It’s time to sum up 2015 in comics. Let’s take a look at the best this incredible medium had to offer this year.

Top 6 ongoing series of 2015

6Injustice ( DC Comics) – By Brian Buccellato, Bruno Redondo & various artists 

5. Astro City ( Image Comics) By Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson & Various artisits

4. Martian Manhunter ( DC Comics) – By Rob Williams & Eddy Barrows  

3. The Autumnlands ( Image Comics) – By Kurt Busiek & Ben Dewey  

2. Batman ( DC Comics) – By Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo & Danny Miki 

1. Justice League ( DC Comics) – By Geoff Johns & Jason Fabok   


2015 was a good year for comics but a great year for the Justice League. DC’s flagship book really stood out as my clear favorite this year. The Darkseid War arc has been a blast, that’s manged to reinvigorate new life into the series. It’s been solid action and story. Strong characterization still manages to be Geoff John’s strength.

Injustice continues to be enjoyable but I sorely miss Tom Taylor’s writing.  Martian Manhunter turned out to be a nice pleasant surprise. It’s loaded with an interesting supporting cast that helps drive the mystery at the heart of the story. It’s also a treat to have Eddy Barrows drawing regularly again.

Batman continues to impress me with how different and innovative it continues to be. Synder, Capullo & Danny Miki have carved out a legendary run that will be looked back on fondly in the years to come.

Image comics continues to put out relevant and interesting material from top notch talent. The Autumlands continues to be fresh and addictive, while Astro City does what it does better than any homage to superheroes out there.

Best Mini Series :

( Vertigo) Twilight Children – By Jaime Hernandez & Darwyn Cooke 


Indie comic fans will, no doubt recognize Jaime Hernandez’s name from his acclaimed ” Love and Rocket’s” comics. Darwyn Cooke has been a bit of an every man, in terms of comics. Hes done everything from Batman to Parker. Jaime Hernandez’s penchant for storytelling mixed with Darwyn Cooke’s equally impressive talents makes for one of the more intriguing reads of 2015.  A Science Fiction tale that’s much more interested in it’s quirky city and it’s inhabitants.It reads almost like watching an indie version of ” The Twilight Zone”.

Best Original Graphic Novel:

( Magnetic Press) Love: The Fox – By Frederick Brremaud & Federico Bertolucci  


Love: The Fox is a beautiful book to have. It’s lush visuals are, truly a sight to behold. Like it’s predecessor, ( Love: The Tiger) It takes us through, a day in the animal in question. This time, a Fox. There is no dialogue in this box and you don’t really need them. The art and the storytelling are so good that nothing needs to be ” said”. A wonderful piece of work that showcases what the comics medium is truly capable of when in the right hands.

Best New Series:

( Image Comics) Black Magick by Greg Rucka & Nicola Scott 


only 3 issues in and I’m loving it. Being a longtime Rucka fan, I pick up almost anything his name is attached to. I’m glad I did. picture a police procedural mixed with witchcraft and history. Looking at the back pages and following the ancestry of the characters gives you an idea of the amount of research and time that was put into this project. On top of it all, the art is gorgeous! In black & white with rich grey tones that make everything looked extremely detailed. Nicola’s most impressive work to date. I look forward to more from this series in 2016.

Best Event Series:

( Marvel Comics) Secret Wars – By Jonathan Hickman & Essad Ribic  


Not since Civil War, have I enjoyed a Marvel event this much. It’s epic in every sense of the word. Although if you haven’t kept up with most of Marvel’s flagship books, you might get lost. Those unfamiliar with Jonathan Hickman should be prepared for a zany, out of the box story. I always compare him to a more restrained version of writer, Grant Morrison. Artist Essad Ribic shines here. I was impressed to see him move from his well known , painted art style to a, more modern pencil and ink style. Almost seamless.  Having Alex Ross on cover duties doesn’t hurt this series either. I just had to pick it up when I saw it. Really, this is what DC’s “Convergence” event should have been. A shame , really.

Most Potential For 2016:

( DC Comics) Dark Knight III: The Master Race – By Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kuber & Klaus Janson 


Due to the iconic status of Frank Miller’s ” The Dark Knight Returns”, and the fact that it’s Batman, I’d say that DK 3 has the most potential going for it into 2016. The hype is only building thanks to the quality of the first 2 issues. Particularly, issue 1.  Even the naysayers are pleasantly surprised how decent it has been considering that the wounds from ” Dark Knight Strikes Again” ( DK2) are still fresh. Azzarello and Kubert’s name add modern credibility to the project. This can only get better… I hope.

Best Writer:

Scott Snyder – Batman, Wyches, American Vampire   

Snyder deserves to be here just based on his work with Batman. It’s always daunting to write new stories starring the Dark Knight. There’s just so much out there that you feel, it’s all been done. You might even read a good Batman story , but know where it’s going to end up. Not with Snyder. He keeps trhowing twists and turns that I never expect. he’s keep the character at the top level, making it DC’s consitantly best selling book. His work on American Vampire is what put him in line for his Batman work, and it continues to impress. Wyches # 1 was one of the best selling first issues of the year. This man is on fire and with no signs of slowing down.

Best Artist :

Jason Fabok – Justice League 

Where did this guy come from? I’d seen his work before but never to this level. Everytime I read an issue of Justice League my jaw dropped. The detail, the inks, the splash pages! Oh my God, the Splash pages. He reminds me of Jim Lee, during the Batman: Hush era. With one notable difference… Speed. Jason Fabok manages to be on time every month! If you saw the work that goes into each issue, you know this is an impressive feat. Put into perspective the fact that, Neil Gaiman’s ” Sandman: Overture” took two years to finish! We’re only talking about 6 issues there. Look for Jason Fabok to be a star on the rise.


There you have it! the best in comics for 2015. Let’s hope 2016 is, as good or better!


Chapter XI – The Ultimate Experiment

On the scorched Earth below, the marine makes his way through armies of aliens, slowly making his way to their stronghold. Along his way were mountains of stinking, maggot infested corpses of humans, aliens and animals. The closer he got, the more of the grotesque growths he encountered. He also came across many small green portals, humming and hovering above the ground, occasionally spitting out angry aliens. When his timing was right, he could throw them right back through with the force of the shotgun. His armour’s computer chirped, he received a message from Commander Thompson.
“Marine, this is Commander Thomson, when we were in orbit we discovered a UAC colony on the Earth’s moon. They discovered us and neutralized the Echelon. We are now being boarded by UAC personnel. Be advised, Thompson out.” The image melted away, the marine was rather surprised by this bit of news. So the UAC is still operating, how quaint, they’ve conveniently survived their own undoing, while exterminating ninety-nine percent of their own species. I really hope they’re finished with portal technology, who knows what another accident could do. He still had a long way to go and the area was badly infested. He cautiously continued along.

