Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun or Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is about a human boy of the same name who gets transported to a world where demons and magic exist. He ends up meeting a rather peculiar girl who has difficulties making friends. This article will contain very mild spoilers.

New world, familiar environment

The most frightening part about the new school he’s enrolled in is that it’s an all-demon school, where their national anthem is a song about devouring humans. As horrible as that sounds, life in the demon world appears to be more or less the same in ours…  except for the monsters and whatnot.

Like in any school you would find today, there are cliques, clubs, stuck-up teachers and some form of a student council. Iruma was even fortunate enough to befriend a particular demon who surprisingly had no true friends to begin with. Clara Valac, a green frenzy of pure energy was, and still probably is, labeled the weird kid that no one wanted to go near, let alone talk to. The stigma was believed by so many demons that Iruma’s friend, Asmodeus, even warns him to stay away and that it’s better not to associate with Clara, or risk the chance of catching her stupidity.

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The most crushing turn of events, by far, was that the people who seemed like they were somewhat Clara’s colleagues were just a bunch of bullies deceiving her for personal greed. It is a shame that none of the other demons saw the colourful Clara through the same lens as Iruma. Within the first episode, it is evident that Clara is a ball of enjoyment that smiles even through the toughest of days. If the demons do have a glaring difference among humans, it’s that they cannot see the valuable characteristics in people.

With her bubbly personality, Clara would be able to make friends with any lifeform that contains even the smallest traces of intelligence. The demons are perhaps too invested in their historic ways of fear-mongering to appreciate the enthusiastic attitude Clara displays. But, we’re not here to ponder why Clara has had no friends since Iruma’s arrival, we are here to explain from a viewer’s perspective why Clara should have the most friends out of anyone in Babylus Demon School.

Maximum hype

To start off, Clara debuts with her patented rolling attack move where she…  rolls at a really fast speed. There is perhaps a no better way to indicate what type of person Clara is than by literally rolling onto a pile of boxes in front of her eventual friends. She showcases who exactly she is — a ball of pure energy! There is no passing minute that Clara is not seen with a face full of excitement. Clara has such an array of facial expressions that she is drawn in chibi style to better illustrate her intensity.        

She’s quick to introduce herself to Iruma and Asmodeus and insist that they play together. There is no ulterior motive behind Clara’s mindset, she truly wants nothing more than to play around with her friends. Whenever she’s on screen, Clara is either smiling, screaming, or simply enjoying herself. This infectious attitude of hers usually has a hit or miss effect on Iruma, but gets on the nerves of Asmodeus. Despite the two of them hanging out, seemingly, all the time because of their mutual friend, Iruma, Asmodeus is always angered by Clara’s rather ignorant and playful personality.

Clara does indeed burst out from time to time with random nonsense or sometimes jumbled words, but she has good intentions behind them and simply wants to be part of the discussion. Scatterbrain could be an adjective used to describe Clara, as she is always slow to pick up on things, if ever. Regardless, it is a part of her charming self and ever lovable personality. Clara always leaves us laughing in delight as she is an unexpected oddball that no one can predict.   

It doesn’t matter how long of a scene she gets for each episode, Clara always somehow manages to be the centre of attraction. Her lime green hair helps, for sure, but it’s mostly because she speaks on impulse and is very rarely ever reserved. She is more or less like an excited child but is more than aware of the relationship she shares with others. If there is a fast forward button in the game of life, then Clara has permanently cemented her foot on it.

Valac’s, the best family in the world

They say you can tell what kind of person someone is based on how they treat their family. Well, if that’s the case, then Clara is still her same self — lovely. Clara comes home to a rather large family, one tall mother, a distanced father who has yet to appear on screen, two trouble-making younger brothers and two baby sisters. They all share the same eye-catching lime green hair and two curled horns. It is evident that Clara loves her family members dearly and is extremely close with them.

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The family is so much in unison that they have their own songs that are short and sweet. Big families have a tendency to clash with one another just due to the sheer size of their members, but the Valac family appears to have no issues whatsoever. Clara is a sweetheart, and her giant of a mom is most likely to thank. 

The demons at Babylus could make fun of Clara’s eccentric personality, sure, but her inherited power is something that absolutely no one could mock. Clara has the ability to draw out any item she has ever seen from her pockets. It sounds bizarre but it’s true. Regardless of the size or weight, if Clara has seen it at least once before, she can summon a replica of it from her left and right pockets. Not much more information is known of Clara’s power, at least in the anime anyway. Nevertheless, Clara’s power also summarizes exactly who she is — extraordinary.

Another peculiar feature Clara has that is quite astonishing are her two sandals she wears, Connor and Murf. If you thought Clara was weird enough already, guess again. The two lizard-looking sandals are not just inanimate objects, but are moving creatures as well. It is unknown whether they are actual living beings, but they’ve shown to be aware of their surroundings. They are an odd choice of footwear for anybody not named Clara. Hopefully, they have more of a crucial role in the next season of the anime.          

