I saw this one quite a while ago and while the overall story is interesting & the graphics as always are excellent … the gratuitous nudity in this one initially caught me by surprise.  In all honesty, I think this is one of the first anime on Netflix that I had this experience with, and after that I was quite a bit more careful in my selections!  If you recall from my previous post – The Top 5 Anime on Netflix – I covered other shows that are equally if not more interesting, however, this show does bear mentioning as the underlying story itself isn’t that bad.

In Freezing – the Earth has been attacked and decimated by extra-dimensional aliens called Nova.  These aliens that resemble the monsters from Pacific Rim (by the way Pacific Rim 2 seems to be back on track!) can only be stopped by genetically modified girls (called Pandoras) and their male partners (Limiters).  Together the Pandora/Limiter team is able to freeze and attack the Novas and help to drive the menace back.  However, no-one knows when the next attack will come so schools are set up around the world to train these gifted individuals and help preserve humanity.  

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So far sounds like Attack on Titan or something like that doesn’t it?  You’ve got your titular (no pun intended) hero named Kazuya Aoi, whose late sister was also a Pandora and the super powerful Satellizer el Bridget as your primary characters.  You’ve also got a host of other girls and boys with similar abilities all in training to grow and develop their powers.

However, clothes are literally blown off the female characters when they get into conflict with each other (hence my comment about gratuitous) often leaving them nearly nude in the process!  If you recall from my Top 5 Anime post mentioned previously, there was one on that list that had the women becoming unclothed – that one was called High School of the Dead & in that case, yes there was nudity but it was when the women were having a bath or at the end of the series when the whole group was under the influence of drugs.  In Freezing, by contrast, the cut scenes leave very little to the imagination, and then there seems to constant conflict between the girls at the academy too leading to multiple fights where clothing gets torn and removed … for no real reason or justification!

Now the fights themselves are quite interesting and very well done and when they meet the real enemy – the Nova – it just gets better.  While I expect that the Manga it is based upon has similar graphics, I really think they could have made this so much better if they’d just focused on the underlying story without the titillation.  It’s actually quite interesting and the whole school setting is well done too.  There is an underlying conspiracy at play which adds even more detail to the story and the characters are quite appealing.  Just skip the nudity next time!

Saturday morning cartoons were all the rage when I was growing up as I’m sure they were (or are) for you too.  However what many people are now watching aren’t just cartoons that we were used to, where Bugs managed to defeat Daffy or the Coyote continually chased but lost out to the Road Runner.

With multi-episodic story arcs, these new “cartoons” are significantly more intricate, artistic and detailed.  In addition, many of the really good ones are surprisingly violent and sometimes quite erotic also!  They definitely aren’t suitable for your typical preteen (& in some cases post-teen!) that’s for sure!!

I’ve written a previous post already on the top 5 Anime episodes on Netflix which you can find here. However, I wouldn’t want you to simply restrict yourself to these titles as there are many more both on and off Netflix that are absolutely worth looking at.

The ones I previously mentioned are – Sword Art Online (now with 2 seasons), The Irregular at Magic High School, Attack on Titan (now also released in Live Action!), Highschool of the Dead & Knights of Siddonia (also up to Season 2).

Some new ones that I think you should consider for your viewing pleasure are:

aldnoahAldnoah Zero

I just watched this one and the one thing I have to state without ruining anything is the ending is a complete shock.  My jaw literally hit the floor!

Aldnoah Zero is a bit confusing in its overall mythology – basically in the 70’s a hypergate to Mars was found on the surface of the moon.  Those early astronauts also found a mysterious property (power?) called Aldnoah that gave them the ability to enhance normal mechanical tools and weapons and gave them a devastating advantage over the rest of humanity.

After a short war that saw the Moon destroyed in an event later referred to as Heaven’s Fall (not shown in the series), an uneasy truce exists between the Terran’s and Martians.  However when Princess Asseylum is seemingly assassinated while on a diplomatic mission to Earth, the truce fractures and all out war ensues between the two planets.


Another of those slightly erotic (lots of female nudity) titles, this one still had a really interesting story and was fun to watch.  When Earth is the target of an alien invasion by beings called Nova’s the only defence is genetically altered girls (Pandora’s) and their male partners (Limiters).  Freezing tells the story of Bridget and Kazuya Aoi who together combine to be the best and strongest.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Back in 2013, Fullmetal Alchemist made the list of top anime series on Netflix. That’s still available via streaming, but, now, we’re suggesting that you add Brotherhood to your queue as well. This is a reboot rather than a sequel and it’s one that aims closer to the manga source material. The essence of the story is that two boys attempt to bring their mother back from the dead and, in the process, lose huge chunks of their physical selves. That leads them on the road in search of The Philosopher’s Stone.

Gurren Lagann

At times controversial and often deceptively raunchy, this smart, fast-paced anime is beloved for its wide-ranging plot, its gorgeous animation, its take-no-prisoners plot twists, and its character development.

While many anime series in the mecha genre tend to turn off newcomers because of all the talk about giant robots, Gurren knows how to plunge you into the middle of the action while getting you emotionally invested before you know what’s happening. Even if you’re not up on your Japanese sci-fi tropes, this is an excellent, accessible series. Don’t miss it.

Stay tuned however as Netflix is now also launching another title called the Seven Deadly Sins.  Similar to Knights of Sidonnia this series also exclusive to Netflix & while Knights was definitely SciFi in scope and tone, this one is more of a western.

Japanese Anime can be quite weird in someways, I mean you never really know what you’re going to get it and while the graphics and art is almost always exceptional the stories and interaction between some of the characters is sometimes not at all what you would expect.

