With the conclusion of the previous season, we had the syndicate and the members of the conspiracy actually being successful in their plans which was very unexpected!  With a significant portion of the city in ruins, Oliver felt that he’d not lived up to the promise he’d made himself and his father and ended up fleeing back to the island.

While he now considers the island something of a sanctuary vs. a prison, when Felicity arrives to get him to return back to the city, he reluctantly agrees.  Especially when she tells him that they don’t want him to come back as the Vigilante but rather as Oliver Queen as that’s who the city now needs.

As an aside, this does kind of make you wonder why no one else could find the island before when Felicity and Diggle seem to find it so easily, but let’s put that aside for now.

However, when Oliver does return to the city, he finds his company is now a takeover target and his family is literally considered to be the cause of the all the cities woes.  Oliver decides that he is the only one that can save the company and save all of the employees from the “evil” Summer Glau (let’s be honest, her character name doesn’t really matter does it?!) and her plans to decimate Queen Industries.

Meanwhile – Thea’s boyfriend is fighting to protect the glades similar to what Oliver did as the hood, however, he simply doesn’t have the same level of skill and while he is able to rescue someone, he also ends up beaten up quite nicely.

Thea has managed to take over the running of the bar but she has not gone to see her mother in prison and while she seems more mature than the first season she still obviously has some serious problems and demons in her own house that she needs to deal with.

Another group of vigelantes however have echoed Oliver’s mantra also and determined that they need to take on his job now that the Hood is no longer there.  They kill the mayor and capture the new district attorney who also happens to be Laurels new boss but she manages to fight them off and they depart empty-handed. We also find that in Oliver’s absence Detective Nance has now been demoted to a beat cop  is no longer able to question Laurel or anybody about what has happened

When the new vigilantes attack Oliver during the course of his board meeting he cannot act in the way he would like to and orders Diggle to keep him safe.  He does however jump out a window and swing down to another floor thereby saving Felicity’s life.

Oliver goes to prison to visit his mom in the effort to get some help and assistance and gaining the funds he needs to save the company from hostile takeover she manages to point him in the right direction.

When the vigilante’s attack the nightclub that Thea is managing, Roy (her boyfriend) manages to incapacitate several of them, but they are still able to capture Thea and escape.  This is the catalyst that Oliver needs to resume his activities as the true vigilante and the true Hood.

Oliver manages to track down the vigilantes to the church but they are unwilling to listen to reason and he is almost forced to kill them even though he does not want.  However he manages to stop them and himself and leaves them tied up so that officer Lance can find them.

Halloween is just upon us and what better way to celebrate than by honoring Batman’s frightful rouge’s gallery. One could certainly make the case that Batman has the best villains of any superhero. Think of how many you could name off the top of your head if you’re an average fan. Now think of how many you could name if you were slightly more hardcore.

Now try to name as many Daredevil villains… Not to bash or diminish Daredevil in any way. Just an example of how deep Batman’s rouge gallery goes.  Here’s a quick peek at some of my favorite stories for some of The Dark Knight’s most formidable adversaries.

Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot


He’s come a long way from his campy beginnings. Often dismissed in the past as one of Batman’s more ” nonthreatening” foes by many. That’s not really the case anymore. At a certain point Penguin took a turn as a more sinister and brutal villain. Sometimes portrayed as an intellectual mobster and other times as a misunderstood monster. All of which work well with the character. Like many of Batman’s villain’s, he’s almost sympathetic. Perhaps a victim of cruelty in a cruel world. An obvious parallel to Batman himself. Did Penguin turn out this way because he is inherently evil or did society make him so? Currently, Penguin plays one of the central antagonists on “Gotham”. For some great Penguin stories check out these recommendations.

Joker’s Asylum: Penguin ( one shot) By: Jason Arron & Jason Pearson



This is my personal favorite Penguin story of all time and it’s only a single issue! Written by fan FAvorite Jason Aaron during a time when he was still a relative newbie to the comic scene. To me, it perfectly encapsulates everything he’s about. He’s portrayed as a respected man who holds a great deal of power, and yet he still remains insecure about his appearance. This leads to a very important lesson for a few in this story… Don’t embarrass the Penguin. Both parts chilling and heartbreaking. Sort of like Tony Soprano without the imposing physical stature.