Genuinely loves her friends

Although Clara is not necessarily known for her aptitude, she always offers her support when Iruma needs it. She may not know exactly what’s going on, or what the plan is, but she is there nonetheless, helping in ways that only she can. Whereas Asmodeus befriends Iruma because he acknowledges his capabilities and combat skill, Clara befriends both of them spontaneously out of pure coincidence.

There was no picking and choosing who she would become friends with, Clara simply jumped the gun and as a result, is now friends with a top-ranking demon and a human whose potential seems endless. One of her tendencies is to add nicknames to people, even those who aren’t especially close to her yet. She has coined the catchy nicknames Iruma-chi for Iruma and Azz-Azz for Asmodeus. They are cute names, to say the least, and serves as a sentimental attachment for those she likes. Clara is as innocent as they come, and her relationship with her friends are genuine connections that she made, despite the nasty reputation she was given.  

It’s a shame that Clara was subject to bullying and was disregarded by the entire demon school. However, had she not been a victim, her interaction and subsequent friendship with Iruma and Asmodeus may have never happened. Nevertheless, it is reassuring to know that Clara is among friends now. Even within the misfit class, Clara seems to fit in with the others just fine. She is an energetic ball of joy and now everyone else can appreciate her presence as well. Welcome to Demon School! is expected to have a second season but the timeframe for its release has yet to be announced.    

What is Warzone?

Warzone is one of the newest battle royals to hit the market and it’s doing incredibly well in terms of player satisfaction. Unlike previous battle royals such as Fortnite, Warzone brings a more realistic form of gameplay. The game was listed under one of the most popular game franchises Call of Duty which just raised players’ expectations. Needless to say, these players weren’t disappointed. 

The Gulag

Warzone is totally unique in the way the game functions. In most battle royals if you die and are unable to get revived from a teammate the game is over and you have to start again, but in Warzone, this is not the case. A new system of death was created for players to be able to be revived even if they have died completely. This system is called the Gulag.

The Gulag is basically a location where after you die you’re sent to a prison where if you win a 1v1 against another player that also died then you can come back and rejoin the game. No other company has ever thought of a system like this and that is what makes warzone so unique and desirable.

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While the Gulag system does help players rejoin the game if by chance you lose the 1v1 it isn’t over just yet. In each match, as you go from house to house looting up what is in there you also accumulate money which can be used to buy various things such as a loadout drop or armor plates. Another thing you can buy is a player.

If in-game you have enough money you can buy back your fallen teammate and they will be able to rejoin the fight. The Gulag system is unheard of and players enjoyed being able to come back even after death but the buying back system is even better as it gives you a second chance at life even if the 1v1 doesn’t go in your favor.

Warzone is Realistic

As previously mentioned Warzone is very realistic in the way the game functions. In real life, if your carrying a heavy weapon it would be difficult to lug around and the same rule applies to Warzone. A small pistol is easier to carry than a heavy sniper rifle or LMG. Less realistic games wouldn’t have a system like this even though it makes much more logical sense.

Another reason why warzone is very realistic is it simulates a “war” situation. You can’t build your own structures but instead, have to opt for natural cover such as behind a building or inside a small room. This makes more sense than building your own structures or building your own cover.

Finally, the weapons you find on the ground or in a loadout drop will be labeled with real gun names. Instead of calling an automatic rifle looking gun an “assault rifle” it is instead called an M14 or another of the vast number of weapons in Warzone. 

The Gas

The gas system in Warzone isn’t unique the just that game but is still necessary for any battle royal. At the beginning of the game, players will be flown in from a helicopter above a giant map that will eventually become a warzone.

As players slowly die the map has to shrink so combat still happens. If the map never shrinks then it will be much more difficult for players to find each other when there are fewer people. This system to shrink the map is called “gas” in Warzone.

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On the mini-map, all players have access to a circle that will appear showing where players have to go next to stay safe from the gas. If players are unable to get to the safe zone and are stuck in the gas they will die in a matter of seconds. Eventually when there are only a few teams left the circle of the safe zone is so small that you are bound to run into an enemy team and be forced to fight them. Systems like these help make combat frequent and the game interesting for players to play.

How do you win?

While battle royals are common knowledge among gamers, for people who don’t play as much you may not know what a battle royal is and how you win. The basic premise for a battle royal is to be the last team remaining. You have to be the last man standing in your entire game to get the victory over other players.

In Warzone the game starts with 150 players and won’t end until the last team who stands above all others is remaining. As the game goes on players will get picked off 1 by 1 slowly decreasing the number of enemies you have to face. Once you reach the part of the game where it is your team vs another team whoever wins that crucial battle will be crowned the winner of that game.

The creators of Warzone tried to make the idea that all these 150 players are dropped into a map and you won’t be able to gain freedom and escape the incoming gas until your the last ones remaining. 

My final thoughts on the game

While I am still new to Warzone and haven’t played as much as others I really enjoy the game and the type of gameplay it brings. The satisfaction of getting your first win is incomparable to other games and is a great feeling to experience. With the unheard of Gulag system and the realism it brings, I think that Warzone is a unique battle royal simulator that will last the test of time.

