nineties I realized that this type of long form storytelling really works for the character. There were a vast number of supporting characters that you cared about and the material went everywhere from controversial to convoluted, in a good way. they really used both the philosophical and violent aspects of the character to their advantage and had very little limitations. The same could conceivably be accomplished with the proper group of directors and writers. This is another one of those comics that can go as dark as it needs to.

3. The Punisher ( Marvel Comics)

Speaking of dark, I bring you good old Frank Castle.I’ll give them credit in Hollywood. They keep trying and trying with this character. There have been three separate films starring The Punisher and not one of them turned out well. They all had their moments but none of them  really captured what the character was about. They focused to much on the gimmick and not the man behind the gimmick. People often cite Garth Ennis’s run on the Punisher because he doesn;t pull any punches and he doesn”t hold back. While I appreciate his work I feel that some of it may be extreme for extreme’s sake with the exception of Ennis’s story line BORN. If a TV show followed a story line closer to Greg Rucka’s fantastic Punisher run we’d be set. It is the perfect marriage of character development and bad ass. Much like the Spectre, if this was a show that was on TV it has to be darker than the norm from the Marvel camp. Let’s hope we can have a Punisher on the small screen we can all be proud of.

2. Judge Dredd ( 2000 A.D. Comics)

Extremely popular in the U.K. but not as well known in North America is Judge Dredd. The Stallone movie in 1996 was more of a miss than a hit but the Dredd film in 2012 hit it on the mark. Unfortunately not a lot of people went to watch Dredd in theaters when it came out, pretty much killing any chance of a sequel. While it developed a cult like following and did very well on DVD/ Blue ray, it doesn’t appear a sequel will happen. I throw out the idea of giving Judge Dredd his own show in the same universe and style as the DREDD film. This would work so well given the rich history of stories already out there featuring this character. ON top of that the world of Megacity one gives a TV show limitless possibility in terms of diffrent types of stories to tell. This would be a very comfortable fit on H.B.O.

1. Gotham Central ( DC Comics)

This is it. The clear number 1 for me. Most people who haven’t read this may think this is a retread of the current show Gotham. It’s not. Gotham makes a good attempt but after reading Gotham Central there really is no comparison. Gotham Central is about the Cops who work in Gotham WHILE Batman patrols the city. It’s an intriguing idea that works surprisingly well. Imagine being a Cop in a city that really may not even need Cops for the big cases because Batman takes care of everything. The characters are rich and were so well developed that two of them became a big part of the DC universe. Essentially Gotham Central could be Law & Order with Batman in it. I know that there seems to be a hang up about actually putting an established Batman on TV but that’s the beauty of it. Batman makes very scarce appearances in the comics but when he does show up it’s very powerful. The focus is on the cops and their world. Gotham Central is in my opinion tailor made for TV. I strongly recommend you seek out this series which only ran for 40 issues.

Well I guess it had to finally happen.  The little “filler” show in between seasons of Agents of Shield had to finally end and I’ll be honest I’m somewhat mixed up in my feelings.  While I’ll be really happy to have Agents of Shield back & more specifically of course, find out what the heck happened to Raina and Skye, I’m going to be quite sad to see Peggy go as I’ve gotten quite fond of her and the rest of the gang – Jarvis, Sousa in particular and even Thompson (although he’s still a bit of a snake also).  The cinematography and costumes that they utilized to bring that world to life … well, lets just say that its extremely lifelike and believable and while I realize they are somewhat restricted to the stories they can tell, I hope that Marvel finds a way to bring back Peggy in her own show again in some way or form.


Valediction picks up right after last weeks excellent episode – Snafu – with the SSR agents investigating the horrific scene from the movie theater.  If you don’t remember what happened, let me give you a quick reminder – Dottie placed a baby carriage in the theater  loaded with some sort of poisonous mind-control gas that transforms everyone in the theater into raging maniacs. They end up killing each other—all of them. Not a single person is alive when an unsuspecting theater attendant finds them. It’s gruesome and bold and when the credits roll, you’re left with the image of brutalized corpses littering the theater.  When Sousa inadvertently takes a wiff of this gas, he immediately tries to kill Thompson and knocks away Peggy with manic strength giving you a real insight into the potency of this gas.