Other recommended readings include…

  • Batman Annual # 11  by Max Allan Collins & Norm Breyfogle

  • Penguin: Pain & Prejudice 1 – 5  by Gregg Hurwitz & Szymon Kudranski

  • Secret Origins Special # 1 by Alan Grant, penciled and inked by Sam Kieth

Two-Face/ Harvey Dent


If you like your villains with pathos, look no further than Two-Face. Harvey Dent is another classic Batman villain that succumbed to the evil and temptation of the outside world. Gotham’s favorite son that lost everything and crossed a line he never thought he would. The character has had a number of interesting portrayal’s. The Dark Knight film treated him more as a good man pushed to insanity. The accident that scars his face is simply the last straw. Some comics, and even Batman T.A.S. play on the fact that Harvey had always had a violent multiple personality and that the accident simply brought it out permanently. There have been a number of tweaks here or there in Two-Face’s history. One such case happens to be my favorite Two-Face story of all time.

Batman Annual# 14 – Eye Of The Beholder by Andrew Helfer & Chris Sprouse


An excellent story that delves deep into Harvey Dent’s tortured past. It manages to bring a different idea to what made Harvey Dent become Two-Face. The multiple personality angle is there, but this time we learn the reason when and why it began. Parts of this story inspired the famous Long Halloween comic series. We find out that Harvey’s father was quite abusive to him in his childhood. The psychological ramifications of that abuse come out in full force throughout this story. The edgy and dark artwork by veteran Chris Sprouse really adds to the already fantastic script. A risky story for DC to put out back then but a keeper for sure.

Other recommended readings include…

  • Batman: Faces by Matt Wagner

  • Gotham Central #6- #10 : Half A Life by Greg Rucka & Michael Lark

  • Batman: Black & White – Two Of A Kind by Bruce Timm

  • Two-Face ( One Shot) Crime & Punishment by J.M. DeMatteis & Scott McDaniel


Ra’s Al Ghul



Translated to English, his name means the demon’s head. One of Batman’s most powerful enemies by a long shot. His reach extends throughout the globe with an army of assassins behind him. It doesn’t help that, thanks to his Lazarus pits, he is immortal.  A complex villain that seeks to help humanity by destroying it first. An idealist of an extreme sort. Throw in a romance between Talia( Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter) & Batman and you get just how complex Ra’s Al Ghul can get. Ra’s has always been a fan favorite for Bat fans but his stock rose to new levels thanks to The Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. He’s even manged to transcend the Bat-world to make it on the TV show Arrow.  Here are some of my picks for his best stories.


Batman: Death & The Maidens 1 – 9 by Greg Rucka & Klaus Janson



A fantastic story written by one of my favorites: Greg Rucka. It shows just how far Ra’s Al Ghul has gone and is willing to go for his mission. The story also speaks to the importance family. Particularly for Batman. In a rather interesting twist of fate, Ra’s asks Batman for help against a mysterious woman, hellbent on killing him. What would Batman get in return for his assistance? How about a chance for Batman to speak one more time with his dead parents? An offer that may well tempt the dark knight. It’s a delight to read an to look at. Penciled and inked by the underrated Klaus Janson.