DooM 3

Dr. Kronos stepped through the doors to the lab.
“Greetings, Doctor. What is our current status?” he asks.
Campbell swirled his chair around to look toward Kronos. “Acidic levels are adequate, simulation is stable, and Dr. Mason is adjusting the containment field emitters, but all other hardware is functioning normally” Kronos walked over to his terminal and touched a symbol.
“Dr. Mason, return to the lab as soon as you are finished” holding the channel open, he turned to regard Campbell, “We are advancing to level six testing, understood?” Both Mason and Campbell acknowledged in unison. “Good.” He closed the channel and said to Campbell, “Monitor subject number Victor-India-fifty-three, we begin experimenting at 1900 hours”

Outside the lab, on the face of the moon, UAC marines stood in formation as the survivors from the Echelon were escorted at gunpoint from the Echelon into a large monorail car. The marines were gripping plasma rifles. Commander Thompson led a single-file line of the survivors.
“Keep moving Thompson, we don’t want any accidents” one of the marines taunted, others tracked her with stares of undisguised perversion. The Commander hardly needed to be reminded how hopeless the situation was, she kept her eyes ahead and marched along. From the windows of the colony HQ, Chief Administrator Nexson and Master Corporal Revok watched the long line of survivors move toward the monorail station.
“Well Corporal, it seems we have some new volunteers for the portal mission” said Nexson. The Corporal regarded the Administrator with a satisfied smile.

Moon base

Dr. Mason strode into the lab, “The field emitters should be three-point-two percent more efficient” he said.
“Commendable work, Doctor Mason. Both myself and the Administrator are deeply impressed with your work. Mason was surprised by the sudden compliment.
“High praise” commented Campbell.
“It certainly is” said Kronos, studying his terminal. “We are going to experiment on a subject that has been injected with the BSK genetic serum and is now being extracted from the simulation” he said. Kronos’ monitor glowed with images from within the simulation.
Campbell leaned close to Kronos and inquired quietly, “I didn’t realize we were still testing the BSK serum”
Kronos responded loudly “The serum may be in extremely short supply, but its shelf-life is not indefinite, it must be tested now if it is to be tested at all” Kronos continued to watch the feed from the simulation in eerie silence as Mason and Campbell exchanged concerned looks.

The marine in the simulation turned down a hallway and came to the door of the hangar-bay. He cleared the security check and the massive door raised upward. The capsule ascended from the test chamber’s floor and split apart, revealing the test marines’ white reflective armour. Cables attached to the armour retracted into the floor with the capsule, the opening in the floor quickly closed again. Campbell was monitoring the simulation and the marines’ vitals.
“Simulation will fade and terminate in twenty seconds” he said. Dr. Campbell frowned at the energy levels of his monitor, “Energy levels are fluctuating, this extraction may be rather… bumpy” he said with apprehension. Kornos watched him sharply for any sign of human error, Campbell was clearly handling the equipment properly.
“I’m sure he noticed that, but its hardly any reason to abort” Campbell commented. Kronos stood behind his terminal, the monitor’s light flooding the Doctors small glasses.
“Yes, I would agree” he said. Another moment passed silently, the test-marine stood motionless. Then Campbell said with relief “Simulation terminated” The marine left the simulation with a jolt and found himself disorientated. He shot his head around, scanning the replica. Kronos watched as the marine began to step through the experimentation chamber.

“This is likely to be an intense procedure, so stand-by on emergency counter-measure systems” Campbell and Mason acknowledged. Kronos stood above his terminal and said “I will handle the gateway sequences for this experiment” He ran a quick test and then commanded the system to open a level one gateway. The marine marched toward the security locker as demonic whispering echoed through the area. Portals were beginning to form. Somehow from the start of the extraction he had the impression of the test and its danger. In a flourish he opened the locker and grabbed the plasma rifle and magazines, quickly spun around and fired. Hissing, clawing Imps were burnt through. More monsters appeared from the green energy only to be burnt to ash on arrival. From the observation room, they watched the marine move through the area, aggressively attacking the aliens that appeared throughout the area.
“I am reducing the area and moving to level two in five seconds” comments Kronos. The other researchers were silently glued to their stations.

Doom 3, Imp

The marine was standing in the centre of the area when the large-jawed demons appeared, large sections of wall slammed to the floor, making the arena smaller. The marine fired from side to side, the demons were turned to smouldering chunks and ash. The marine swung around and kicked a demon in the side of its head, nanotechnology on the surface of the marines boot registered the lethal use of force and restructured its shape to apply greater damage to the blow. The demon’s head exploded, raining blood and brain. The marine was already focused on blasting another wave as the demon continued working its jaw, splashing blood from the remains of its head. Kronos silently moved to level three.

The marine dashed from each side of the replica, firing wildly. The portals appeared with greater frequency. Horned, red-skinned demons appeared, charging angrily. The area became noticeably smoky after the marine blasted them. Firing blindly into the smoke, he still managed to bag the monsters. When a Mancubus appeared, he tore its thermal cannon from the cybernetic fixture, the alien screamed as it splashed blood from its torn arm. He lifted the flamethrower and shot fire throughout the area. Fire burned on spots on the floor and the monsters that were hit were running wildly, providing adequate illumination. He dropped the thermal canon and continued firing plasma. The fighting intensified.

The plasma flew freely, the burnt chunks of alien crunched loudly under the marines’ boots. Revenant and hell barons appeared in place of the demons. The marine was sent diving out of the way of their attacks. He fired back a long stream of plasma, then fired the last of the energy cell in a burst in a cacodemon’s eye. He reloaded the plasma rifle as a hell baron stomped toward him, he fired another burst of plasma at its head, its face became a melted mess but the monster was barely slowed down. He rolled out of its reach and fired another long stream, several aliens cried out in demonic tongue as they fell to chunks. After killing a couple more Cacodemons, the area was swamped in smoke from burning aliens with plasma.

