Did Bill Gates predict COVID-19 Outbreak even before anybody mentioned the name of the Novel Coronavirus? This is arguably the most intriguing question the answer to which we all want to know. Well, the fact is, Bill Gates did predict Coronavirus outbreak yet at the same time, he never did predict it. It depends on what you exactly mean by this question.

If you ask whether or not Bill Gates anticipated a possible pandemic outbreak capable of claiming millions of lives then the answer is definitely YES. Bill Gates has been emphasizing the need to invest more in medical research focusing on developing a universal treatment for different viruses.

Explained Season 2 - The Next Pandemic

But if you are more specific on whether or not Bill Gates anticipated the outbreak of COVID-19 or coronavirus then the answer is NO. He never mentioned anything about the specific details of the expected virus experts called Disease X. Having said that, Bill Gates did anticipate that the eating traditions and cultural food consumed in different Asian countries, especially China, Korea, and Japan could be the starting point of The Next Pandemic. Some sources do claim that Bill Gates got it right while referring to what he said in the Netflix Exclusive Explained Season 2 Episode 4 (The Next Pandemic). The episode was aired in November 2019 but the interview was recorded much earlier.

Bill Gates prophesized quite convincingly that nothing is more dangerously capable of killing a major portion of humanity on earth than a pandemic. He calls it the ultimate risk to the contemporary and organized human life and a pandemic has the potential of claiming more lives than the world lost during World War II.  

Spanish influenza epidemic 1918

Bill Gates has been much interested in studying and understanding the outbreaks that have played havoc in the past. His ambition is to stop anything like this before it happens but unfortunately, we are not anywhere closer to the real objective. The current pandemic casts frightening shadows across the globe and no country on earth is safe at the moment. Regardless of the technological advancements the power of economy, COVID-19 continues to leave all world leaders virtually clueless. No country in the world was prepared for that and neither does any of these countries have enough resources to help the ever-increasing number of patients.

The Next Pandemic is episode 4 of the Netflix series Explained Season 4 in which the experts explained how two different viruses can combine to stimulate a hybrid virus never seen before. Animals such as bats and snakes are constantly studied by the researchers because these are the usual suspects. Around 30,000 viruses are known so far but there are millions not known yet. They call them Disease X or the unknown possible pandemic. In the current scenario, the disease X they tried to explain turns out to be COVID-19 or popularly called the Novel Coronavirus.

Don't touch your face
Asian, Indian young woman rubbing her eye and holding eyeglasses. She is suffering with aching eyes while working long hours on computer at home.

Suppose a person is suffering from normal influenza and there is a bird around carrying the virus of swine flu. At any unfortunate time, if these two viruses enter another animal at the same time, suppose a bat or a snake, which possibly happened in China, the integration of these two viruses gives birth to an unknown and potentially more dangerous virus called Zoonotic. If we recall history, The Spanish Influenza was also the result of the same phenomenon. People faced a similar situation in 1918 which we are facing right now.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

We don’t know what to expect next and which country might be the next victim in the line of the coronavirus’ invasion. The only thing we can do right now is to take utmost care, stay home, follow every single instruction from the local and federal government and at the same time, turn a deaf ear to myths, speculations, and whistleblowers. Don’t forget to keep praying and remember God for He alone is the ultimate authority who could protect you from this invisible enemy.

OK, I’ll start this post with a confession. I’d probably not have watched this movie if it wasn’t for the current crisis we’re all probably experiencing in one form or another. My general genre is Superhero and SciFi and while I enjoy a disaster movie as much as the next person, it’s often a summer popcorn flick (Tornado, Earthquake etc.) vs. something as real as a virus. I know, I’m a bit typecast that way, but I like what I like!

That being said, I really did like this movie! Now that could be because of how real it is and how close to reality it feels with everything we’re all going through. I mean the cast does not hurt at all with some major names scattered throughout the production. I mean Gwyneth Paltrow is in it, if even just for a measly 5 minutes!

For those of you that have not seen it, give it a try as its available on Netflix and is trending pretty highly. The story, in a nutshell, is that Beth Emhoff (played by Gwyneth) returns from a business trip to Hong Kong. She’s not feeling too well and fairly soon after her return she starts to feel ill. Initially believing it to be nothing more than a cold or flu, she starts to have seizures and dies at the hospital.

Her husband (Mitch) played by Matt Damon seems to be immune but unfortunately, her young son is not & he ends up infecting some other students at his grade school.

As the movie progresses we see others around the world also infected and impacted and in many cases succumbing to the virus. When the CDC (Center for Disease Control) steps in with the WHO, the search is on to find out where this virus came from, was it manufactured or did it evolve, and how can it be cured.

There is no magic bullet in terms of a cure here. Scientists work long and hard as do medical professionals to try and combat its spread. I’d almost say that in some ways, the professionals portrayed on screen are less altruistic than what we see in the real world which is one nice thing. They are on the front lines and doing everything they can to combat the spread and ensure that as many people as possible survive. Just as in real life, some of the characters we’ve grown invested in also get infected as this virus does not seem to be as age or health-specific as Covid19.

Another thread to the story is that of the whistleblower/journalist/blogger played by Jude Law. As a private citizen, he is in some ways outside of the normal channels but is in the early stages trying to get the word out about the virus. However, as the movie progresses his initial Knight in Shining Armor stance is shown to be a bit more venal. Sadly this does seem to be a role Jude Law often fills!

As the contagion spreads to millions of people worldwide, societal order begins to break down as people panic. We’ve already seen it in some small ways with the panic buying of toilet paper and cleaning supplies. This could easily come to pass and it frightens me. Fortunately, stores in Canada seem to have the majority of supplies once more, but this is something that could quickly change.