Other recommended readings include…

  • Batman: Birth Of The Demon by Dennis O’Neil & Norm Breyfogle

  • Batman: The Saga OF Ra’s Al Ghul 1- 4 by Dennis O’Neil & Neil Adams

  • Son Of The Demon by Mike W. Barr & Jerry Bingham

  • Trinity by Matt Wagner


Riddler/ Edward Nigma



Easily one of Batman’s most recognizable villains, from a pop culture standpoint. He has a great look to him and an intriguing shtick. Of course, said shtick can and did get tiresome by the late seventies. Batman Forver didn’t exactly help his cause either. Since then, he’s now been reinvented and reinvigorated, thanks to the New 52 reboot in 2012.  Personally my favorite portrayal would have to be ” Batman T.A.S.  Edward Nigma was portrayed as a man who was smarter than everyone who should be at the top. His quest to prove that at all costs led to some, criminal dealings of sorts. These dealings eventually always lead him to Batman. Time and again, Riddler is defeated by the only man smarter than him. Of course , The Riddler refuses to accept this and therefore, does his best to outwit the DArk Knight. That’s the general take on him that I loved on the Animated TV show. Nevertheless, there are some great reads out there.

Batman; Zero Year # 21- 27 & #29-33 by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo



Scott Snyder has been making his mark on Batman and his world. no character more than the Riddler. Jeph Loeb’s Hush did a good job at showing why never to underestimate The Riddleer. Snyder went a step further and made him extremely formidable. The Zero year story was a remarkably fresh take on Batman’s origin. It boldly gave Riddler real relevance by making him one of his first major villains. The whole story unfolds in epic fashion and Riddler is deservingly at the forefront of it.  He’s written mucher colder than I can ever remember. Just different enough to be interesting but also familiar enough not to offend.


Other Recommended stories include…

  • Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee

  • Batman: Dark Knight Dark City by Peter Milligan & Kieron Dwyer

  • Riddler ( One Shot) The Riddle Factory by Matt Wagner & Dave Taylor

  • Batman: Run Riddler Run by Gerard Jones & Mark Badger

Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!

Unlike many other reviewers and critics, I am not going to completely pan Green Lantern. I agree that it had the potential to be so much more, but most Superhero movies have that same potential and when the studios are forced to spend a significant portion of on screen time to the introduction of the character and the whole universe, a movie is bound to be somewhat stilted. I think if the studios had gone into this in a similar fashion to the first Resident Evil movie – simply leapt into the action and story without wasting time introducing all the mythology this could have been a much more powerful and enjoyable film.

With the above being said however there was much to like and enjoy in this movie – not least the special effects which are really well done. The uber-villain is perhaps a bit too powerful (and gets defeated a bit too easily) however Hollywood does that fairly frequently in their Superhero films and it is somewhat to be expected.

Irresponsible test pilot, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), has been labeled a disappointment his entire life. His childhood friend and love interest, Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), believes he walks away from everything he starts. This changes when he encounters a dying alien named Abin Sur, who presents him with a mysterious ring.

Green Lantern (film)
Green Lantern (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With his dying breath, Abin Sur tells a confused Hal that the ring chose him, and that with it comes great responsibility. Shortly after this strange encounter, Hal discovers the ring’s true power while fighting three men in an alley behind a pub. He is then transported to the distant planet Oa, home of the Green Lantern Corps.

Upon his arrival, Hal is trained by the leader of the Green Lanterns, Sinestro (Mark Strong), and two of his intergalactic soldiers, Kilowog and Tomar Re. They warn him of an evil entity known as Parallax, who recently broke free from imprisonment and swore vengeance upon the Lanterns. When the evil scientist Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) acquires powers of his own and summons Parallax to Earth, Hal must find the courage to face the two villains and protect his loved ones.

A standout performance is delivered from Peter Sarsgaard as the troubled scientist Hector Hammond who goes through a transformation from meek mild mannered scientist to evil megalomaniac once he has been infected by Parallax. In addition, Hal’s tricks with the ring are really well done and I especially like the fact that as soon as Carol Ferris saw Hal Jordan up close in his costume she was able to recognize him in his Green Lantern costume and there were no games with a pair of glasses acting as a disguise!

Overall – there is room for improvement, but as a first entry into a new franchise (if one is green lighted <- see what I did there? :)), Green Lantern has some decent legs and Ryan Reynolds can definitely make this role his own.Enhanced by Zemanta

Lone Gunman –

Continuing on from my previous posts on Arrow (sorry for the delay on these by the way … I assure you that I will catch up quickly!) we meet a villain that I actually remember from my DC reading days!  Deadshot has arrived and he’s a welcome addition to the pantheon of baddies that Arrow will be rolling out over the weeks and months ahead.

