This year’s Oscar nominee, 1917 is pretty much the resurrection of Saving Private Ryan. Though not as engaging as Enemy at the Gates, 1917 successfully manages to trigger the same emotional sensation that we experienced while watching Saving Private Ryan for the first time.

1917 movie review

For 20 years, we never witnessed the likes of Saving Private Ryan until the release of 1917. Even the 1917 official trailer was convincing enough to set high expectations. It is amazing to see how humanity somehow holds on even amidst war. The picturization of 1917 doesn’t come closer to that of Band of Brothers but still, the crew has done a tremendous job to let us feel the hostility of World War I after over 100 years. It is pretty close to what we see in Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) must-watch documentary.

The rat scene, the muddy ditch filled with decaying bodies, and the rats feeding on dead solider, the hostile river current and riverbank being the final resting place of some soldiers, everything triggers an undesired sensation and it forces us to acknowledge the sacrifices our great grandfathers made.

Watching the official trailer – They Shall Not Grow Old, you’ll easily identify the familiar face and I am pretty much sure it isn’t by chance that George MacKay resembles this guy in the pictures below.  

They Shall Not Grow Old

Sam Mendes pretty much seems convinced by Spielberg’s storytelling in Saving Private Ryan. At times it feels as if both movies have merged for instance when Lance Corporal Blake tries to cheer up Lance Corporal Schofield by recalling a story while walking through the abandoned self-destroyed German weapons. This scene suddenly replays Ryan recalling an incident from his good old days with his brothers.

1917 movie story

1917 keeps you engaged but at times, it slows down too much for a minute or two. The plane crash seems too much fabricated considering the fact that the jet on fire almost seems to chase the protagonists like a well-targeted bullet.

1917 movie plane crash

Whoever narrated or fabricated this incident could have made it look a bit realistic. The ease with which the German pilot is shown to have stabbed Lance Corporal Blake signifies who careless Blake was and we couldn’t expect this from a professional soldier especially when he knew he had a serious undertaking on his shoulders.

Thank God, we don’t see too much of bloodshed the likes of which we witnessed in the beech scene of Saving Private Ryan or throughout Band of Brothers. We must appreciate the use of the surprise element in 1917. The rat dropping the food pack and the gunfire just before Schofield has to jump across the drowned-slopped bridge over the canal.

1917 movie best scenes
1917 schofield gunshot scene

What is Absurd in 1917 ?

Schofield manages to escape constant bullet fires even running through straight narrow paths and it seems too much. I mean, how many missed shots could you expect from a soldier especially when the distance is less than 30 meters. These scenes could have been improved. There could have been a better strategic movement dodging the German gunmen but who could we blame? Like fishermen, soldiers are also known for recreating tales and repeating them with such rigidity that we have to believe them, at least considering the fact that they are the only eyewitnesses.

A strange thing happens to Schofield just before he falls back a few stairs below after two gunshots, one fired by Schofield himself and the other from the injured German soldier. The scene made us believe that something threw the Lance Corporal and it resembled nothing else but a bullet strike. But when Schofield wakes up, he suffers from a head injury caused by his falling downstairs. Where did that bullet go? If it never hit him, why would he act as if he was shot, ultimately taking a head injury?

From the historical viewpoint, it seems as if the premise of 1917 has been misplaced. There is no record of runners being chosen at random in WWI. Runners were trained for this purpose and received exclusively specialized training. No matter who’s brother is there fighting upfront, the selection of runners had always been matter taken seriously. Every battalion had a communications/signals element and runners played an important role. Runners wore large armbands ‘Brassards’ to make them easy to be identified because soldiers had orders to make way for runners in order to ensure timely delivery of urgent messages. Nobody was authorized to question runners.

Why Watch 1917 ?

Despite a few blunders, 1917 is significant of exceptional technical filmmaking and the movie stands a strong chance of winning the Oscar this year. If you loved Saving Private Ryan, you are definitely going to have a great couple of hours watching 1917.

I had high hopes for this season after the initial 2 episodes to launch off our newest iteration. Skyfall was fun and enjoyable and made me think that a lot of the problems with season 11 were in the past. Sadly Orphan 55 was nothing if not disappointing.

A complete filler episode this one had no continuation on the cliffhanger we were left with the timeless child. There was a brief allusion to the doctor being in a mood at the beginning of the episode but aside from that, it moves straight into the to the bulk of the episode which was basically drac.

I’m not really going to be too worried about spoiling this episode for anyone as they have to be a real fan to want to watch it and if they were a real fan they probably would have already seen it. But basically the Doctor and family go on a mini-vacation where they are teleported to what is meant to be a paradise planet. However, immediately after the arrive trouble ensues as you would expect. This time it is actually not caused by the Doctor though.

The planet that they land on is actually not a planet, rather they are in a self-contained dome on a hostile planet. Within this dome which is basically just a fancy holodeck, they are attacked by creatures that are called Drags or Dracs or something like that. The creatures are the remnants of a civilization that was left to survive when something cataclysmic happened on the planet.