Dr. Kronos moved the experiment to level five and activated the infrared holography imaging mode to see through the smoke. The portals were opening in rapid-fire around the marine. The marines’ attacks, fueled by the BSK serum and the mega-armors nanotech surface made brutal work of the aliens. The marine kicked heads flying while firing plasma, his punches shattered the chests of his foes, all the while portals would continue opening. Blood from the fallen beasts streaked through the air and bounced back and forth against the portal energy. The marines’ attacks became even faster, he ditched the rifle and began dealing devastating blows to the aliens.

Doom 3 corridor

Kronos moved from level five to the maximum, level seven. “Final sequence”, he said. The marine caused a Hell Knight’s head to explode with three punches, demons were sent flying above the heads of its brethren before slamming into them. The marines’ attacks became faster and more efficient before the unending army of defiant aliens. From the control room the marine’s movements were too fast to be studied, the researchers had to rely on playing back video of the experiment on slower playing speeds. The marine’s eyes were suddenly a shade of burning white. He thrust his hands out and an energy shockwave shot out, flooring several Hell Knight. The marines mind was exploding with adrenaline as he ripped apart the aliens and hurled their remains at the others. A veil was lifted from before the marine’s eyes and a thought of great intensity touched his mind. Energy shot through him. The aliens were thrown to the walls and into each other, against a burst of energy that moved through the marine, accompanied by a mysterious humming sound.

“Scanners are running fine, sir” Mason called to Kronos, who was at the window openly fixated on the awesome sight. Throbbing energy was surging away from the marine in greater and greater force until a blanket of energy appeared behind the marine, it looked like a disembodied mouth filled with stars, it stretched and enveloped the marine. The dazzling portal then swirled out of existence and vanished in a loud thunderous tone. The tone died down and the demons began to surge through the area again. Kronos turned away from the window, he was clearly shaken up from what he saw, an extremely rare occurrence.
“Mason?” he asked.
“All sensor logs are intact, sir” he replied softly.
“Good, lets get this mess cleaned up” he said. Using his terminal to label the report as urgent, Kronos sent all the data to Central. The team of researchers went to work on what would be an extremely long incident report.

Hope the first batch of actors peaked your interest. Of course, not all of us will agree on these things but I think most , will at least reach some common ground. Let’s finish things off with the final installment. With plenty more superhero movies on the way, I look forward to adding to the list.


5. Michael Keaton & Christian Bale – ( The Dark Knight Trilogy & Batman, Batman Returns) mike chris


It’s really impossible for me to choose. I have to go with a tie. Both actors really cancel each other out in my opinion. I like them both for different reasons. Michael is a great looking Batman. He’s hot the perfect jawline, to me. Not to mention his expressive eyes, which convey menace and intensity. Every time there’s a close up of Keaton’s face I think, ” That’s Batman.” Simple as that. His Batman is a man of few words. He’s more of a mythic figure, who keeps to the shadows and lets the action do the talking.

Bale’s Batman is more of a physical threat. He can fight and he can turn his head. That’s more the suit that he got to use, but nevertheless. He really nailed the more skilled aspects to Batman’s fighting ability. His Batman was more vocal but not too much so. Let’s just say, vocal enough for people to remember Bale’s not so popular, Batman growl.

As Bruce Wayne you have two different approaches as well. Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is of a normal guy who happens to be rich. He plays Bruce very aloof, much like Christopher Reeve played Clark Kent. Keaton also looks fairly threatening. He’s not particularly tall or built. Doesn’t like like a guy who would kick ass in a bat suit. In the quieter moments, he’s very much in his own head. There’s something to him but we can never quite get the full picture. It made the contrast between Batman and Bruce Wayne much more stark.

Bale’s Bruce Wayne is more akin to the comic book version. He’s a playboy. Not interested in anything meaningful or deep. He’s always surrounded by beautiful women, and very much in the limelight. ( Except for Dark Knight Rises, in a way.) Bale’s Bruce Wayne is also more of a physical specimen. He’s got the looks and the build. His Bruce Wayne is also one that is more emotional. We can to know much more of his troubled psyche.

As you can see, it’s really what you prefer. I say, why bother choosing!

4. Brandon Lee – Eric Draven( The Crow)

Brandon-Lee-R-I-P-brandon-lee-1275735-600-526 crow4

A shame about what happened to Brandon Lee. Killed on set filming, this very movie. It turned out to be his last great roll. Much like Heath Ledger in Dark Knight. The Crow was really Lee’s first critically acclaimed dramatic performance. He cared about this project and he loved the comic on which it was based on. He really zoned in on the character and brought out the passion, anger and sadness of the character. I’d go as far as to say that Lee’s version, is a bit less angsty then the comic book version. As bleak as the movie can be, I find the comic to be even more so. Brandon Lee’s always gave you a sense of hope despite there not being much to find in the story. Being a skilled martial artist, he obviously brought the goods for the action scenes. I also found him genuinely  frightening at times. He played it with a twisted bit of dark humor. Very reminiscent of The Joker at times. There have been reports circulating around that a remake is on the way. I ask, WHY? Leave it alone.A great performance from a man taken too soon. R.I.P.

3. Charlie Cox – Daredevil( Netflix’s Daredevil)

charlie dd

Truth be told, I actually never heard of Charlie Cox until I watched Daredevil. I remember seeing him in a brief role, in the film, The Theory OF Everything. I found it so hard to believe that this soft natured English man could play, a tough as nails American character like Daredevil. Not to mention, it was going to take a lot to erase the memories of Ben Affleck’s terrible portrayal of D.D. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. Scratch that. I was blown away as to how good he was. He has a fierceness and intensity that is absolutely essential for playing Daredevil. Cox also had a great amount of likability that’s also important when playing Matt Murdock. The physicality he displayed was also just as impressive. He nailed it in all aspects. Daredevil needed this kind of performance to bring back the respectability he so richly deserves.