In Lone Gunman, Oliver tracks down another millionaire from “the list” but before he can make his regular threat, this man is killed.  Initially the police suspect “The Hood” of the killing but they (Detective Lance) quickly realize that the evidence goes against this theory and there must be someone else involved.

Oliver continues to setup his base of operations for his vigilante activities and decides to build a dance club above his hideout as a cover for his disappearances.  By conducting some good old fashioned detective work, Oliver is able to determine who the mystery assassin is and contacts Detective Lance to help him protect some of the other targets on his list.  Oliver is able to fight off the assassin by shooting an arrow through his aiming receptacle apparently killing him (don’t worry he’ll be back!), but in the process Diggle is wounded by Deadshot and Oliver has to reveal his secret identity to help save him.

In the flashback sequence we learn that while Oliver was on the island, the archer who initially attacked Oliver was actually trying to help him.

An Innocent Man

OK quite a bit happens in this episode.  As mentioned in the previous episode Oliver had to reveal his secret identity to Diggle in order to save his life.  Oliver realizes that Diggle had actually served with distinction in the military and while he’s a glorified nanny now, his previous experience would be invaluable to him.  Diggle however turns him down calling him a murderer and while he agrees not to turn him in, he refuses to help him also.

As the Hood, Oliver enlists the help of Laurel to help prove the innocence of a death row inmate – Declan – wrongly convicted of killing his wife.  When he realizes that there is a connection between Declan and Jason Brodeur – another member of the list – he knows that something fishy is going on.  Laurel seems infatuated with the Hood and seems happy to help him.  However before they can overturn the conviction, Brodeur has his bodyguard initiate a prison break while Laurel is visiting Declan so that he can have the pair killed.  Oliver infiltrates the prison dressed as one of the guards with his head covered in a ski mask.  When he meets up with Brodeur’s bodyguard who is threatening Laurel a vicious fight ensues in which he almost kills the man with his bare hands.  Laurel looks on with horror as she realizes that this man might not be the Robin Hood she visualized in her head.

Diggle eventually returns and agrees to help Oliver – not only as the vigilante but also to help him ensure that he doesn’t lose his humanity in his fight for vengeance.  However this isn’t where the episode ends … there are rather two very large twists awaiting us next!

  • Detective Lance has gone through the security tape of the attack by Deadshot and he is able to find a frame of Oliver retrieving his disguise from a bag.  He quickly arrives at the house and arrests Oliver on suspicion of him being the vigilante.
  • Walter has continued his own investigation and has discovered the salvaged and sabotaged family yacht hidden in a warehouse!

Damaged –

One thing you can say about Arrow is that they don’t really drag stories out. I mean we found out quite early why he’s conducting his secret vendetta and while we’re still learning where he received all the skills his secret is already known to others and Oliver is now in police custody as the vigilante.  This could be a very quick show and we could be done here, but surprise, surprise … this is all part of the plan!

Oliver realized even before he started his actions as the Hood that return of the millionaire playboy and a corresponding arrival of a masked vigilante at the same time are a coincidence too large to ignore.  When he arranges to have a lie detector test to prove his innocence, he is able to arrange house arrest for himself.  In typical playboy fashion he throws a prison themed party while wearing a bracelet that will alert anyone to his departure from the grounds.  Simultaneously he has Diggle dress in his Hood persona and break up a arms deal forcing the police to the conclusion that he couldn’t be in two places at the same time. The plan works and the charges are all dropped.

Meanwhile Moira meets with a secret associate who realizes that the Hood’s targets match the list that they have … the same list in fact that Oliver received from his father.

OK continuing on from our previous recap of Arrow (Episodes 1&2, Episodes 3-5) let’s jump into the recap and review of the next batch.