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If you’re new to WordPress you may be wondering what’s the big deal behind Pages and Posts. At first glance they appear to be one and the same: if you were to create either a new page or a new post you’d be presented with nearly identical interfaces and in many cases the public appearance of pages and posts will look the same.

Don’t let this fool you. There’s a very fundamental difference between the two and that difference is what makes CMSs, like WordPress, great platforms for integrating blogs with traditional websites.


Think about the kind of pages that make up a typical website. Most often you’ll see pages like “Home”, “About Us”, “Services”, “Contact Us”, etc. Within WordPress these are often treated as Pages; documents that have no particular regard for the time they were posted.

For example, when you visit the “About Us” page of your favorite company’s website you don’t expect the content to be very different from what was available there a week ago.

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Wataten! or Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! follows the everyday adventures of a shy college student, Miyako Hoshino. Although her lack of friends, and social life, are somewhat abysmal, she is fortunate enough to have a spectacular little sister that watches over her. This article contains very mild spoilers.  

Siblings in anime usually get along really well, or they’re sworn enemies fated to surpass one another in a duel of strength and skill. Not really, but in all honesty, they come in a wide range of relationships much similar to the ones you’d find in the real world. Hinata Hoshino from Wataten! is a little sister who may very well be the front-runner for the best younger sibling ever. Her overenthusiastic personality, packed densely with what appears to be an unlimited amount of energy, may sometimes be too overbearing for her older sister, Miyako, at times, but that is just Hinata’s way of expressing her abundant amount of affection. 

Angel’s Gaze

Hinata is always upbeat and enjoys her older sister’s company, regardless of what it is they’re doing. Simply being around Miyako is enough for Hinata to be satisfied. Her adoration for her older sister is commendable, especially considering Miyako’s tendency to be a full-on introvert. The clash of personalities the two sisters share is a stark contrast that surprisingly compliments both of them. Hinata understands that Miyako was never one to be the life of the party, but she idolizes her older sister to the point where she can’t stand being a day without her. Instead of focusing on Miyako’s traits that enable her socially awkward lifestyle, Hinata instead praises what her older sister excels at, cooking, cosplay and everything else in between! 

Hinata subconsciously reinforces positive energy into her older sister because she is perhaps the only person who actually understands her. Despite frolicking with her friends every day and showing nothing but smiles, Hinata is actually a level-headed person who is, for the most part, aware of the relationship she has with her sister, and more importantly what her sister truly needs. Initially, it was a bit rough on Hinata to divide the time she spends with Miyako in favour of the rest of her friends, even getting to the point where she would lash out. Hinata made it evidently clear that she felt excluded and that she was no longer at the spotlight’s centre point. That, however, was extremely short-lived. Her selfish days would soon be over in no time because Miyako reassured Hinata that she had nothing to worry about, that she would spend even more time with her. As much as we need to praise Hinata for being an excellent little sister, the diligent work of Miyako should also be complimented. 

Miyako doesn’t have any friends

Although Miyako is a college-age adult, her rather fragile demeanor to the outside world is a concerning issue that Hinata is all too aware of. Hinata’s friends, Hana and Nao, have significantly upped Miyako’s engagement with everyday conversations, but that alone is still not enough for the older sister to live unbothered when not at home. It’s one thing to speak casually to grade-school children, but interacting with strangers similar, if not older, in age proves to be too much of a task for the lonely Miyako.  

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It is during these circumstances that Hinata bravely jumps into her sister’s aid, to protect and rescue her from any awkward and embarrassing encounters with the general public. She puts her own well-being at risk to alleviate any discomfort her older sister may be enduring. Of course, Miyako’s daunting situations are far from even remotely being considered dangerous, but the selfless act to intervene is all the same. Hinata is a fearless spirit who would disregard everything in her possession to help out a sister in need. It is downright remarkable for someone her age to know when her sister is in trouble, but that further illustrates just how well Hinata truly understands Miyako. They have a connection with one another that stems well beyond their genetic material. A bond that might as well be attached to a much greater extent, perhaps even spiritually. 

Don’t worry! Leave it to me!

Hinata loves her older sister with all her might — this much is undoubtedly true. The love she holds for her dear sister is not enough for her to single-handedly retain, however. When in school, Hinata speaks highly of her older sister to her classmates and even her teacher. It is in no way bashful, but rather an overwhelming admiration that Hinata cannot help but share with the rest of her class. In her eyes, Miyako is a super popular beauty who dresses really nice and can cook better desserts than any gourmet restaurant can offer! Although that is quite an embellishment in retrospect, for Hinata that is her absolute truth. She sees her older sister in such a pristine outlook that talking about her charms is second nature. Miyako may feel like a phony from all the appraisal Hinata hypes her up to be, but they aren’t all lies exactly, not from Hinata’s perspective anyway.     

You never let us down!