Over the course of the episode, many of the other guests are killed and when the Doctor and all of the remaining guests set off on a search to try and find 1 old man who somehow managed to escape onto the hostile planet the Doctor discovers that the planet is actually the Earth.

Da, Da, Daa …

Sadly, this is not a Planet of the Apes quality moment or reveal.

There are so many issues with this whole episode aside from the fact that one of the guests who turns out to be the daughter of the owner manages to smuggle on a multitude of bombs or bomb components through a teleporter? Also, manages to smuggle multiple different viruses through the same teleporter? I mean they’ve got the holodeck so any decent teleport system would have the capabilities of analyzing what is being transmitted, wouldn’t it?

And you got the old couple who are together for 46 years without being married but then the old man manages to wander off when he can barely walk on this hostile planet and it takes the crew, it takes everyone else in a Land Rover truck multiple minutes to get to him? And then every time they seem to get into trouble you’ve got the people that aren’t part of the Doctor’s family jumping in to sacrifice themselves for the strangers? It just is so weird.

However, that’s not really the thing that stuck in my craw. The biggest issue with this whole episode is that the whole thing was basically a climate change piece. I mean they could have gotten Greta onto the show at some point or something like that to drive the point home even further but that’s not what the Doctor and the whole show is about. It’s about fantasy it’s about the future it’s about escapism. You can have a bit of education – I mean there was the episode with the British Empire flying through space on the remnants of the space creature where Amy Pond was the only one who had empathy or something like that. That was cool. It was presented as part of a story.

This was just too heavy-handed and too annoying. I mean all of the other episodes of Doctor Who we’re seeing the doctor many times visit the Earth and its future and in no scenario is the Earth a barren wasteland as it’s portrayed on Orphan 55. The Doctor this time says that this is just one possible future in this timeline but the whole premise of the show is that there is one path and that there are fixed points in time. it’s great to hear that the future can be changed by billions of individuals and the different actions that individuals can make. But that’s not this show!

I understand that they are trying to educate us and I understand that they’re trying to give us a message but that’s not why I’m watching Doctor Who. I get enough of that in the news and if I want more there are many different documentaries including BBC ones that I could watch. Go back to escapism and let me enjoy an hour with the doctor. Give me a mystery and some fun and stop trying to teach me something.

Right we’re three episodes in and I think it’s time to start talking about Picard. I probably have to apologize from the start though as I didn’t really believe that Jean Luc had it in him. I mean considering everything he’d done since The Next Generation ended, from Logan to the X-Men and others, I really believed that Star Trek was something he’d not only not want to do, but couldn’t do.

Remembrance (Episode 1)

I’m happy to say that one episode in I am definitely wrong. Unlike Star Trek Discovery this episode and show so far are extremely enjoyable. Star Trek Discovery season 2 is definitely better than season 1, but Picard did a good job from episode 1. It could be simply because of the familiarity of the character or perhaps it’s because they are continuing the storyline from a point that I remember instead of giving me prequels that actually are never mentioned in the main universe.

In Picard, we learn quite early on that there has been a tragedy after the Romulan supernova which was mentioned in the movie. This time it is Data’s counterparts the synthetics that have actually caused a tragedy. I’m hoping that as the series progresses we learn that they were incorrectly blamed for this but at the same time, I hope that this doesn’t happen as 20 years of hatred will not disappear overnight regardless of what Picard discovers.

I know I’ve been skating around it a little bit but in a nutshell, we learn the synthetics supposedly attacked Mars while the Romulan rescue fleet is located in close proximity. This attack ends up destroying the fleet millions of Romulans and thousands of Federations scientists and soldiers. That’s not the worst though, according to reports Mars has been burning for 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

As the episode progresses, we are introduced to Data’s daughter who is basically a super soldier in disguise but she, unfortunately, does not make it through the episode. Fortunately, as we discover she is part of a pair & her counterpart is located on a Borg cube in Romulan space. I don’t think you could have asked for a better start to a show and it only makes me look forward to episode 2.

Maps and Legends (Episode 2)

Here’s the quote for the series that will stick with me for a while.

I never cared for Science Fiction I guess I just never got it.

– Jean Luc Picard

Ha Ha Ha

Okay, talk about a slow burn that seems to be the pace this show is thinking about. We get a little bit more insight into what’s going on on the Borg cube but very little with Picard himself and the next steps.

There’s a little bit more about the disaster on Mars from 14 years ago. As I suspected it wasn’t a revolt by the synthetics but more like they were being I wear it very much looks like the Androids war being controlled to act in a certain fashion. Possibly buy this secret faction of the Romulans. I’m sure that question will be answered as the series progresses however I do not foresee the Androids coming back into favour unless something drastic changes.

Perhaps if we’re just thinking about what might be that drastic change is Data’s daughter somehow stopping a new Borg incursion or something along those lines? There are obviously some questions that need answering as well with regards to why the Commodore in charge of security within Starfleet is actually working with the Romulans.