If you recall from the previous episodes, Diggle is now fully onboard with Oliver’s crimefighting activities.  However he believes that while taking down members of the “list” are important, Oliver has a responsibility and a duty to also act in the public interest when other criminals are also involved – in this case, the city is being plagued by some bank robbers.  While Oliver initially refuses – believing that it detracts from his underlying mission to right his family’s wrongs when Diggle tricks him into meeting the wife of one of the victims, he relents, realizing that there is value to the city in this task also.

Quickly enlisting the help of Felicity Smoak (his resident IT geek that doesn’t yet know the secret of who/what he is), he’s able to learn that the gang of robbers actually have a connection to his family after all.  Derek Reston used to work for Queen Industries before Oliver’s dad outsourced his job along with thousands more to China and without this income he and his family were obviously negatively impacted.  Choosing a life a crime is not necessarily something I would support as a next step to make ends meet, but as this is TV, I’m willing to throw him a bone! 🙂

Oliver tries to warn Derek that if he continues his current practice there are negative implications for him and his family ahead, but Derek basically blows him off and blames him for the pain and hardship his father caused.  When Derek joins the rest of his family, however, you can see that he’s been considering Oliver’s words as he too tries to convince his children that they need to stop – however his son has obviously been touched by greed and refuses to quit the family crime spree.  When Oliver learns that they are going to hit another bank, he realizes that he has no choice left and in his alternate persona confronts the family … during this confrontation Derek is shot and ends up dead.

Tommy and Laurel also continue to grow closer as Tommy continues to work on persuading Laurel that he is a changed man by helping her throw a fundraiser to help her law firm.

Muse of Fire

This episode we get another character from the DC UniverseThe Huntress!

While on her way to meet Oliver, Moira is almost gunned down by a mysterious assailant who was attempting to assassinate an associate of mob boss Frank Bertinelli. Oliver leaves his mother bleeding on the street while he attempts to chase down the shooter who’s on a motorcycle … when he eventually returns to her side after failing to stop the biker he gets his mother into the hospital.  Oliver’s sister blasts him for haring off on his own and attempting to catch the shooter stating that he needed to stay by their mother’s side and while he doesn’t disagree, he knows that he has a much larger objective.

Oliver attempts to infiltrate Frank’s business to discover the identity of the attacker as it seems the shooting near his mother wasn’t the only casualty that Frank has experienced in his organization.  Bertinelli suspects that the Triad’s are targeting his organization and confronts China White (you’ll remember her from Episode 2 – Honor Thy Father) who is the leader of the organization in the city.  Oliver meanwhile has a dinner date with Frank’s daughter – Helena – and finds that she too is a “damaged” soul with demon’s similar to his own … he also learns that she is the mysterious assailant that has been attacking Frank’s organization!

Helena reveals that she is looking for revenge against her father, who she blames for the murder of her fiancé … it seems that Frank and his henchmen thought that Helena’s fiance was going to turn states evidence on them, but in reality the evidence they uncovered was Helena’s.  She had become disenchanted with her Father and his way of life and she was planning on turning them all into the government.  When Helena and Oliver are abducted by Frank’s right-hand man, Nick Salvati (you’ll recognize him from BSG as the character Karl Agathon … it’s nice to see familiar faces, but in some ways the SciFi community is too small as having the same actor portray multiple different roles takes away from the believability of that individual) and Helena learns that he was, in fact, the murderer of her fiance she escapes her bonds and kills him.  In the commotion, Oliver too escapes and fights off the other henchmen – Helena seeing the way in which he fights, realizes that he is the Arrow.


While Diggle disagrees with Oliver trying to help Helena (believing that she cannot be trusted) extract revenge – Oliver hopes that he can “persuade” Helena that her father should be delivered to the police for justice vs. just killing him.  Initially he seems to be having success by helping her take out key players in her father’s business … however a failed couples dinner with Tommy and Laurel sends Helena into a rage.  Deciding that Oliver was attempting to manipulate her, she goes after the Triad and kills the leader of the group – this attack leads China White and her men to attack Frank, believing that he was actually the person who had contracted the hit.