Hinata embodies all the traits a perfect younger sibling should have, albeit a much tuned-up version. Miyako may not realize it right away, but the relationship she shares with her sister is an exceptional bond that many siblings would be envious of. The love Hinata holds for Miyako is infectious as it is adorable, a connection that not many siblings in the anime realm, or real-world, possess. Hinata is a wonderful friend and even a better little sister. Hopefully, we get to see more of Hinata’s extraordinary adventure with her lovely sister, Miyako, in the not too distant future!    

Princess Connect! seems like your average isekai anime at first glance, but sets itself up to rise above its many predecessors. This article contains very mild spoilers.

The first thing you’ll notice about Princess Connect is the beautiful animation and vibrant colours that are etched within every scene. The characters look sharp and the fantasy world which they inhabit is every bit like a dreamscape. When it comes to production quality, studio CygamesPictures have definitely outdone themselves with Princess Connect. 

The anime starts like a traditional isekai show where the main protagonist must learn the ropes of the new society he finds himself in. And in doing so, he finds a pack of allies that share somewhat of a common goal. For Yuuki’s case, he is reintroduced to the kingdom of Landosol but with absolutely no recollection of his past self or ambitions. The only thing Yuuki does remember is his name and that he is a swordsman. Accompanied by his helpful friends, Yuuki gradually relearns his identity and what exactly he was destined to do before losing his memories. 

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The Adventure Begins

The anime starts off rather lightly, with Yuuki and his caretaker Kokkoro finding the way to the Kingdom of Landosol and eventually securing a place they can call home. Not much is given of Yuuki’s backstory or Kokkoro’s either. One thing is certain, however, Yuuki has a strong bond with someone who does not reside in the real world. Ames, the mystical girl who only appears to Yuuki when he loses consciousness, guides the wandering swordsman to the best of her abilities as vaguely as possible. For reasons unknown, Ames is careful in her word choice and refrains from telling Yuuki anything even remotely useful. It is quite infuriating as a viewer to be kept in the dark about the main details of the world of Astraea, but we must trust that it is in our best interest not to know until later. 

The same concept continues among the rest of the characters as well. Pecorino, the swordswoman who excels in all-you-can-eat buffets is also shrouded in mystery. She carries around a massive longsword and is an all-around combat expert. She has tremendous strength that rivals her endless appetite and is always full of vigor, no matter what predicament she finds herself in.   

Karyl, the last known member to join the guild is a sorceress who has alignments with another group that is against Pecorine. Not much is known of the organization she works for, but it is clear that they have a villainous aura that surrounds them whenever they are given screen time. At first, Karyl was a bit reluctant to join the gourmet guild, seeing as Pecorine is a person she was once tasked to eliminate. However, the antics and constant affection Yuuki, Kokkoro and Pecorine showered her with gradually worn down Karyl’s guard to the point where she would even eat an insect meal with them — of course, not of her own volition. Although she enjoys spending time with the gourmet guild, it’s clear that she’s conflicted with what group to side with.   

A Light to Pierce the Darkness

Princess Connect also throws in a lot of characters and guilds in a rather short time frame. The gourmet guild is always running about in or outside of the kingdom, so meeting new faces and groups reoccurs in almost every episode. Not much detail is given on the minor characters, but that is to be expected given the amount of screen time they are given. Although there are some noteworthy ones that stick out like a sore thumb, like the Twilight Caravan guild with the crazed Eriko, or the beast lady Rima from Elizabeth Park, there are quite a few who are regrettably forgettable. Given the 13-episode run Princess Connect is given, it will be quite the accomplishment to give all the characters a meaningful contribution to the show.  

The group is full of eccentric personalities that are indeed shrouded with mystery, but their difference in mannerisms is how the gourmet guild operates on a normal basis. As Yuuki slowly relearns his purpose as a swordsman, it is evident that the peaceful days of the gourmet guild are limited.

For half of the first season, we are left with minimal details that are far from enough to put anything of significance together. Still, despite not having a lot to work with, we know that Yuuki, Kokkoro, the voracious eater Pecroine, and the scheming Karyl have formed the gourmet guild and are simply enjoying each other’s company while hunting down minor level quests. 

Their first antagonist, Christina, shows no remorse for the group as she crushes them easily before Yuuki unleashes his Princess Knight powers. It was a pleasure viewing the dreamy castle scenery and the water streams that remarkably looked better than its real-life counterpart, but Princess Connect surprised us once again with their marvelous battle scenes. The attacks by either side appeared to be devastating enough to level a skyscraper. They are packed with tons of visual explosiveness that it was extremely difficult not to rewind a few seconds just to view that attack again. It goes without saying that attack spells are spectacularly creative and goes above and beyond the expectations of a fantasy world bombardment.      

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Second half onward…

The halfway point of the show indicated that an evil presence is among the new world that Yuuki resides in, and that group will eventually cross paths with them once more. The slice-of-life episodes were enduring, no doubt, but an anime with a progressive storyline appears to be in the works for Princess Connect. The show’s rather slow-paced beginning sets up the rest of the story to be filled with more action and, of course, significant discoveries that will certainly propel the show to much greater heights. Princess Connect has shown that it has mastered the art of comedy and likable characters. From here on out, however, it appears as though they’re prepared to prove that they can back it up and a solid storyline and reputable antagonists. Princess Connect is an excellent show for those who enjoy comedic, light-hearted adventure shows, visually stunning animation, relatable characters and some emotional scenes from time to time. 