2. Karl Urban- Judge Dredd ( Dredd)

ALMOST HUMAN: Executive-produced by Emmy Award winner J.J. Abrams and creator J.H. Wyman and starring Karl Urban, ALMOST HUMAN is a high-tech, high-stakes action drama set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids. An unlikely partnership is forged when a part-machine cop (Urban) is forced to pair with a part-human robot (Ealy) as they fight crime and investigate a deeper cover-up in a futuristic new world. The high-tech, high-stakes action drama premieres late fall on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kharen Hill/FOX dred head

I’m a big Judge Dredd fan. He’s a wholly unique character that doesn’t pull any punches. Love him or hate him. Before the “Dredd” film, most people remember only ,Sly Stallone’s portrayal of Dredd. For many, this is their ONLY exposure to Judge Dredd. I actually liked many aspects of Stallone’s portrayal. He had a great jaw. And as far as I’m concerned, the best scowl. Including Mr. Urban! Nevertheless, there were a lot of problems with 1996’s Judge Dredd, that led to it being panned by fans and critics alike. Karl Urban’s Dredd is almost an identical blueprint to the comic version. He’s uncompromising and he NEVER takes off his helmet. That says a lot about the commitment of an actor, when taking the role. He developed his own voice and his own scowl as well. He was physically imposing without ” trying” to be. Karl urban wasn’t interested in creating a Hollywood type character he could ride to fame with. I was deeply disappointed the box office returns for Dredd were not high enough to warrant a sequel.  Still, we finally got a great Judge Dredd movie along with a great performance that remained true to the character.

1 . Hugh Jackman ( X-men films & all Wolverine spinoff’s)

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 16: Hugh Jackman attends the UK premiere of 'The Wolverine' at Empire Leicester Square on July 16, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage) wolv

No question about number 1 for me. Aside from his height, he is the perfect Wolverine. It’s really hard to imagine another actor taking on the role, and just pulling off the hairdo. I was a bit annoyed at first, when I watched X-men in 1999, because Wolverine didn’t wear his mask, but I quickly forgot about that when I realized how good Hugh Jackman was. Physically, he looks the part. I don’t think the ladies would disagree. However, the most important thing was to achieve having that balance between, berserker rage and heart. Wolverine is a character of extreme emotions. He’s not like, Judge Dredd, for instance. AN actor has to be able to channel all those emotions while being this heroic, man’s man. It seems that with every movie that comes out, Hugh Jackman gets better. He gets to know the character a little bit more and put his stamp on it. I was especially impressed with his performance in The Wolverine. It was really a treat to watch him preforming.  I have to give a lot of credit to the directors for helping him find the ” right” way to play Wolverine. I actually had a chance to watch Hugh Jackman’s screen test for the role. It’s not that he couldn’t act, it was more that it seemed…off. Kudos to Bryan Singer, who saw the potential in him to play Wolverine. Because, honestly I never would’ve picked him based on that test. Also because he came in as such a pretty boy. That just goes to show you the work he put into becoming Wolverine. It also doesn;t hurt that Hugh Jackman has an undeniable fondness for the character.  So much so, that he keeps getting roped in to play Wolverine again. The next Wolverine movie is said to be Hugh Jackman’s last. We’ll see…

Honorable mention: Michael Fassbender – Magneto ( X-men: First Class & X-men: Days of Future Past)

I know he doesn’t play a ” hero” so to speak, but he’s in that gray area. Just enough that I think he needs a nod. He really gave me the Magneto I always wanted. I like Ian Mckellen and I think he’s a fantastic actor but he never suited the role of Magneto. Not enough subdued anger. And perhaps, a touch too old. Michael Fassbender really nailed that anger and passion for his cause. I felt it big time. When you can emphasize with his character that says a lot, considering he wants to extinguish human life. I never  really emphasized with Magneto when Ian McKellen was playing with him. I think Michael Fassbender played him so well, most people forgot, Wolverine wasn’t in X-men: First Class. Well, not really anyway.



Chapter X – Lunar Monolith

The Moon colony sat in a large crater below a black starry sky, sunlight beamed against a large black monolith. UAC headquarters. The large, black building had long, wide slits in its surface that served as windows, the UAC logo was lightly etched against the surface of the building. Dr. Kronos rode the monorail, it was surrounded in a tunnel of metal supporting frames that housed shielding emitters, used to give the monorail its own breathable atmosphere. A set of doors opened as the car approached the building, he got out at a small platform and walked through a featureless door that was as black as the walls that housed it. The car continued along to a circuit station. Kronos took the elevator to the 22nd floor, it took him directly to the conference room. The other members of the meeting had also just arrived, they each stepped in from the corners of the room and simultaneously walked toward the brightly lit doughnut shaped table, situated in the center of the room.

Location of the UAC colony
Location of the UAC colony

The central chair swirled around, revealing Chief Administrator Dr Rupert Nexson, who stood and regarded his colleagues. They silently took their seats. The meeting was attended by Dr. Kronos, UAC’s highest authority on the portal phenomenon; Dr. Barrows, the head geologist; Dr. Clyde, highest authority on xenobiology (aliens); and Master Corporal Revok, head of strategic planning.
Nexson regarded Kronos, “What is your report?” he demanded.
“Success, containment field shows great promise. I endorse the advancement to level six testing” was Kronos’ prompt reply.
“Hmmmm, this may be the last experiment using the BSK serum that we can attempt for some time, make sure your people stay sharp. If you botch this experiment, I will personally shoot you into the heart of space without a thruster module.” said Nexson. “The experiment will be executed with the greatest precision, sir”
“See to it”.

Iron Sky
Iron Sky

Nexson continued, “Well, I’m sure your all interested in what happened to research lab Delta. Dr. White somehow managed a portal accident during a routine transfer of test subjects, and it looks very much like it will have to be destroyed. Kronos, you will be assuming Dr White’s duties, medium-priority” Kronos silently accepted the assignment. “Barrows, I understand you have something you want to report.”
“Yes, sir. I think we may have found another source of influence for the aliens” he says. The doctor tapped his data-sheet and a holographic image of the scorched Earth appeared in the centre of the conference table. A portion of the Earth glowed in red, illustrating a particularly badly infected area. “This area began showing some very strange bio readings, so I conducted another analysis and found this mysterious structure”, the image zoomed in closer and focused on a red bulge that seemed to breath up and down. “I think this structure should be considered a primary military target… although I have to admit that I have only a limited understanding of what it is, I gave these findings to Dr. Clyde for a review. Do you have anything to add, doctor?” said Barrows. Clyde had a short beard and was smoking a pipe.
“Yes I do.”, Dr. Clyde replied, “After a thorough scan of the anomaly, I believe were looking at a unique life form, its unknown where its organs or its higher intelligence centres are located. It is theorized that this growth is the result of psychic meditations of an extremely advanced being, likely located in an adjacent dimension. If you intend to destroy it… most conventional means will likely suffice” he said, thoughtfully gesturing his pipe.