In terms of favourite characters, Picard is obviously still up there but I definitely love his assistants both the husband and the wife. There’s really no other way to say it they are amazing. They might perhaps be too amazing and end up being super deep-cover moles or something like that but right now they seem to definitely be on his side and as such on ours.

It looks like a card will finally be getting off-planet next episode so let’s see where that takes us and how some of the things that I did find interesting though or that from what they are showing at least the Romulan Empire now is no longer the monolithic place it once was. It seems very much to be a lot like the Federation. There are many different species working together towards a common goal and there does not seem to be any antagonism or alienism showing towards any specific species. I’m curious about whether that is the state of all of the different empires in this era or are these changes due to what happened to the Romulans?

I guess it’s a question of wait and see!

The End is the Beginning (Episode 3)

Here’s where the peddle starts to finally hit the road. It’s still a little bit slow as I mentioned in the previous episode. While we get a bit more of a flashback, this time specifically about Picard’s resignation from Starfleet, we’re still waiting to leave Earth.

There is a bit more action with the Romulan undercover crew attacking Picard once more. There is also a cryptic announcement about Data’s daughter located on the Borg cube, but we’re still left with unsolved mysteries.

Star Trek Picard

Perhaps the only area that we really cover at all is Soji and her experiences on the cube. Here we get to see Hugh who appeared in the original TNG but he’s obviously matured significantly. Hugh takes Soji in to meet some Romulan drones that have been disconnected from the Collective. Here she is branded “The Destroyer” by one of the drones. Soji also learns that her sister is no longer alive. When she tries to speak to her “mom” about this, she is lulled to sleep by words as her mom tells her that her sister is still alive.

Somewhat odd that both the Zhat Vash operative and drone both brand Soji as the destroyer. Also obviously her mom is not really her mom, or there is something weird going on with her. Perhaps she’s actually the Doctor that Picard is trying to find as she “activated” Dahj in episode 1 and had her approach Picard.

Anyways, the episode finally ends with Picard and Dr Jurati onboard Rios’ ship (La Sirena) where they find Raffi there waiting for them. We finally leave Earth on our journey to find Bruce Maddox.

If A Quiet Place (2018)amazed you two years ago then you must have been eager to know more about A Quiet Place Part II. The movie is scheduled to release in March 2020 and we are going to share everything about A Quiet Place 2 we know so far.

A Quiet Place 2 release date

A Quiet Place (2018) – The Surprise Hit

They call it a surprise hit because there had never been too much hype about A Quiet Place (2018) before its release. It was a moderate-budget movie but still, it managed to hit the jackpot worldwide. The intense thrill is what helped A Quiet Place (2018) to be a major unexpected hit. The movie featured a young family that found itself struggling to survive around terrifying creatures. The mysterious creature tended to hunt anybody who produced sound. Under the direction of the screenwriter and director, John Krasinski, A Quiet Place Part II seems to pick up from the point the first movie left off.

A Quiet Place 2 – Release Date

A Quiet Place Part II is scheduled to release on March 20, 2020. On January 1st, the first official trailer for A Quiet Place 2 was released. The trailer gives a hint of new faces as well as some familiar faces from A Quiet Place (2018). For all the fans of the first release, the trailer is encouraging because they are once again going to see their favorite characters back in action.

A Quiet Place Part II Official Trailer

Credit: Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place Part II Cast

For those who want to see the familiar characters from A Quiet Place (2018) the good news is that Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds, the members of the Abbott family, are back in action. The newcomers in A Quiet Place Part II include Gladiator star Djimon Hounsou and Peaky Blinders star, Cillian Murphy. Their roles are still unrevealed.

A Quiet place 2 Cast

A Quiet Place Part II Movie Plot

Amazed at the overwhelming success of A Quiet Place (2018), screenwriter Krasinski began working on the script for the sequel just months after realizing the response from the viewers. The insiders are confident that Krasinski picks up the plot from the point at which the first part was ended. Abbott family will once again attempt for further efforts to survive under mysterious circumstances. You might see the remaining members trying to find any other survivor after the destruction of their farmhouse.

A Quiet Place 2 story

As per the official synopsis, we can confirm that A Quiet Place Part II will begin shortly after the deadly events. Abbott family is going to face another spell of terror while they fight hard in an anticipation of making it to a peaceful environment. It is once again going to be the hard trial, the fight in silence!

But there will a twist because the Abbott family is going to finally realize that there is something more going on. The only foe they knew, the creature hunting anything producing sound, is not alone and there is something more they need to protect themselves from.

A Quiet Place 2

As per the trailer, the Abbott family is shown with the farm on fire as a reminder of the chaotic end of the first part with Regan trying to figure out the key and Lee passing away. The family will do anything it can to ensure the protection of the new baby.

What to Expect from A Quiet Place Part II ?

It is important to note that A Quiet Place Part II hits theater just a week after the release of Godzilla vs. Kong. And more importantly, A Quiet Place Part II will be out just one week before the highly anticipated Mulan. The competition will surely be tough but we can easily predict that A Quiet Place Part II is set to give a tough time to its competitors. Long-term success depends on how it manages to impress the early-viewers.