Oliver manages to arrive in time to save Frank and is also able to stop Helena from executing her father and while he is able to get Frank incarcerated by the Police, he is unable to persuade Helena that he is there to help.  She refuses to forgive him and threatens to reveal his identity if he comes after her.

In Oliver’s personal life, he finds out that his best friend (Tommy) has been “cut off” by his father and is in need of a job.  He employees Tommy as the manager of his club and assigns him the task of actually completing it.  Walter also learns a bit more about the secret organization that Moira is a part of.

Year’s End

OK, here’s where it gets really interesting.  Do you remember Adam Hunt?  He was in the 1st or 2nd episode and is the individual that Oliver started his vendetta with.  Well in conversation with someone, Adam Hunt gets an arrow through his chest and while Detective Lance immediately realizes that this is a copycat and not Oliver, the department as a whole believe that it is Oliver and renew their efforts to capture him.

Oliver manages to track down the mysterious archer (who we learn is actually Malcolm Merlyn – Tommy’s father and the leader of mysterious organization that Moira is a part of!  WOW he’s a busy guy!!!) and while he puts up a good fight he is beaten quite badly by him.  The archer seems to be able to outshoot and outfight Oliver and it is only through luck that Oliver manages to escape.  While Malcolm is also injured he too gets away.

On the island, Oliver learns that the island is actually a prison for dangerous criminals and his benefactor Yau Fei is one of those prisoners.  Walter is also kidnapped by Malcolm’s men as he is getting too close to the secrets they are hiding and to use as leverage against Moira to ensure that she doesn’t interfere with Malcolm’s plans.


Oliver has been badly hurt in his fight with the mysterious archer and while he attempts to convince everyone around him that he is OK, he has lost his edge and seems to fear for his life more than he did previously.  Six weeks go by and Oliver has not gone out as the Vigilante in all that time, despite Diggle’s insistence that he is needed by the city.  Diggle challenges Oliver that having people to live for is more of an edge than having no one.

Laurel however manages to get her hands on the phone that Oliver had previously provided to her father and reaches out to Oliver in his vigilante personality to beg for his help in tracking down someone that is murdering firefighters. Agreeing to help Laurel is the push that Oliver needed and while he is initially bested in his confrontation with the murderer, he discovers that the individual responsible is Garfield Lynns a firefighter himself.  Garfield was thought to have died in a massive fire several years prior, but he managed to survive and blames the rest of his team for not coming into the blaze after him.

Confronting the fire chief Garfield threatens everyone, but this time Oliver is able to save the chief while Garfield commits suicide by himself.  Laurel’s father meanwhile has figured out that Laurel was able to communicate with the Hood and plants a bug on her phone so that he can monitor her conversations.

I know you’re probably thinking its a little bit insane starting up another TV show when you’ve got so many currently on the go – Agents of Shield and Once Upon a Time are both in progress as you know, and we’ve just finished Agent Carter – but sitting on the couch watching The Flash (another show that will need some posts written) recently on TV I kind of wanted to see you where he came from and I knew that the linked show and where he first appeared was Arrow.

Now while I generally try to cover shows on an episode by episode basis even those that have been around for awhile – you can see what I mean with Supernatural (that Nia and I are both covering) and also with Once Upon a Time – I don’t think I can devote the same amount to Arrow even though I would definitely say it is worthy of that treatment. What I will do however is instead of giving you a full season recap, I will rather do a multiepisode recap / review instead so that over the course of a couple of posts we’ll both be on the same page with this show and we can then do an episode by episode review of the season that’s currently on. So without further ado let’s jump into the first couple of episodes from Arrow Season 1.

Green Arrow
Green Arrow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Episode 1 – Pilot (Recap)

As in most superhero and movies and television shows the key criteria is to introduce the character as well as their motivations and reasons for acting the way that they do. In the pilot episode of arrow we are introduced to Oliver Queen who was shipwrecked on a remote Pacific island for 5 years.