I don’t think I’d ruin anything for you if I told you that eventually, they survive. This movie came out in 2011 and if you’re like me, you’re probably watching it to ensure that there was a happy ending. While the death toll in this movie is alarming, there is an eventual end to it.

If you want to watch a believable movie that seems to get things right and still give hope, give it a shot. The science and technology all ring true. Sadly some scenes of violence and looting are also what you’d expect to see.

A very different episode this time compared to the ones that have preceded it. I mean initially, it took Picard 3 episodes to leave Earth and then one episode to find/source a bodyguard. This one is basically Vegas in space and I’d say the whole Star Trek universe has kind of been flipped on its head for me. The whole planet of Free Cloud is basically Vegas to the nth degree. With Seven of Nine on the show, I was expecting something different but then Picard just acts or overacts like a funny old Frenchman and something that almost reminds me of the old English comedy show, “Allo Allo”.

The whole show is kind of just jumping around instead of what I was expecting. With Discovery this happened a lot also with multiple and frequent flashbacks and divergences, but I was hoping for something a bit more linear in Picard.

One thing that really jumped out at me was the difference between a planet and a starship. The Enterprise with its replicators and the Federation with a focus on altruism has been in many ways thrown on its head on this planet. A universe free from wants and needs is definitely not the case here.

With replicators and literally universal energy and resources at an easy reach, it was actually quite believable. I mean elements are made out of hydrogen and atoms and stuff and if they are easily available they can be recombined in multiple different ways so what is the need for acquisition is limited. Of course, things like dilithium, etc. would be in limited supply, but normal day to day essentials would not have the same urgency. Along those lines, energy is the only remaining abiding principal. Free cloud seems to be pushing this back in time to a universe where this technology did not exist and did not work.

Raffi has come to Free Cloud to find her son by the looks of it. But the relationship or the reunions does not go the way she obviously expects it to. it’s a very weird coincidence that her son just happens to be on the same planet as the person Picard is looking for but I guess coincidences do happen.

One cool thing is finding out that Seven is bisexual. Not so much that she is, but rather that they’ve introduced it to the Star Trek Universe as a thing. In addition, her partner is a very scary looking clone of Troy which definitely threw me for a loop when I first saw her.

It’s nice however to find out about some old characters that I remembered from Voyager. Sadly Icheb is gone which was a pity. That’s something we once again learn about in a flashback at the beginning of the episode. They really need to stop doing that.

Overall a rather boring episode with nothing really earth-shattering to recommend it. I like that they are introducing more story building elements but they need to get to the action and do something as this is getting tedious.

Here is everything we know about Call of Duty 2020 – one of the most anticipated games geeks are looking forward to. We are in the first half quarter of 2020 and the upcoming Call of Duty is arguably a way off but the good news is that its release has been confirmed by Activision. Most probably, the game will but out anytime during the last quarter of 2020.

Call of Duty 2020

Is ‘Call of Duty 2020’ Official Release Date Out?

At the moment, there are only rumors about the exact release date of Call of Duty 2020 but no official announcement has been made so far. Official announcement only confirmed the release in 2020 and we can anticipate that it is going to be out after Modern Warfare and Black Ops 4. We will have to wait for the official announcement which may toss up anytime.

‘Call of Duty 2020’ Settings

A rumor circulated before the release of Modern Warfare according to which Call of Duty 2020 could be titled Black Ops 5 and there still is a possibility that the developers might come up with a title Call of Duty: Black Ops 5. As per the anticipations, Call of Duty 2020 is going to be the scenario of the Cold War featuring Korea and Vietnam settings. The 1950 Korean War featured the North Korean invasion over South Korea. These speculations are mainly based on some insider leaks and if it happens to be true, we are in for a magnificent treat!

call of duty 2020 release date

It will surely be interesting to witness how the plot of Call of Duty 2020 moves forward and whether it will be an international help involved, as was the case during the real war or if the developers manipulate the facts with some fascinating actions on the battlefield.

We can easily anticipate that the Call of Duty version of the Korean War is going to be an intense affair, even grittier than Modern Warfare. There could well be an uprise against such a controversial plot featuring the Korean War and it will be interesting to see how developers deal with it.

Treyarch’s Game Design Director David Vondeerhaar claimed through a tweet in January that Jetpacks will not feature Call of Duty 2020 due the community backlash – a lesson learned from Black Ops 3. Later, in another tweet, Vondeerhaar seemed to be stepping back by saying that he didn’t confirm it but his tweet really did contain the sense of absolute certainty. What’s the truth? Only time will tell! But we can say that if the game is really featuring Korean War then Jetpacks are less likely to feature Call of Duty 2020.

What’s the News about Call of Duty 2020 Single-Player?

call of duty 2020

If you are a veteran responder to Call of Duty campaigns especially since Call of Duty 4, you might not have liked the discontinuation of the conventional single-player mode for Black Ops 4. But the good news is that the developers seem to have learned a lesson after the successful Modern Warfare in 2019 and it will surely be disappointing if Call of Duty 2020 goes begging for a single-player mode.

What’s The News about Call of Duty 2020 Zombies Mode?

Since Call of Duty 3, there has not been an upgrade without a Zombie mode. We can easily assume with almost certainty that Call of Duty 2020 will have a Zombies mode. For the last few projects, Jason Blundell has served as the Zombies Gameplay Director and there are strong chances that we are once more going to witness a Call of Duty Zombies Mode.

Any News about Call of Duty League 2020?

As long as the league play or ranked mode for Call of Duty 2020 is concerned, there has been no official word but I am pretty much sure that Treyarch will not disappoint because it has been a popular name for developing league play compatible games. Modern Warfare though doesn’t feature the ranked mode up till now. Fingers crossed! Let’s hope that Call of Duty 2020 brings the best out of its developers.