The anime is set to air its season finale episode by the end of June 2020, but one, or perhaps two, more seasons is probably needed to further unearth the mysteries of Princess Connect. 

With the PlayStation 5 reveal event having wrapped up earlier today, it seems the eighth generation of consoles is about to make way for the next. There is a lot to unpack with the presentation, which was focused mainly on gameplay and new announcements. So, let’s dispense with the preamble and take a closer look at what the next generation will offer us. 

In many ways, this felt like an exceptionally fast paced E3 conference, with announcement after announcement and barely a breath in between. If this is how other companies choose to promote themselves throughout the summer with E3 2020 having been cancelled, the coming months are going to be an exciting time for gamers. It was actually refreshing compared to how the last generation of consoles was announced (who could forget that infamous Xbox One reveal). 

The Games

Sony kicked off the live stream in a puzzling way with an announcement that they would be continuing a partnership with Rockstar and a trailer for GTA 5. To be frank, I found this set my expectations for the rest of the presentation very low. It was a strange choice to have a game from the seventh generation of consoles as the first thing we see on the ninth. What followed was the announcement of a followup to the wildly successful Marvel’s Spiderman, then a new Gran Turismo game. While the Spider-man game was interesting, and i’m sure Gran Turismo will excite a more niche audience of racing game fans, I feel the first few minutes were a misstep. The games looked gorgeous, but there was nothing that I felt I couldn’t have gotten on PS4. Thankfully, things picked up quickly from there and didn’t slow down for over an hour. 

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By my count, there were 24 games shown during the roughly 90 streams, many of which featured actual gameplay. While there is far too much to go into depth on everything shown in this article, some of the highlights included the following. Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart – This was the first of the games shown that really impressed me. It’s nice to see that, as the mainstream industry pushes closer and closer to photorealism in games, there are still studios out there who are using the tech to make gorgeous games that are full of colour and almost Pixar-like animation. 

  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure – With Knack having failed on nearly every conceivable level (twice), it looks like Sony is bringing back their last beloved mascot. Based off the Little Big Planet character, it looks like a fun and charming game that will boost the family friendly library on the console.
  • Oddworld: Soulstorm – I know this is one that will really resonate with a lot of people. I don’t have much of a history with the series myself, but I know the fanbase has an undying love for the Oddworld games, and based off the trailer, this will more than satisfy them. 
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo – Originally announced at E3 last year (by one of the most charming people to ever work in this industry, Ikumi Nakamura), we finally got our first look at this supernatural action game. From ghost people to shooting ice from your hands, this looks like it’ll be a blast. It also demonstrated the power of the PS5 in subtle ways that many of the other games hadn’t. I was amazed at how many windows seemed to have interiors, at how much detail was packed into the environment, even as the action drew your focus away from it. This was one that truly looks next-gen. 
  • Godfall – From Gearbox, this one was another game that was intent on showing the power of the new console. A third-person melee action game, this one oozes style, and the moment to moment gameplay looks like it will be a blast. 
  • Hitman 3 – I have to admit, I didn’t anticipate this one getting a third game. I love the Hitman series, especially the newer ones, but the previous two haven’t sold particularly well by most accounts. That being said, I’m thrilled to see a conclusion to this trilogy. Between the breathtaking graphics demonstrated here and the core gameplay which has only gotten more dialed in with every new entry, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. 
  • NBA 2K21 –  Yeah, those sweat physics looked neat. 
  • Bugsnax – I have no idea what’s going on in this one, but it looks fun and cute as hell. Between the intriguing glimpses of the world and the fact that it comes to us from the creators of Octodad, there’s good reason to keep your eyes on this one. 

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  • Demon’s Souls: Remake – This one is going to be the system seller for a lot of people. Demon’s Souls may not be From Softwares most well known game, but it was the one that started them on the path to the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. A lot of people missed out on the original given that it was a PS3 exclusive (and a somewhat more obscure one at that), so hopefully this will be enough to draw in a whole new group of people to the Soulsborne games. 
  • Deathloop – Also announced at E3 this year, this is the new game from Arkane, the studio behind the Dishonored series. I bring this up because that is exactly what Deathloop looks like; more Dishonored with a new art style and an intriguing new setting. While not revolutionary, it’s going to be exciting to see more from the studio. 
  • Resident Evil VIII – Not a particularly surprising announcement given that it was leaked beforehand, this is still something to be excited about. All of the last 3 Resident Evil releases were fantastic, and there is nothing to suggest that this will break that streak. Capcom has been knocking it out of the park lately, and this is bound to be another home run. 
  • Horizon: Forbidden West – Maybe the biggest announcement of the show, the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn is what has truly convinced me of the power of next-gen. While there was no gameplay shown, the stunning beauty of the previous game leads me to believe that what we saw at the reveal wasn’t far off from what the finished product will look like.