Corporal Revok cleared his throat, “I seriously doubt that nuking that blob will make any difference, the resources it would take to strike that target would likely be put to more efficient purposes should the situation become more volatile” he said.
“What is the situation with the xeno-missions?” asked Nexson, regarding Revok.
The Corporal shot up in his seat, “The situation is the same, I can’t communicate with those who have passed through the portals and the hardware from your precious Alpha labs have never survived any longer than four minutes during field tests. Deaf and blind, thats our situation” A silent moment passed as the Corporal and the Administrator exchanged loaded glares. The Corporal stabbed at his data-sheet, an unfinished map appeared in the centre of the table. “This is all the scouting we’ve been able to do of this damned dimension, we still have entire continents to be explored before we can find the remaining spider-minds. I can’t endorse another deployment under these circumstances, were running out of men and you know very well that soon enough, we will be deploying our own families through those portals”

Iron Sky
Iron Sky

Behind Nexson, in the window, research lab delta exploded, sending debris mushrooming into space. Nexson looked irritated by the sudden loss, then composed himself to respond to Revok.
“I’m aware of this, Corporal. The deployments will continue, we can’t afford to lose the only foothold we have in the alien world”
The Corporal’s eyes burned with rage, as brightly as those of a Hell Knight.
“Alpha labs had better deliver and fast…or we will all pay the consequences” said Revok.
“Do you have any idea how much-” a tone sounded, cutting off their heated discussion. Nexson slapped a button and a dull hologram appeared, its light buzzing quietly. “What?” snapped Nexson. “Sorry for the interruption, sir. I think you would want to be informed that a corporate vessel has just come on sensors” Nexson suddenly looked very pleased.
“Really? What sensor unit are you monitoring it on?” he asked.
“A-42” the hologram responded. He rang up a visual of the vessel on his terminal, the image appeared in the centre of the table.
“Now where did this beauty come from?”

Commander Thompson was jogging to the bridge of the Echelon, the pilot had something for her to see. She stepped onto the bridge and asked what was going on.
“Take a look at this” he says, gestured toward the scanning-terminal, the Earth’s moon slowly turned in the holographic light. It didn’t take long for her to see that there was some some sleek looking buildings on the surface.
“It caught my attention when something on the surface exploded, look at the etchings on the largest building.” said the pilot. The Commander gripped the tuning knobs and focused on the big black building, the syllables fell from her lips.
“UAC” she said, stunned. “This must have been some emergency plan of theirs, I certainly never knew this was here” she said.

A green light began blinking on a console to the right.
“We’re being hailed” the pilot said. “It looks like they see us, too” She hoped for a friendly response and opened the channel.
“Attention, pirates,” came an emotionless voice from the speakers, “you are in unlawful possession of UAC property. Surrender the Echelon peacefully and immediately.”
Thompson slapped the communications panel. “This is Commander Thompson, we are not pirates, we had no idea you were operating out here, or at all for that matter”
“Irrelevant” came the cold reply.
“In case you didn’t notice, we just came out of a hellish war zone, we have a lot of wounded on board that are being accommodated by the medical bay.” pleaded the commander.
“Stand-by” came the response.
“Typical UAC”, The Commander fumed “They think they own the whole galaxy”


On the holo-monitor six small ships leaped from the moon and charged toward the Echelon. “Oh, hell!” cried Thompson, she quickly slipped into a command station and brought the weapons system online. The plasma turret warmed up and the missiles were loaded under automation. “I have a lock”, said the pilot. “Missiles away.” The missiles flew from the rear and turned toward the incoming ships. The fighters shot two of the missiles, the third struck and destroyed a fighter, shrapnel from its hull impacted the shields of the Echelon and bounced away. “Engage attack speed and pull hard to port” called the Commander, the ship pivoted toward one of the fighters. She wrapped her hands around the turret controls and fired blobs of plasma, the small, fast ships easily steer around her shots. The Echelons shields were put to the test, the fighters swooped in and fired. The Echelon limped away, the fighters were too fast for the huge vessel. “Missiles away.” Thompson shouted, the missile’s lock chased a fighter, Thompson fired plasma turrets from the other direction. Plasma erupted the hull and the missiles caused the small ship to explode.

Damn, that felt good, Thompson thought to herself. Four fighters left. The ship continued spraying plasma, the fighters dove and swooped around it. Two of the attacking ships came around and attacked the Echelons plasma turret. The shield sputtered and the following volley caused the weapon to rupture brilliantly, the debris floated away from the ship. They fired another group of missiles, the remaining fighters destroyed them with a flourish. Other fighters positioned themselves along each side of the Echelon.
“Attention pirates, we have identified your command centre, surrender or be destroyed” came a firm voice from the ships speakers. Thompson slapped the control for the ship-wide intercom. “Attention, all hands. We are about to be boarded by UAC personnel, do not resist.” Thompson tweaked the comm channel to close and opened the one to the UAC. “Echelon to UAC, we surrender. State your terms” she said.
“Put all weapon systems offline and open all space dock doors.”

So it’s not without some sense of shame that I say readingLeviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey is the equivalent of eating a well-made meal. You don’t have to have a sophisticated pallet to enjoy it, but even a true food snob will find something to appreciate if in the right mood. Be warned, there are some pickles you’ll wish weren’t included & that’s where I’ll stop with the food metaphors! I read Leviathan Wakes when it was first released in 2011 and I remember enjoying it and while I managed to get through the first 3 books, I never finished the full series (now five books in length & counting). I recently reread the book with two purposes in mind. Firstly, to continue with the series, known as The Expanse, and secondly, the book has been adapted for television by the Syfy channel, and I wanted a refresh before the show begins this month.

I enjoyed my second reading of Leviathan Wakes just as much, if not more, than my first poke at it. I’m not surprised that The Expanse is the basis for a new Syfy television show & while a lot of advertising references it as “Game of Thrones in space” I much prefer the moniker – space opera. The plot is packed full of action and danger, and only a person with attention deficit disorder would find it slow moving.

Leviathan Wakes tells a story that takes in a future where humanity has colonized the solar system. It’s a throwback to futures imagined by the likes Bester and Clarke in the Fifties (acknowledged explicitly by Corey in this book’s sequel, Caliban’s War), but updated with modern sensibilities and contemporary science. There is enough specific detail and texture in the prose to make things feel real and lived-in, but Corey never sacrifices the momentum of the plot.

The intriguing and convincing political landscape, featuring a solar system divided into various factions, works very much in the book’s favour, giving the plot some real grist. Firstly, there’s Earth (and Luna), looking after the interests of the cradle of humanity. They have a soft alliance with Mars; a more technologically advanced and militarised society, as befitting a planet named after the Roman god of war. Lastly, there are the Belters who inhabit the moons, meteors and space stations of the Outer Planets, and who are viewed by Earth and Mars as a ragamuffin society of people almost no longer human.

