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Alright, here are my two cents for 1989 Batman:

“When I started watching the 1989 Batman movie, I was a bit hesitant at first. This movie is older than I am. I assumed due to the age of the movie it would be terrible. I’m so glad I was wrong.

This Batman movie is a complete classic. I loved the humor that took place in the movie. Vicky Vale and a friend of hers were making fun of Bruce Wayne’s collection of armor. Bruce Wayne then walks in on them, and just subtly owns the moment without batting an eyelash.

Joker’s dance routine in the art museum was a delight, and fit in perfectly with his character. As someone who was such a huge fan of the 1990s Batman Animated series. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. Despite its age this movie holds up well to the test of time. It’s a tad over the top at certain moments, but it all flows together quite smoothly in the end. A definite watch for any Batman fan. “

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