After being rescued he is returned to Starling city where he is reunited with his mother (Moira) his younger sister (Thea) and his best friend (Tommy). Oliver informs them all that his father died when the ship went down along with a girl – Sarah – taken on the trip with him. Unfortunately Sarah’s sister – Laurel – was actually Oliver’s girlfriend at the time and she is less than pleased to see him return from the dead. In addition Laurel’s father – police detective Quentin Lance – also has a bone to pick with Oliver as blames him for the death of his daughter.

However what none of them really realize is that while they can see Oliver has changed during his time away they have no idea how much. Oliver has been given the mission by his father to “right the wrongs of his family; to fight the ills of society and to restore Starling city to its former glory”. Oliver similar to the Batman myths and legend takes it upon himself to right these wrongs by becoming a vigilante and using his skills to find and defeat the men on the list that his father provided.

Oliver’s first mission and his introduction to Starling city is an attack on Adam Hunt. Adam has scammed millions from the citizens of the city and it is up to the Arrow to get it back. The police chief detective obviously does not want vigilantes running around in his city and takes it upon himself to capture him.  We also find out that his mother has an ulterior objective as she organized a fake kidnapping of her son to find out if her husband and actually told him anything.

Episode 1 – Review

As introductions go its actually not bad as we get to see all the main characters, we get to understand the motivations and while I don’t know DC as well as I do Marvel so can’t really tell you whether or not this introduction is accurate to the comic, it’s got me interested and wanting to see more. I do know that the Green Arrow has been around for a while and that he’s a member of the DC equivalent of the Avengers (the Justice League), but his books are definitely not as popular as Superman and Batman.

Oliver Queen is a billionaire’s son. He’s a playboy. He’s neither a genius nor a philanthropist. While on a boat trip with his father and his girlfriend’s sister, the boat goes down and Oliver is left as the sole survivor, forced to try to survive on a remote island for another five years. Personally I would state that a bow and arrow seems a little bit old school in today’s world however that’s probably what makes it work. There are many, many similarities to Batman

  • the billionaire playboy with parent issues
  • a deep seated need to right the wrongs of the world etc…

but it still stands alone quite well as the constant flashbacks gradually give us an idea of how this boy became a man!

Well I know if I mentioned that I got into the show because of the Flash … I’m actually very curious to see if they have plans on doing another crossover in the future – perhaps this time with Gotham as I think that would be very interesting!  On to Episode 2!

Episode 2 – “Honor Thy Father

OK this is where other characters from the DC Universe also come into the picture so I’ll try to provide you with some detail on them also as I think I’ve mentioned previously I’m more of a Marvel geek vs. DC.

In this episode we’ve got another target – Martin Somers – that is also on the list (mentioned above) … Martin is being targeted for prosecution by Laurel as she is representing the daughter of a man that Martin Somers had killed.  Oliver confronts him as the Arrow and forces him to make a confession (not too sure how admissible this would be?) but is forced to fight China White, an assassin working for the Chinese Triads.

On the island we see Oliver attacked by a hooded figure (similar to his Arrow persona) wielding a bow and arrow.

China White

In the comics China White is a drug czar and has enslaved the inhabitants of an unnamed Pacific island.  She gets these people to work in her heroin fields and supplies the bulk of the drugs throughout the Pacific rim.  On the Arrow however she is the leader of the Chinese triads in Starling city although in her first appearance she seems to be more of a paid gun for hire.  She has a recurring role in the show however and I’ll provide more details in subsequent posts.

Episode 2 – Review

Overall not too much advancement here in terms of Oliver/Arrow.  Its good to see other characters from the DC universe included at such an early stage of the show as it indicates that they will be bringing more characters into the mix at a later stage.

To be honest due to my slowness in writing this, they’ve already had a cross over between Arrow and the Flash and I expect that we’ll see more secondary characters and shows introduced in the future.   I’d probably state that the best part of this episode is the end when Oliver is struck by an arrow by the unnamed bowman on the island.  It gives a clear indication of the trauma he went through and hopefully starts to explain how and why he became the person he now is.