The plot follows two men, one Belter and one Earther, on complementary and intertwined personal quests.

Detective Miller, the Belter, works for a security firm providing law enforcement on Ceres Space Station. When he is given the job of tracking down the missing daughter of a wealthy and powerful magnate from Earth he slowly becomes infatuated with the object of his case.

The Earther protagonist is James Holden. Holden begins the novel as the XO of an ice hauler, known as the Canterbury, working in the Outer Planets. When the Canterbury, along with almost all its crew, are destroyed in an apparent act of terrorism, Holden assumes command of a small group of survivors and seeks to uncover who or what was behind the attack and bring them to justice.

While I’ve said Leviathan Wakes isn’t a dumb book, Holden at various points in the narrative does some very stupid things in the name of freedom of information. He uses pirate broadcasts to make information public because he thinks people have a right to know. This has devastating results when incorrect assumptions are drawn from this public information. Holden’s defence? He just provides the information and people are free to make their own conclusions.

Miller sees Holden as stupid and naive. He is far more elitist. For Miller, information should be given to, and used by, those who can be trusted to do the right thing with it. It’s an interesting moral argument within the narrative that adds some hidden depth to the wham-bam space opera antics.

The book is also interesting in the way it explores contrasting notions of justice. Miller’s character lends the book a hardboiled crime flavor. He wears a porkpie hat. Humphrey Bogart wore a hat. It doesn’t get much more hardboiled than that. Besides the porkpie hat, Miller also embodies the sense of frontier justice often represented in hardboiled crime fiction. Miller’s cynical attitudes towards crime and punishment contrast starkly with Holden’s more idealistic approach, and this is another source a narrative and thematic conflict in the book.

It’s not surprising that the makers of the television adaptation have chosen to bring forward the character Avasarala, a feisty and potty-mouthed elderly female politician, from the second book of the series to feature in the first series of The Expanse. It also looks like the role of Julie Mao, the tycoon’s missing daughter, has been expanded to give her character more agency. If my impressions are correct, these are smart moves by Syfy, directly addressing one of the problematic elements in what is an already very fun and accomplished space opera novel.

Last Saturday’s episode was a blast from the past, Ash and the crew revisit the legendary haunted cabin from The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 movies. Also having enjoyed watching The Force Awakens on Friday, this was just an overload of everything I love. What a great weekend for entertainment.

The show’s overall pacing made getting to this point really exciting, although I’m surprised we’re here at the cabin already in the first season. The design of the cabin is spot on, every little detail from the original setting is here. The exterior, interior and the work-shed are nearly exactly how the setting looked in the Evil Dead movies. From the placing of shelves, to the clock on the wall and the as yet unvisited door to the fruit cellar.

Evil dead cabin

This episode also features the first appearance of Evil Ash, Ash Williams’ evil twin. Evil Ash appeared almost out of nowhere and it wasn’t obvious that he had stepped into Ash’s place. His dialogue was still typical of Ash, but with a sinister edge. Only after some time does Amanda realize, however, that she isn’t dealing with the Ash that she knows. Obscurous Lupa & Phelous noted in their podcast review of this episode that Evil Ash’s scenes may have been more effective and frightening if he spoke a little less, leaving some moments of brooding silence. I think that silence would have made it too obvious to determine that it wasn’t the real Ash. He’s always fast talking, so the dialogue served to keep me guessing about what was happening with Ash’s personality.

Evil dead tape-recorder

Unexpectedly, Amanda dies in this episode, much to the disappointment of myself and other fans. She actually had a unique experience with the forces of the Necronomicon in the first episode, but she really could have used some more development. If history is any indication in this series, however, people who die in that cabin don’t stay dead for very long, so I’m fairly sure we’ll be seeing her again in a whole new way.

Evil dead cabin ext

Ash’s girlfriend, Linda from Evil Dead 2, appears in the episode. She has a scene where Ash is tormented by her ghost, another great moment in the series so far. Evil Dead has been a bit silly so far, but the attitude in this episode definitely seems to be turning in a new direction. Silliness aside though, each episode has great moments, but I feel that there’s a lot of moments that lack relevance to the series progression. On the other hand, Bruce Campbell is so entertaining as Ash Williams that it really doesn’t matter much to me.

This show is so much fun to watch, thank you to everyone involved in the series for breathing new life into The Evil Dead. It’s amazing.


Slowly the first season of Syfy’s Dark Matter is developing to be the space opera that can actually replace Firefly and Stargate. After watching 8 episodes, most of the six characters as well as the Android have a backstory that is interesting and meaningful while none of them have their memories from before they were wiped. So far Joseph Mallozi’s show also resembles Farscape in that details of the wider universe of Dark Matter are known, but there is no clear overall picture. Mallozzi has so far been careful with providing answers to the mysteries revealed throughout its run without first providing character development and more mysteries.


In Episode 8 the crew of the Raza once again visit a space station. Six (Roger Cross) uses the opportunity to use Transfer Transit. With TT a clone is made somewhere else in the galaxy and your mind is transferred to that clone. Six intends to go after the resistance leader that made him complicit in the deaths of ten thousand people when a space station was blown up. After Five discovers his intention the rest of the crew decide to go after him, to help him and to get answers.


Meanwhile, Three is uncharacteristically silent, as he still is resentful of the loss if his life and the failure to retrieve his memories. It is One and Four that go after Six. Both are forced to bribe the employee at Transfer Transit to uncover where Six is headed. Once there Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) discovers One looks different forcing One to admit he may be a fake Jace Corso. Six manages to confront the leader of the rebels but after killing him, he discovers it was a clone just like Six.


Two (Melissa O’Neil) and Five also attempt to re-integrate The Android (Zoie Palmer) into the crew after she was damaged in last week’s attack by the fake entertainment droid. Both Two and Five realize The Android has emotions that are not otherwise attributed to androids. None of the crew have yet speculated whether The Android knows more about the memory wipe than she lets on, or about the possibility she is a full member of the crew. Two confides in the Android that morale is low onboard the ship. She blames it on all the secrets they have been carrying. The Android suggest Two reveals her secret to the crew, Two leaves with a look of shock on her face.