There were a ton of other interesting titles, all of which look like they’ll round out an incredibly diverse library for the system. This is the biggest selling point of the console for me so far – I can’t think of a single generic looking game during the presentation. No modern military shooters or grey-brown action games here, just a wide array of impressive and fun looking games from all across the gaming spectrum. This is how to reveal a console; after all, playing games is why we buy these boxes. That being said, let’s get into the nitty-gritty a little bit. 

Some Nitty Gritty

There wasn’t much in terms of technical details, seeing as how those were revealed a while back. That being said, we did get confirmation that the system will support 4K. What was more interesting was the in depth look of the new controllers. The DualSense controller will feature USB-C, a built in microphone and speaker, haptic feedback,motion controls, and the adaptive triggers that caused a stir a few months ago. It will also feature a headphone jack, meaning that there will not be an adaptor needed to use headphones. From a design standpoint, the controller looks as sleak up close as it did when it was revealed a while back, and it seems to have taken a page from the Xbox One controller in terms of ergonomic design (a smart move in my opinion). 

Announced alongside the console was a slew of accessories, including a wireless headset with noise cancelling technology, a charging dock for the controller, and a camera, which is presumably to promote streaming on the device. These are currently assumed to be sold separately. Given that the Xbox One was a hundred bucks more expensive because it was bundled with the stupid Kinect, there are no complaints here. Sony also announced a digital edition with no disc drive. While it makes sense given that an all digital future is where the industry is headed, it is sad to think that this generation will likely signify the end of physical games.

There was no price or release date announced, although a few of the games claimed to be coming Holiday 2020, so we can assume it will be before the end of the year. 

So, with the reveal done and having had some time to think about it, I’m really excited about what the PS5, and the ninth generation of consoles, has to offer. A lot of what we’ve seen so far (which is, admittedly, fairly little) has been shown to be pretty pro-consumer, and that bodes well for the next 6-8 years of gaming, especially after the last generation. 

This show turned out to be a really fun and easy watch for me. Although I do have to admit that it took me a few watches of the first episode to actually get into it and finally sit down and watch the rest of it. It isn’t really my usual type of show, but it does get better as the episodes go on. 

The Plot

The main goal of the main character Jack is to kill his father and get revenge for the death of his mother. Along the way, however, Jack encounters magic, werewolves, golems, and many other strange creatures. I think that the whole idea of revenge on a family member is really good, especially because we learn about not only Jack’s father but the events that took place between Jack’s mother and how her death came to be. 

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The first season revolves around the introduction of this new world that Jack is put in, including his werewolf side and the magic he can use since being accepted into these secret societies. 

I found it really interesting to learn about the order and its history. The season revolved around Jack’s father having some sort of magical bond with an ancient object, and it was really cool to see how that object reacted to everything. Along with that, we were also able to see how the object actually came together as one piece. 

Also, it was really cool to learn about the “Knights of St. Christopher” and how their power of turning into wolves helps protect the world from what they call “bad magic”. Also, the way that the wolves came to be was a really interesting aspect of the season since it recurred throughout many episodes. 

I think one of the most impressive parts of their history was the fact that the wolves each had different personalities and different names. They aren’t just any ordinary werewolves. They are protectors and each of them is completely different. Jack’s wolf was named silverback and had a special role against the order, along with the rest of the “Knights of St. Christopher” also having intriguing roles.

The Characters

Our main character Jack is a really well thought out character. Jack started the season being controlled by his grandfathers’ rules surrounding revenge, but after some time on the campus, he really comes into himself and learns how to make his own decisions and problem solve. I really like the fact that Jack grows as not only a person but a werewolf and a magic-user throughout the season. It really showed the strength he has and his protective nature towards his friends showed that he not only wanted revenge, but something good to come out of it. 

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Alyssa was a character that began the show really strong. She was a part of the order from the beginning, but after a few episodes it was clear to see how her magic was stronger than I expected, and her acceptance towards the werewolves was also something I really enjoyed. 

The three main werewolf characters, Hamish, Lilith, and Randall also played a huge part in this season. They were able to teach Jack about the history of the “Knights of St. Christopher”, and in doing so, they also learned about magic. I found it really interesting to see how the wolves who are so against any kind of magic, also used it to benefit their end goal of helping Jack and stopping all bad magic. 

The main antagonist of the show was Edward Coventry, the leader of the order and Jack’s father. Edward Coventry was a really well-developed character. He had built a life for himself and a son, and he had continued to practice magic even after what happened with Jack’s mother. Edward was probably one of the most intriguing villains, as he didn’t even realize he was one until the very last episode. After searching for a magical object, he became even more villainous and it really showed in his actions.


I have to say, Edward was a really good villain in my opinion, and I really wish the outcome had been different for him. He would have been a really interesting season two villain after obtaining all of the power from the object he had been searching for. 