Following the incident at the cinema, Howard Stark arrives at the SSR and we learn that the chemical in question is something called Midnight Oil and it was meant to give US soldiers the ability to stay awake forextended periods of time.

By the way (and this is an aside) … have you noticed that Howard is a bit of a nutjob with his inventions?  He definitely does not have Tony’s skills as it seems that his inventions more often than not, not only DO NOT WORK, but they tend to leave the user in something of a less than healthy state!  To paraphrase the comic book guy from the Simpsons“Worst-Inventor-Ever” … really makes you question where he got his incredible wealth from?!

Well it seems that the US Government in their infinite wisdom decided to “help” the Russians in their attack and it was this gas and its effects that actually caused all the horrible deaths and mutilations that we found out about during the course of this series.  Johann Fennhoff (Dr. Ivchenko’s real name) was the one of the only survivors of this massacre and he’s made it his life’s work to revenge himself on the inventor of Midnight Oil – Howard Stark (I’m not sure if you recall from my post last week, I did mention that he doesn’t seem all bad when he was helping the wounded soldier, however what he did to Dooley was just mean, but I guess to some extent this does explain his motivations).

In an attempt to trap Ivchenko and Dottie, Thompson and team agree to hold a press conference hoping that it will lure them back to town where they can trap them.  During the press conference where they basically exonerate Howard Stark for all wrong doing, shots go off and a shooter is seen in a window across the street.  While Peggy and Thompson rush to investigate, Jarvis hustles Stark to a waiting police car, but before he can jump into the passenger side it rushes off leaving Jarvis to stare in horror at the dead bodies of two police officers slumped on the ground nearby.

When Peggy and Thompson break into the room that the shots are coming from they find a gun has been rigged to automatically shoot, but its been rigged to miss!  Wondering why Dottie would do this, they come to the horrifying realization that they must want Stark alive for some nefarious and unknown purpose when Jarvis informs them of his kidnapping.

With Jarvis’ help they track them down to an airfield outside the city where Stark had squirreled away some planes and classic automobiles (turns out this is another vault he’d shown Dottie when she was seducing him), but unfortunately they are minutes too late as Ivchenko has managed to hypnotize Stark into flying a plane over New York city loaded with Midnight Oil.  As Jarvis takes off in another plane with the intent of shooting Stark down if necessary, Peggy, Thompson and Sousa enter the airfield hanger in an attempt to stop Ivchenko and Dottie.

Peggy tracks them down in the control room and battles Dottie while Ivchenko makes his escape but is stopped by Sousa and Thompson.  Peggy’s battle with Dottie while cool, unfortunately doesn’t match the epic May vs. May fight from Agents of Shield and to some extent is a bit of a cop out as Peggy shouldn’t have really won, but regardless, Peggy eventually manages to “de-hypnotize” Howard and gets him to bring his plane back to the airfield.

By the time it’s all over, Senator Walt Cooper personally congratulates Agent Thompson – who was put in charge of the New York SSR branch now that Dooley’s dead – and Thompson accepts the accolades despite the fact Peggy did all the work. Considering his unearned medal from WWII, clearly Thompson is used to accepting praise for things he didn’t do.  A now restrained Ivchenko appears in Prison with Dr. Zola (infamous from both Captain America movies off course) while Peggy destroys the last remaining vial of Captain America’s blood as she says a final, tearful goodbye to the man she loves.


Well I think I’ve already mentioned it … I’m not really happy that Peggy is no longer on the screen as while some of the episodes have been weaker than others, the fact that it was in such a compressed period of time meant that they didn’t drag things out, and we weren’t forced to endure filler episodes which I personally abhor!