After everybody returns to the Raza One is confronted with his unwitting deception. He states he doesn’t know why he is impersonating Jace Corso. The crew has no choice but to accept the status quo. During the last few scenes, the story for the remainder of the season is set up. Four contacts his brother regarding the murder of their father, the emperor. Five tries to reconcile with Six about her spying on him. Six continues to struggle with his part in the destruction of the space station. One discovers more of the person he was before he impersonated Jace Corso. He was the CEO of a company whose wife was murdered. A small video fragment shows a news article discussing the perpetrator. It is Four.


Sword Art Online

I wrote quite a bit more about this anime on my post the Top 5 Anime Shows on Netflix, however if you don’t have the time to read that post, I hope you still make the time to watch this Anime.  It’s not ground breaking or earth shattering in its artwork, but it is definitely enjoyable and it has a really good story that you will enjoy watching.  Not only does the story offer everything from adventure to romance, it’s full of nods to RPGs that gamers will love. Plus the music and action sequences are absolutely sick.

Great if you like: World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, RPGs

titanAttack on Titan

Another one that I covered in significantly more detail on the Top 5 post mentioned earlier.  In a nutshell, though – people live in walled cities hiding from giants that eat humans. Legions of knights who fly around like Spiderman with grappling hooks, hoping to stop the giants from eating people. A lot of people get eaten.  With a recently released live action version of this Anime, you know that it’s hot.

Recommended if you like: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, very sad things constantly happening



If you thought vampire mythology couldn’t get any darker, think again. Blood+ offers a creative twist on the creation and destruction of bloodsucking demons, along with badass fight scenes starring one of the most engaging and sympathetic heroines in anime.

Great if you like: Vampire mythology, dark fantasy, horror


Every 60 years a bunch of mages summon a great hero from the past, like Gilgamesh, or Alexander The Great, and make them fight each other. To tell you anymore would probably ruin it. Has some of the best fight choreography you’re bound to come across. Plus, it has a slew of insanely cool female characters!

Recommended if you like: Alias, Merlin, magic, and fantasy, coming-of-age stories

18872Aldnoah Zero

I just watched this one and the one thing I have to state without ruining anything is the ending is a complete shock.  My jaw literally hit the floor!  Aldnoah Zero is a bit confusing in its overall mythology – basically, in the 70’s a hyper gate to Mars was found on the surface of the moon.  Those early astronauts also found a mysterious property (power?) called Aldnoah that gave them the ability to enhance normal mechanical tools and weapons and gave them a devastating advantage over the rest of humanity.  After a short war that saw the Moon destroyed in an event later referred to as Heaven’s Fall (not shown in the series), an uneasy truce exists between the Terran’s and Martians.  However when Princess Asseylum is seemingly assassinated while on a diplomatic mission to Earth, the truce fractures and all out war ensues between the two planets.

Great if you like: Giant Robots, Aliens, Mech Combat


Chapter IX – Untested Hardware

The gravity weapon rolled to a stop twenty-five yards from the Cyber-demons. The weapon sprouted two metal arms and plunged them into the dried soil, anchoring itself; it then spun open, revealing thin metallic prongs surrounding knotted tubes of red liquid. The prongs began spinning around the liquid as they flexed at varying degrees, radiating energy was emitted from the prongs, used to cushion the molecular effects of the red liquid. An electronic hum was rising in intensity from the weapon. The Cyber-demons continued approaching, unaware of the trap set in their path.

The Commander lifted the Echelon into the air, targeted multiple enemies and fired the plasma cannons. The marine continued fighting the hordes of monsters, their numbers were beginning to shrink, he hacked and slashed in smooth, graceful movements. It was a savage dance of death, blood spilling freely around him. The gravity weapon spun faster and faster as the build-up of energy continued. The gravity vortex shot out from the machine in two giant ribbons of fluttering energy. The waves of energy fluctuated, the machine worked to stabilize the energy beams. The Cyber-demons were in the thick of it when the ribbons of energy became perfectly flat and reached high into the sky, it became four columns of spinning energy. Small and large objects were swept away by the vortex and instantly burst into pieces; cars, trees, boulders and small structures were sucked into the vortex and torn to shreds on impact.

Doom 64
Doom 64

Viewing the vortex from the Echelon’s bridge was stunning, strobing light flooded the compartment, small monsters were sucked from the ground and thrown helplessly into the vortex. The five Cyber-demons found themselves being drawn into the columns of energy, they fired their rockets into it, exploding harmlessly against the surface. They split into two paths and attempted to move around the vortex. They stomped around the column but their powerful hooves began slipping under their weight as the gravity vortex pulled them closer.

The marine was still in the midst of his epic combat, corpses in many piles and blood flooding the ground. The intensity of the battle had lowered, in the distance he saw the Cyber-demons aiming their cannons, fused to their arms, at the vortex and fired wildly. Their furious roars of frustration could be heard over the deafening strobing sound of the vortex. He activated the auto-pilot program and ejected himself from the battle-mech. The mech blew out an upper hatch and the entire control seat, terminal, controls and all flew out at an upward angle, streams of jet propelled him away from the aliens remaining on the battlefield; he gripped the control sticks and steered himself towards the Echelon. The battle-mech’s programming was already running, it had dropped its weapons and began running toward the vortex.


The Cyber-demons fought against the force of the weapon, their cybernetic components were torn from their flesh, they smashed against the surface of energy and fell into thousands of tiny pieces. The monsters desperately gripped the earth, trying to back away but they continued to slide closer as metallic cybernetic parts were pulled out and streamed into the vortex. Their arm-cannons were soon stripped bare, the bolts fitted into their metal hooves began to fly out. The metal leg twisted under the giant demons weight. The survivors on board the Echelon watched as the Cyber-demons had their metal hooves stripped away. Their furious roars grew in intensity, one fell clumsily against the column and bloomed into a bloody mist.
“Where did they get those cybernetic parts?”A soldier asked the commander.
“The best theory I’ve heard is that those parts are what became of much of the UAC property that went missing during the events of the teleporter accident” replied the stoic Commander. Soon the remaining former Cyberdemons fell and were consumed by the spinning columns of energy. They were thrown into a putrid cloud of bloody particles, a defiant roar was cut short by sudden demolecularization. A large cloud of red demonic molecules surged above as small objects continued to fly into the vortex. Aboard the Echelon’s bridge, the survivors cheered when they saw the messy demise of the once feared giants. Commander Thompson reached into her pocket and flipped her holo-disc into the air and let it land into her palm. It turned on and she selected the gravity-vortex program.
“Here goes nothing” she said and initiated the program’s emergency shut down command.
The weapon made a high-pitched sound as the machinery tried to stop the energy beams from firing. The weapons hardware made a terrible screeching sound, exhaust pipes shot out and pumped plumes of smoke, the smoke came a little at first but was soon exploding with coloured gases. The beams of energy began fluttering wildly in all directions. A loud pop radiated from the weapon, the beams straightened and continued spinning.

