The episodes ‘Bound in Flesh’ and ‘The Dark One’ also take place at the haunted cabin, so I’m sure all the Ghostbeaters out there got their fill this season.

Ash vs evil dead

At the start of ‘Bound in Flesh’ was a great moment with Pablo & Kelly trying to tell Ash apart from his evil twin. They are then side-tracked when Pablo & Kelly have to divert hikers away from the cabin, where they are confronted by Amanda who has been reanimated by dark forces. Her scene as a Deadite was likely the funniest moment in the show so far. They are saved from Amanda by Ruby who makes her entrance with a surprising acrobatic stunt. Ruby confronts Ash and insists that the only was to stop the dark forces is by performing a ritual to dismantle the Necronomicon, leading to a big twist in events. Ruby then reveals her true sinister intentions.

Ash vs evil dead

The episode ‘The Dark One’ begins with the cabin erupting with chaos. Deadite-Amanda seems to be gone from the series after she bursts into the cabin and Ash has to take her out. Ruby places Pablo under a spell and escapes into the basement with him and the Necronomicon. Ash and Kelly are determined to rescue Pablo, but the dark forces only allow Ash into the basement. The fruit cellar is just as faithful in design as the rest of the cabin. Ash has a really great moment here, dispatching a Deadite with the boom-stick and providing his best one-liner this season. He finds Ruby in the back room, forcing Pablo to help her summon creatures from the Necronomicon.

Ash vs evil dead

Ash initially seems to get the upper-hand, but with Pablo & Kelly’s lives at steak, he agrees to a compromise with Ruby. The season soon ends here. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that Ash certainly has his priorities in mind when he asks Ruby to include gas money in addition to their deal.

Ash vs evil dead

The first season gave me just what I wanted to see from this series. I can’t think of any jokes that didn’t hit their mark, even their groaningly lame group name, ‘The Ghostbeaters’, has grown to please fans. The creepy moments are genuinely effective and serve well to establish the horror elements. I’m still in disbelief that this show was made, if it had to stop right here I’d still be happy with what i got, because I had to see the show to believe it was for real. Bruce Campbell is immensely entertaining, I love the mystery that continues to surround the Necronomicon and the great humour you could only get from Bruce Campbell and The Evil Dead together. My reviews are pretty low on spoilers, so I hope some of you decide to check it out & enjoy. Hail to the king, baby!

Last Saturday’s episode was a blast from the past, Ash and the crew revisit the legendary haunted cabin from The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 movies. Also having enjoyed watching The Force Awakens on Friday, this was just an overload of everything I love. What a great weekend for entertainment.

The show’s overall pacing made getting to this point really exciting, although I’m surprised we’re here at the cabin already in the first season. The design of the cabin is spot on, every little detail from the original setting is here. The exterior, interior and the work-shed are nearly exactly how the setting looked in the Evil Dead movies. From the placing of shelves, to the clock on the wall and the as yet unvisited door to the fruit cellar.

Evil dead cabin

This episode also features the first appearance of Evil Ash, Ash Williams’ evil twin. Evil Ash appeared almost out of nowhere and it wasn’t obvious that he had stepped into Ash’s place. His dialogue was still typical of Ash, but with a sinister edge. Only after some time does Amanda realize, however, that she isn’t dealing with the Ash that she knows. Obscurous Lupa & Phelous noted in their podcast review of this episode that Evil Ash’s scenes may have been more effective and frightening if he spoke a little less, leaving some moments of brooding silence. I think that silence would have made it too obvious to determine that it wasn’t the real Ash. He’s always fast talking, so the dialogue served to keep me guessing about what was happening with Ash’s personality.

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Unexpectedly, Amanda dies in this episode, much to the disappointment of myself and other fans. She actually had a unique experience with the forces of the Necronomicon in the first episode, but she really could have used some more development. If history is any indication in this series, however, people who die in that cabin don’t stay dead for very long, so I’m fairly sure we’ll be seeing her again in a whole new way.

Evil dead cabin ext

Ash’s girlfriend, Linda from Evil Dead 2, appears in the episode. She has a scene where Ash is tormented by her ghost, another great moment in the series so far. Evil Dead has been a bit silly so far, but the attitude in this episode definitely seems to be turning in a new direction. Silliness aside though, each episode has great moments, but I feel that there’s a lot of moments that lack relevance to the series progression. On the other hand, Bruce Campbell is so entertaining as Ash Williams that it really doesn’t matter much to me.

This show is so much fun to watch, thank you to everyone involved in the series for breathing new life into The Evil Dead. It’s amazing.

The Evil Dead series is one I’m always coming back to, I find that the original 1981 movie is one of those rare titles that actually gets better each time I watch it. Needless to say for anyone who follows the series, with the exception of the Evil Dead video games, it has been entirely too long since Bruce Campbell portrayed the character of Ash Williams. When Sam Rami cancelled Evil Dead 4 to work on Spider-Man, I had given up all hope of seeing Bruce pick up the role again. I figured the Evil Dead game, Regeneration, would be the closest thing to Evil Dead 4 we’d ever get.

Almost as soon as this new show starts, however, it feels like no time has passed at all. Ash is back, albeit quite a bit older. His character seems to have developed a bit since his portrayal in Army of Darkness, but obviously, still retaining his smug, smart-mouth attitude we all love.

When I first heard about this show I was concerned that Bruce Campbell may not have the energy to effectively play Ash anymore and I didn’t want the quality to suffer. The show’s trailers made me more optimistic, but almost as soon as he was on the screen I was sure that Bruce still has the talent for the role. Ash’s character now strongly resembles the role Bruce did playing as himself in the movie ‘My Name is Bruce’.


The show begins in an urban setting and shows us how the forces of the Necronomicon would operate there. There are a few over-the-top moments that would only ever work in an Evil Dead story, some of which left me really surprised. The soundtrack has a lot of classic rock and pieces that seems like they’re taken straight from Army of Darkness. The production quality is top-notch and the practical special effects are stunning. The CGI effects are used well and seems mostly reserved for things that can’t be done otherwise. Surprisingly, the CGI effects serves to occasionally capture some of the zaniness this series is know for, but not perfectly.

Ash currently has two co-stars that accompany him, named Pablo and Kelly. Another character with a lot of screen-time is Amanda, who has a terrifying encounter with the dark forces. These supporting roles aren’t very developed yet, but I’m sure the series will deliver that in the weeks to come.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this show. It has an excellent atmosphere, special effects and fits in perfectly with Evil Dead 1, 2 and Army of Darkness. What more can I say? The king is back and this show is… groovy.