One of my major gripes with Japanese Anime is the incest taboo that they seem to keep skirting – quite often this is between siblings – as well as the sometimes gratuitous nudity. However with that being said, because of the medium and format, the stories that are sometimes presented could not have been presented in any other way.

In this article I will try to cover the top five best (in my opinion) Anime currently available on Netflix.

Number one – Sword Art Online (SAO)

In this show there are almost two different stories at work. In the first half thousands of players are trapped inside a virtual reality environment very similar to Guild wars or World of Warcraft where they need to continually gain experience points to advance from dungeon to dungeon.  However the one major difference is that if they die inside the game they also die in real life too!

In SAO however vs. the current crop of MMO’s available is that in this game, you can only use your sword and while you might get “special” combination attacks and moves, magic is not a factor of the game.

As the story progresses over the course of a dozen or so episodes the characters either band together to try and help each other in guilds or they try to settle in the lands and areas of the dungeons which are all quite distinct and unique and make a life for themselves.

However one player – in fact one of the early beta testers – does not want to play as part of the guild and and prefers to play as a single player.  He becomes increasingly powerful as the episodes progress and his experience points continue to build up.  Over the course of the episodes he eventually falls in love and marries another player within the game.

After a climatic boss fight realizes that the champion of one of the guilds is actually the creator of the game and is the person that has trapped them all within the game. After challenging him to a duel he manages to free all of the remaining players and they all leave the game . Now in all honesty this is very much where the show could’ve ended and it actually would’ve been really good just by itself however they have another half-dozen episodes and as I mentioned earlier this is a somewhat different story and type.

In the second half of SAO the spouse of the character that I mentioned in the first half of the game has been trapped in another game – this time it’s one with Fairies so includes another dimension namely flight in the game mechanics. However in addition to our primary character we also have his sister and again this is kind of where the whole Anime thing goes a little bit weird because she is in love with him in the real world or at least infatuated with him and over time comes to love the character he is playing in the game world also! However he is always focused on his spouse and eventually after many struggles and continuous battles they are eventually reunited and his sister also realizes that there are other fish in the sea.

Number two – the Irregular at Magic High School

This is one I’ve only recently watched and overall its a really good one.  It has some of the weirdness mentioned earlier – namely the relationship between the main character and his sister – but if you are able to put that aside its actually quite good.

The basic storyline is that in the not too distant future, magic has had a resurgence and with the resources of the land becoming more and more scarce, magic users are now enrolled in a variety of different magic schools around the land.  Our story takes us to one particular school where Tatsuya Shiba and his sister Miyuki Shiba are enrolled.  Students here get segregated into two classes – blooms and weeds – based on their level of ability and while Tatsuya has scored a perfect score in his theoretical results, his practical abilities relegate him to the weeds.  However Tatsuya has a secret that no one but his sister knows and while he might seem weak, his abilities are far stronger than anyone could possibly credit as he demonstrates.

Number three– Attack on Titan

Okay this one is not what you’d actually expect from a cartoon it is extremely violent and extremely graphic.  I actually had to send my kids out of the room when they wandered in a couple of times!

Attack on Titan explores a dystopian world dominated by ruthless Titans that appeared out of nowhere.  These titans feed on humans and it is only by building massive walled cities that the survivors manage to eke out a living.  However when even these city walls are breached by new armored and it seems intelligent titans humanity looks to be on the edge of extinction.

There is actually some question about a possible Attack on Titan live action movie & if this does come to pass – well, lets just say that an “R” rating is the least it could expect.  There are plenty of action set pieces to make a blockbuster and enough intelligent commentary to please critics in this Anime and it is definitely one that you should watch if you have the stomach for it!

Number four – Highschool of the Dead

In some ways this would almost be how you’d expect a zombie apocalypse would come to pass and while this show has significant elements of my other major gripe with Anime (i.e. gratitious nudity), its actually really scary and you can feel the horror that they are going through.

They’re the students at a prestigious school and they band together to help each other survive after something starts to create zombies in their in their city and gradually over the whole country and world as well – there is significant death and destruction – and the characters each fit into a niche in their little party.

The issues that I have already mentioned I guess would probably be the gratuitous nudity I mean it’s really not necessary to the story (I guess that’s the definition of gratuitous) at all, but it’s not as I said something that needs to be shown – I mean I guess you could say that teenage high school students have raging hormones and that’s why it’s there but the point of the story is the zombies and the way that part of it at least is covered is really good.

The fight scenes with them the way that they attack there speed and mindless ferocity are all really well covered and you can very much understand the horror that the students are trying to survive.

Number five – Knights of Siddonia

I actually really enjoyed this one and its a Netflix exclusive! The whole space battle with the spacesuit and the monsters in general just overall really good. The whole fact that humans at that time can photosynthesize their own food… excellent really cool idea and something I had not seen in any other shows.

The battle scenes are also really well done and while there is some nudity you don’t really see anything and it actually makes sense to the story and character, in fact the girl who is nude in that scene was basically photosynthesizing food for herself and it completely makes sense which is why I liked it.

Battles with the aliens and why humanity is in space are somewhat explained but there are obviously still quite a few mystery’s remaining to be answered even after the first season concludes as the aliens have somehow created a clone of a human or something like that from a human they’ve captured and there is a lot of other stuff happening in the story too.

Knights of Sidonia, based on the popular manga series of the same name, follows Nagate, a low-born youth in a society of genetically engineered refugees who escaped the destruction of Earth one thousand years earlier and now occupy the massive ship Sidonia. When Nagate’s talent as a pilot is revealed he becomes one of Sidonia’s elite defenders against the Guana, shapeshifting aliens bent on eliminating humans from existence.