The Ending

I was totally surprised by the ending of season one. I really thought it was going to end on a happy note, but as soon as the last five minutes hit, I was on the edge of my seat. Season two is definitely going to be a surprising and interesting season, especially with the way that this one ended. I had expected that the Order would have rebuilt and moved on, however, along with moving on, they also moved on from the werewolves. 

Do I Recommend This Show?

So far, yes. Absolutely. It took me a while to get into, but it was overall a quick and easy show that included some fantasy and romance that you know I like. I also loved to learn about the history between the two secret societies and between Jack’s crazy family. All of the characters are so well thought out and it is a really good show to pass this quarantine time! I definitely can’t wait for season two, especially after that insane ending in season one. I definitely recommend this show for anyone who is interested in a little romance, a little fantasy, and a lot of revenge!

Minecraft is a game that came out in 2011 and it is still one of the most widely played games in the world. This is all due to Minecraft’s customizability and an ever-changing nature that keeps players interested and intrigued.

Minecraft is a game that is always being updated and is never the same as it was before. In fact, as recently as 2020 the nether just got updated bringing a whole new set of adventure for players to experience. In this update tons of new biomes and mobs can be found such as the crimson forest and the piglins.

Minecraft Enderman Plastic Mug

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Normally a game will stay mainstream for about a year or two and then slowly die down as it loses its player base but this is not the case with Minecraft. Due to all these major updates the game never gets stale and there is always more to do than there was before.

With only a few newer games having more players, Minecraft is one of the big dogs in terms of the player base and player satisfaction. The other big reason other than updates as to why Minecraft hasn’t died yet is because of all the options of gameplay.

Singleplayer vs. Multiplayer

Gamers love to be able to choose what they do and Minecraft helps you achieve this by having several different game modes. When you first load up the game you are presented with an option of Singleplayer or  Multiplayer, all this means is whether or not you want to play with other people or by yourself.

If you chose Singleplayer the game will load up an auto-generated random world and your adventure will begin. From finding your first diamond to beating the ender dragon your journey will never end as you explore the vast world known as Minecraft. On top of vanilla Minecraft, you can add virtually any mod you want from custom mobs to custom items. Minecraft is built in a way that makes it super easy to add new stuff and customize your gameplay so if you can dream it you can make it in-game.

The multiplayer aspect of Minecraft opens up a whole new section of the game that isn’t available in Singleplayer. Multiplayer allows for people to play with their friends and share the experience of Minecraft. In multiplayer servers are created where people can play on, an example of this would be the most popular Minecraft server hypixel averaging around 2 million players every month.

Playing in the Sandbox

Minecraft is also a sandbox game meaning there isn’t a direct story and you can build whatever you want with no restrictions. Sandbox games are also known by the names of open-world or free-roaming games because it’s all up to the player’s imagination.

On these servers, several mini-games are available all for free, these games include things from Bed Wars where you protect your bed form harm by other players to build battle where you compete for the best build within certain categories. With all these options being available in Multiplayer that is where the majority of Minecraft players are.

Unlike big servers such as hypixel, there are smaller servers that were created with the purpose of allowing players to play with their friends in a generated world. The classic game of Minecraft can be played with friends on these types of servers making the experience all the more enjoyable. 

Out of all the sandbox games on the market, Minecraft is undeniably the most popular in terms of player base and content being created. Recently Minecraft has seen a huge spike in content creators returning back to the game with big names such as pewdiepie even making full series on the game. The reason people are always coming back is that as every new generation grows more and more people are discovering Minecraft and falling in love and these content creators have recognized this and started playing more and more to entertain their viewers. This is a trend that is unlikely to ever end because as stated earlier the game is always changing with new updates and new mods being available forcing players to come back and see what happened.

Minecraft Volume 1 TPB

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The Future of Minecraft

Nostalgia also plays a huge role in players returning to the game. With virtually a new game coming out by Mojang known as Minecraft dungeons the name of Minecraft is returning to the gaming industry. Tons of people started their career on Minecraft and seeing fans want to watch is again gives them another reason to play again.

The way Minecraft is built is whenever you want you can start a new world and start from scratch. You can go through the game and adventure as you please in survival or focus on building and creating cool contraptions in creative. This draws in tons of audience as there is something for everyone to enjoy, compared to other games where there is one game mode and that’s what you get. This aspect of Minecraft being a very versatile game will never change and will always be there for the players of Minecraft.

As long as the servers are running it is guaranteed that Minecraft will always have players seeking a new adventure in the world. Whether it be through Survival, Creative, Singleplayer, or Multiplayer Minecraft is a game that will stand the test of time and will always stand as one of the greats in the gaming industry.

Don’t let the shorter duration of the show fool you. Wakaba Girl is still a great show to watch, even if you’re not a fan of the slice-of-life genre. Rest assured, this review article contains no spoilers.

Shorter anime are usually lower-rated than their full-length counterparts, and that is perfectly understandable. With the limited air time they air given, anime that fall under the short-form series have less of an opportunity to present a worthwhile show. And while it is true that shorter anime tend to drift away from stories with heavy plotlines, that does not necessarily mean the anime itself isn’t worth watching. There are reasons why anime without the standard duration exists, and they serve this purpose rather well. As the saying goes, to each their own, and anime is certainly not the exception of this.