“Damn it”! Shouted Thompson. “Error. Weapon malfunction has resulted in an incomplete shut-down. Please exercise emergency procedure golf-victor-one”. A schematic of the weapon was displayed on the Commander’s holo-disc, a component was flashing in red colour. The emergency energy conduit melted in the open position. The marine had ditched the ejected command module and was running toward the Echelon as the battle-mech ran toward the gravity-vortex. The Echelon used it’s zero-gee thrusters to make a fast spiraling descent toward the marine; without the mega-armor weighing him down, he ran toward her at a good pace, passing many angry aliens along the way. He leaped through the air and caught the steel stair-case of the ship’s access hatch, the aliens were close behind him. He swiftly climbed up and grabbed his only grenade, he popped the cap and twisted the top. The grenade glowed green, he threw it down the access hatch. He watched the aliens amassed below the ship, the grenade sailed toward them. The ship drifted away, the aliens’ attacks deflected off the ships shields. He remotely detonated the grenade when the ship was a safe distance away. A rippling burst of plasma tore through the horde as the battle-mech continued moving toward the vortex.


The marine exited the airlock and accessed a universal command console and input coordinates to the navigation system. Fire and plasma balls sizzled against the Echelon’s shields as the zero-gee thrusters pivoted the mammoth ship, the ship hovered motionless for a moment and then fired its main engines, its sound from outside was apocalyptic; the Echelon sailed away from the malfunctioning gravity vortex device. The doors to the bridge split open and the marine strolled inside, wearing his mega-armour and holding his helmet at his side. His smiling face was coated in sweat. He hadn’t had any social interaction since before the Phobos incident and his close encounters with the omni-dimensional aliens stained a twisted expression on his face. Commander Thompson was inwardly taken aback by the marine’s intense composure. Thompson saluted the marine.
“Christ, that was some crazy fighting, never thought I’d see anything like it”
The marine snickered loudly, “That war machine made things easier, it just happened to be in the ships armoury” he replied.The Commander turned to the scanning terminal and adjusted the knobs, the holo-terminal focused on the image of the malfunctioning vortex.
“Unfortunately, we failed to shut-down the gravity-vortex device”. The marine stepped toward the terminal and compared its data with the data on his armour’s holo-computer. “The mech is set to self-destruct, the reserve of BFG ammo should give us enough punch to take it down” said the marine. On the monitor, the battle-mech came running into the scope of the scanners, moving toward the weapon. The advanced structure of the mech withstood the extreme forces of the vortex. The marine remotely detonated the mech just before it would have impacted the energy column. The explosion filled the view of the scanning terminal and briefly jammed the sensors with its bright illumination. When the static cleared, it was revealed that the vortex was gone.

The crew put it upon themselves to rescue three other groups of survivors. The marine used the ships advanced scanners to determine where the centre of demonic activity was occurring. Strangely, the most activity was coming from an area that the marine had frequented regularly before being transferred to the Phobos base. Further scans revealed a very large portal operating in the area. Because of the heavy infestation in the area the crew had to drop the marine several miles from the location. The Echelon’s crew made some more rescues, they then took the ship high into the sky, beyond the atmosphere and set her into orbit.

Well you made it to the end of my list – check out part 1, 2 and 3 but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!  Let me know if I’ve missed any or if they should be in a different order.

5. The X Files

Fittingly, one scfi/ horror show gives way to another. The X Files was a nineties smash and the eerie intro was a big part of it’s cult status. It employs the tactic of not showing too much and it let’s the music and carefully chosen imagery do the rest. According to my parents, I used to run up the stairs to my room in fear whenever the intro would start playing. I don’t remember this but as a young impressionable youth it wouldn’t surprise me if I did.

4. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

” I’m a Cop. That’s who I am, that’s what I do!”. I’m sure people may remember the more acclaimed original Kung Fu series from the seventies but I grew up on the nineties one and that intro is cemented in my brain for life. It’s strangely addictive as I find myself looking it up just too listen to it. I can’t pretend that this intro doesn’t have a fair amount of 90’s cliches. It does, and I love it for that reason! The flashbacks and the narration with the random dialogue just make me smile. That flute part is the highlight of the intro for me.

3. The Incredible Hulk

The Green Goliath’s first ever outing on screens big or small. How I loved this show despite a sizable chunk of episodes being a real snooze fest. It was the first Superhero show to treat the source materiel with respect. The acting was strong and a lot of the stories still stand up today. The intro is a real gem for me on this list because I remember knowing the narration verbatim. I never tired of it. The main theme was actually cleaver play on the brilliant Outro that the show had. The imagery was appropriate as well. It wasn’t random. It focused on telling us the character’s back story and future endeavors as quickly as possible which, as I’m sure you noticed by now, is what seems to make for a great intro. The only line of dialogue in the intro is of David Banner making a powerful statement about the character, and it’s all you need to know. ” Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

2. Tales From The Crypt

This intro I DO remember running from and going up the stairs to hide in my room. Eventually I mustered up the courage to watch it and I loved it. Scary yet appealing. It’s goal was not really to disturb you but more to lure you in. It reveled in it’s absurdity and camp. The very idea of taking you through on a  first person view of this creepy house is genius in and of itself. Add Danny Elfman’s hum able intro and you’ve got gold. The real fun part is right when you near the end and you wonder what you’re going to encounter, BOOM! The Crypt Keeper jolts out of his coffin cackling like a maniac. Great stuff.

1. Batman T.A.S.

My love for this show is no secret. Maybe a tad biased but this is, after all, MY favorites. Not to beat a dead horse but this is yet another intro that tells a story and offers us a clear glimpse of the character and his world. The animation is really on full display here recalling the memories of the old Fleischer Superman cartoons from the 40’s. If the show had never been made and it remained as a short cartoon in the vein of Superman, I’m sure it would still be revered. It also relied on a cinematic score that was a nice spin on the 1989 Batman original by Danny Elfman. Very much it’s own thing however. Another fantastic show with an equally fantastic intro. Deserving of it’s place on any list. Just happens to be number one on mine.