Most importantly, the opening of the season was stronger than the close. As exciting as the last two episodes were, they lacked the charm of the earlier segments. When Carter was more the sleuth, and she and Jarvis were out trying to unravel the mystery of Howard Stark’s lost inventions, the show was far and away at its strongest point.  Even when the SSR thought Peggy was working against them, it felt less like a personal struggle for Carter than what she faced in the earlier episodes. Carter as the odd-woman-out was more interesting than Carter-on-the-lamb.

I liked the little smile/conversation between Carter and Sousa at the end as it very much did imply that perhaps there is a future for both of them and Peggy won’t have to live her life as a war widow, but I personally didn’t think that Carter should have been able to defeat Dottie as I really believed a graduate of the infamous Black Widow program far superior to a regular US Agent – regardless of how talented he/she might be.  I was actually hoping/expecting that Sousa or even Thompson would have been required to help subdue Dottie and felt that this was somewhat rushed and in some ways they didn’t really give her the exit that she so richly deserved (I mean that in the best possible way!).

Conversely however, Dr. Zola’s surprise appearance was truly a surprise and a very welcome one.  While it obviously hints at the Winter Soldier and mind control it perhaps also implies a more involved future for Peggy and the agents at the SSR in the overall MCU.

The appeal of comic books for me is the fantasy element that they evoke. Superhero’s with super powers, megalomaniac villains with visions of world domination and characters with disproportionately sized costumes are all just part of the charm. They evoke memories from my childhood … a simpler and easier time without the responsibilities that come with adulthood.

Biowars to me though is different. I’m only one book into the series and it’s not your simple good versus evil storyline … there are depths to the story that I would not have expected going into it and as surprising as it might seem you can actually learn something from this book!

We’ve all seen movies about plagues or at the least heard on the news that every new version of the flu is that one superflu that is going to wipe out the human race – right? Well Biowars takes this concept and gives it a different twist – this time you’re not just hearing about it, but we’re getting a chance to see how it gets fought on a very unique battlefield – the inside of Alexander Hawking’s body.

Now this could be a simple, sterile, technical treatise, but the art in this independent comic book is exceptional … the action/battle scenes are distinct and colorful and each of the characters not only has a clearly defined skill and ability they are also written with some recognizable characteristics.

Now I’m not stating in any way that this series will serve to replace medical textbooks for our next generation of Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons – however could it help educate a child on how the body defends itself against infection? Yes, I actually think it could … the hardest part about education is not providing the knowledge, its about delivering that knowledge in an easy to understand manner and here this book admirably succeeds.


Infection is the first book in Biowars (a free online e-comic which you can read here) and starts us off right into the action. We are quickly introduced to our main heroes and learn their characteristics and style while also getting an idea of their function within the body.

The first thing that struck me on getting through just a couple of pages is the artwork is really good – its as good as anything you’d see from Marvel, DC or any of the other comic book companies and while reading a comic book on a screen versus in your hands might have been weird a couple of years ago, with the advent of ereaders and proliferation of iPads and other tablets this too has quickly become old hat.

Fairly quickly our heroes are thrust into a battle against a horde of “evil” invaders that are spreading throughout the biocosmos spreading poison and decay along the way.

As the story progresses you can see that different defenders (cells) act in different ways and while we might consider all battles to be orderly, meaningful affairs it’s obvious that the way in which Scathe literally wades into combat that the bodies defenders believe in throwing their all into any battle and infestation that comes their way.

As the story progresses we learn that this battle while cosmic in proportion is actually really minuscule in reality taking place within the body of Alexander Hawking a regular guy attending a city college in Manhattan. Alexander has been infected by a lethal virus and this conflagration is taking place within Alex himself!

While the virus angle by itself might suffice, there is an underlying story in Biowars that is also playing out as we grow to learn over the course of time as Alex and struggles to survive.