Wakaba Girl, a 2015 anime with 13 episodes that average just under eight minutes each is a delightful show about a group of high school girls hanging out. No, seriously that’s about it. Getting ice cream after school, baking cupcakes, watching fireworks and even sleepovers are a few of the activities the girls get involved in. Nothing mind-boggling or thought-provoking about it, but that is exactly what makes the show so darn relaxing.

All things Moe

For anime fans who enjoy the slice-of-life genre, a show about cute girls enjoying themselves won’t come as a surprise. That’s because the moe culture of anime has proven to be a popular and commercially successful premise that focuses more so on the characters, and their relationships, rather than a progressive story. Cute characters have a certain appeal that just draws the audience towards them like moths towards a fly, and we definitely don’t mind it at all. Despite its short duration, Wakaba Girl still manages to make it an entertaining, heartfelt watch that leaves you feeling pampered, and perhaps a bit envious over their hilarious but extremely close friendship.

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Wakaba, a wealthy girl who speaks like a traditional Ojou, enrolls in a less-than prestigious high school due to her bad grades. As unfortunate as that sounds, there were some delightful opportunities that transpired after being turned down from her first-choice high school. Wakaba meets her eventual friends in Mao, Moe and Shiba. The sheltered rich girl explains to them, ever so excitedly, that she wants to be a high school girl, but not just any, a gyaru. Wakaba wants to relish in the freedom and social outings that a typical high school girl experiences, but is presumably under the wrong impression of what an actual gyaru is. The rest of the girls play along and befriend the innocent Wakaba almost immediately. Their adventures of a non-stop thrill ride begin there, with Wakaba learning and experiencing the outgoing and spontaneous life of an actual high school girl! 

An unlikely friendship

So, despite her ineligibility to enroll in a fancy rich school, Wakaba is still ecstatic to have the chance of living like the free spirited girls she saw growing up as a child. She is, of course, unfamiliar with having friends, to the point where she subconsciously offers wads of cash to show her appreciation. Because of her status as a rich girl, Wakaba has been extremely devoid of partaking in common activities girls her age have done countless times. It is comical, yet embarrassingly delightful, to watch Wakaba experience everyday functions that are nothing outside the norm. She tends to be overly excited when the girls make plans and rarely, if ever, tries to contain her enthusiasm.

Wakaba’s innocent infatuation with her friends, and the newfound activities she discovers with them, are simply a joy to watch and a breath of soothing air. She is a sweet-hearted girl whose ignorance of the real world is both an endearing and humorous masterpiece to witness. Wakaba’s loving innocence and eagerness to spend more time with her friends are what make Wakaba Girl click. The friendship they share is pure and unadulterated. The girls genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and no amount of cash would ever change that. 

The girls are alright

The girls in the show, and the chemistry they share with one another, is another major factor that Wakaba Girl has perfected. Mao is your typical silly girl who likes to fool around and playfully tease others, mostly Shida. She is almost always upbeat and, oddly enough, refers to herself in third- person. On the other hand, Shida plays as the straight man character who is tasked with ending Wakaba or Mao’s tomfoolery when it gets out of hand. Despite her level headed coolness, she is also into the otaku culture. Shida is perhaps the most reliable and is often tasked with most of the larger responsibilities. Lastly, Moe is the soft-spoken nice girl who watches over Wakaba the most out of the bunch. She is, by far, the most feminine and resembles Wakaba in terms of her pure, innocent nature. Moe, as her name suggests, is also the shortest.

Fate Grand Order Saber Pendragon Nendoroid Shinjuku

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The girls have a dynamic relationship with each other that often ensues in hilarity. Instead of seeing Wakaba as a walking sack of money, they regard her as a friend not too long after meeting for the first time. The girls are initially taken back from Wakaba’s rather loose touch with society, but they are super sincere and genuinely care for their newly acquainted friend. Wakaba was so delighted to make friends that she cried tears of joy in front of her mother and sister. Later that night, she wrote that she wanted to remain at that high school forever.

A sweet send-off!

Wakaba Girl is a short and sweet anime that will have you grinning from cheek to cheek. Wakaba, the character, is as wholesome as a slice of bread, and her group of friends are icing on the cake. Every episode is a unique experience that strengthens the bonds between them. No two episodes are the same and just keep getting better as the girls become more familiar with one another.

There is never a dull moment when they’re on screen, and that is easier said than done. It’s an adorable, wacky anime that delivers its goodness in short bursts of seven to eight-minute-long episodes, perfect for those who only have a sliver of downtime. The opening song just about sums up the characters and is every bit as catchy as the show. The only major drawbacks are the length and no additional seasons. There is also a single OVA episode that holds its own rather well. No, you won’t find an overarching storyline in this anime, but you will find a group of girls enjoying their best times together. And sometimes, that’s all we’re really asking for.