Some of the best episodes of Supernatural are the Halloween ones … in a similar vein to the classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer they absolutely roll out all the stops on these episodes … after all they are quite appropriate to the holiday and this one is no exception.

By the way, in case you don’t get the reference in the title … it’s from Charlie Brown and that’s probably more an indicator of my age than anything else! 🙂

Overall a really good episode that expands greatly on the mythology of the show and introduces a key new character – namely the angel Uriel.  Uriel is a “specialist” angel … one that has a significant amount of power and isn’t afraid to use it to great if somewhat discriminate effect.  When the brothers investigate some mysterious deaths in a small town – Castiel informs them that they are actually the work of a witch that is endeavoring to summon the demon Samhain.  If they are unable to stop the witch or Samhain, Uriel will cleanse (smite) the town.

While Uriel is a true believer and wants to cleanse the town immediately, the brothers manage to persuade him to hold off in an effort to save the innocent from execution.  Unfortunately they are unable to stop the witch in time & the demon is summoned, breaking another seal on Lucifer’s prison.  Ruby’s knife while potent is only useful if it is actually used on demons, but Samhain is able to knock it out of Sam’s hands forcing Sam to use his power to subdue him.  Unfortunately the seal is still broken and while Sam has been successful this time, Uriel warns him against continued use of his power stating that he will kill Sam as soon as he ceases to be useful to the angels.

Still annoyed by Dean stopping him from smiting the town, Uriel tells Sam to ask Dean what he remembers from Hell, implying that Dean does, in fact, remember what happened to him there.  We also learn from Castiel that while they boy’s thought they’d persuaded the angels to hold off on attacking, in reality the angels are under orders to follow Dean’s lead as he is the battlefield leader of Heaven’s forces.  However, Castiel admits that he doesn’t know if they passed this test or did the right thing in not smiting the whole town and he’s as confused as the brothers in regards to what the best actions in this situation would have been.

As I start writing this today we’ve been dealt the “shocking” blow that Joss Whedon formerly @JossWhedon has left twitter… again. As some might recall he left a few months ago and only returned for fear of what would be his unloved child Much Ado About Nothing for the free promotion.

What I really want to start in on is a little fly by on the difference between criticism and opinion. Criticism is something I strive to produce in these articles and big ups to Hutch for giving me a spot under his big tent to do so. Carefully considered researched and balanced while an opinion is very different it’s very personal and can be easily misconstrue as an attack of sorts. Then hand in hand with how casual twitter seems to feel the intent of your opinion might come off a little bit off.

Joss Whedon is a big boy he’s can make his own decisions if he doesn’t want to be social that fine. But don’t for an instant say “he was run off twitter” again he’s a big boy can make his own decisions. He did so as I believe it was the great John Housemen himself who once said something to the effect of:

well at some point we must continue with the business of living and I submit the time is now.

On to some actual due criticism mid April after Mr. Whedon viewed a clip under 2 minutes in length from the upcoming Colin Trevorrow directed jump start of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World. Again under 2 minutes in length and took to twitter to proclaim it “70’s era sexist She’s a stiff, he’s a life-force – really? Still?” ”. In a later statement to Variety he said “I shouldn’t have tweeted it” but unequivocally maintains his opinions that the film is sexist after again viewing a clip under 2 minutes in length.

I don’t understand how Mr. Whedon could form such a strong and unshakable opinion about a full film he hasn’t actually seen yet. In consideration when it’s always been my opinion that not too be hyperbolic that Joss Whedon is about as feminist as an old ball of socks. Granted many of his works have touched upon feminist idea. But what characters did he ever have that weighted over 125 lbs? Or did not have impossibly perky breasts. Proper representation counts giving a blonde 17 year old hard body cheerleader super power is about as in touch with common women as I am.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer season six or as I’ve always called it in my house Anne Rice presents: Red Shoe Diaries. Firefly how does Mr. Whedon introduce a leading female cast member under 18 totally nude and sealed up in a frozen shipping container. Age of Ultron, Black Widow being given no character development only tragic back story or Tim Burtoning if you will and by de facto becomes The Hulk’s ape trainer. In her new back story (Spoiler alert) her graduation from the “red room” in spy craft included a hysterectomy. Because she is infertile fully and without any reservation compares herself to a Hulk like monster. So yeah that was a thing.

All questionable female driven decisions Mr. Whedon has made that I pull directly off the top of my head. All that being said what credibility can we give to an opinion of an entire film based upon a 90 second clip I submit absolutely none don’t be absurd. Even tassidly it is fair to call Mr. Whedon a wee bit of hypocrite for again declaring an entire film sexist after viewing a 90 second clip and including at my count no less 5 down blouse shots of Wanda Maximoff.

In the age of the internet men who live in glass houses rarely throw stones but when they do it’s not hard to notice anymore.